Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands for Halloween

Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands for Halloween


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And while we know Christmas fans will disagree on this one, we just can’t deny our serious love for Halloween! Between the fall weather that makes curling up to an old classic irresistible (Hocus Pocus, anyone?), to the stellar excuses to indulge in candy (Reeses’s pieces for the win) – we whole-heartedly love this holiday. If you’re planning on dressing up and going all out this year, we’re with you, babe! On top of that, we’re here to tell you that even Halloween-appropriate makeup can receive the cruelty-free stamp of approval we *so* adore. So while you’re furiously planning what your glam is going to look like on Halloween night, let us make a few suggestions. Hit pause on that classic re-run you’ve watched 3 times this week, and check out these cruelty-free makeup brands for Halloween!

E.l.f. Cosmetics: for Halloween makeup that won’t break the bank.

First up on our list of Cruelty-free Makeup Brands for Halloween is none other than the tried & true line of E.l.f. cosmetics.

So many babes love this brand for its affordable makeup options and for its inclusive range of