How to Fix Not So Cute Tan Lines With Self Tanner

How to Fix Not So Cute Tan Lines With Self Tanner


We’ve all been there. A little too much fun in the sun paired with basically any top that isn’t strapless can often lead to tan lines you would much rather live without. And while getting a tan line isn’t the worst beauty blunder in the world, we know how annoying it can be. You know, especially when you’re trying to look fab in an outfit or trying to minimize the appearance of a nasty burn. Luckily though, we’ve been there, done that, and gotten the bad tan line expert t-shirt. Keep reading to learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to fix not so cute tan lines with self tanner.

Start any self tan routine off with the right exfoliator.

This first piece of advice is crucial, sis. Whether you’re performing your regular self tanning routine or need to fix the worst tan lines you’ve ever had in your life, no one should ever skip exfoliating beforehand. If you’re wondering why exfoliating is *so* important before you lather on that self tanner, check out our top reasons below. 

  • Exfoliating before self tanning will get rid of any dead skin cells or dry patches that ultimately cause a streaky, not so smooth application (and overall, not so great self tan results).
  • When it comes to bad tan lines, exfoliating can help minimize the look of them before you go ahead and camouflage them with self tanner.
  • A thorough exfoliating routine will not only make your self tan look better, it will make it last longer, too. It’s a win-win, gorgeous.

Luckily for you girl, BBE has a lineup of body exfoliators that are quite literally a dream to use. Not only do they smell like a spa day in a jar, but they are also loaded with nourishing essential oils that work to get rid of dry skin while infusing moisture back into it. We’re talking marula oil, sunflower seed oil, and natural sugar ingredients to make your gams glow. Pretty impressive, we know. 

Opt for a luscious vanilla scent or the java formula we can’t get enough of, and get to scrubbing, dear. Even if your skin is sensitive to exfoliation, you can be sure BBE’s formula will never leave you feeling dry or irritated. After that, you’re ready to move on to the next step in fixing those pesky tan lines!

Pro-tip: Use an exfoliating loofah or an exfoliating glove to take your scrubbing routine to the next level. These beauty tools make getting rid of dry patches super easy and can be easily incorporated into your existing shower routine. We love these guys especially because of how it stimulates blood circulation underneath the skin!

Pick up your go-to self tanner.

Now this next step might be the toughest part in this whole fix-my-bad-tan-line routine. I mean, when you have BBE’s wide range of stellar self tanners to choose from – picking one isn’t always easy! Don’t worry, sis. We’ve got you. Here are our recommendations for selecting the perfect self tanner to get rid of those not so cute tan lines, pronto. Oh and, to incorporate into your regular beauty routine long after those tan lines have faded away!

The Self Tanner Lotion

Let’s just say, you can’t go wrong with this one. BBE’s classic self tanner lotion formula is beloved by self tanning queens everywhere. It is packed with moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter and can be applied *super* easily. In fact, it goes on white so you can see exactly where you’ve placed it. And when it comes to fixing tan lines, that is a major key. We recommend opting for this self tanner if you’re new to the glow game, or simply want a product that is easiest to apply. 

The Self Tanner Mousse

Need a self tanner that will dry in the blink of an eye? Look no further, girlfriend. If you’re looking for an easy to blend formula that won’t take forever to sink into your skin, BBE’s self tanner mousse is it. We added nourishing grape seed extract to this bad boy and your skin will love what it can do. Thanks to its high amount of antioxidants and omega chain fatty acids, grapeseed oil helps to maintain the skin’s moisture levels and is proven to make it more elastic. Therefore, not only will you be fixing those tan lines in a cinch with this guy, but you’ll be keeping your skin looking fab, too. You’re welcome.

The Self Tanner Body Spray

You’ll fall in love with more than the tropical scent in this one. BBE’s self tanner body spray is our lightest weight formula yet and will give you a beautiful, natural looking tan in just a few hours. Plus, it’s buildable and easy to blend, making it another perfect option for getting rid of unwanted tan lines. Since this self tanner body spray is formulated with a water base and has zero dyes, it goes on clear. As we mentioned above, if you’re new to the self tanning world we recommend using our self tanner lotion (you know, because it goes on white!) that provides a little bit more guidance when applying.

And for the skin on your cute face… The Self Tanner Face Lotion

Close your eyes and picture that time you got a wicked tan line from wearing your sunnies outside for way too many hours. Don’t you wish you had the self tanner your cute face deserved at that time? No need to wish anymore. We recommend always having BBE’s self tanner face lotion in your beauty cabinet. Not only can you use this gem to fix those harsh tan lines, but you can skip the sun’s harmful rays altogether by applying a bit of this hydrating self tanner as often as you’d like. Oh and if you got a nasty sunburn on top of those tan lines? Well, we added calming aloe vera to this product to soothe your skin and give you some much needed relief when you need it most.  

Time to fix that dreaded tan line: Apply your self tanner to the area that is paler than the rest.

Now that you’ve picked the self tanning product that is right for you, you’re ready to get to work and get rid of those unwanted tan lines. Doing so isn’t complicated, you just need to be diligent in where you are applying product and how you are applying.

For the most exact application possible, we recommend using something like a kabuki brush or a body blending brush. This will ensure you are covering the lighter area (or the area where you want to camouflage the tan line) properly and that your results turn out even looking. 

So let’s say you have a spaghetti strap tan line from your fave bikini, you would go ahead and apply self tanner to that line. After that, you’d (ideally) drift off to sleep for 8 hours, wake up in the morning feeling like a million bucks, and with a self tanner application that is now ready to rinse off. Which conveniently, brings us to our next step in how to fix not so cute tan lines with self tanner.

Rinse off in the shower and assess your tan line progress.

Hey, what could be better than taking a soothing, relaxing shower and coming out looking like a glowing goddess? Well, coming out looking like a glowing goddess sans bad tan lines is even better, if you ask us.

Once you’ve rinsed off your self tan (no harsh scrubbing, please!), it’s time to assess all of your hard work. Depending how intense that tan line is, you may have to re-apply more self tanner to get the fix just right. If this is the case, skip exfoliating but do add on another layer of self tanner to intensify your results and blur away those unwanted tan lines. BBE’s self tanners are all buildable and will never look orange or uneven no matter how many layers you need, sis. Once you’ve achieved your desired results, you can skip the self tanner application for a few days before getting right back on your glow game.

To keep your tan looking fresh AF: moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize some more.

We can’t stress this next step enough. Once you’ve achieved the even, no tan line results you want, there’s one more step you need to consider when it comes to being the self tan queen you are (she’s inside of you, we know it!). Dear, you have to moisturize!

When it comes to making your golden self tan results last, hydration is key. Applying a moisturizer all over your body post-shower will enhance the life of your tan and extend your luscious results (that are camouflaging those bad tan lines underneath!). We love using organic aloe vera gel to keep your skin moisturized and never greasy. Aloe vera is undoubtedly one of the most underrated skincare products out there and it can be used for *so* much more than a sunburn. This stellar plant will boost your skin’s elasticity, soothe any irritation, and reduce any inflammation or redness. And of course, it will keep you way moisturized.

Bad tan lines, where?

Not on you, gorgeous. We know a bad tan line can be a total drag. But now that you have these easy tips and tricks for how to fix them with the help of some glorious self tanner, you’re totally set.

On the real though, when it comes to looking glowing, we recommend skipping the sunbathing and reaching for some natural self tanner instead. Not only is this the healthy option for your skin, but it also guarantees you won’t ever have to deal with funky tan lines. And if you want more info on how to up your glow game, we’ve got you covered. Check out more of our blog to learn e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you could ever want to know about self tanning, the BBE way.

No to tan lines & yes to organic beauty,

Carey <3

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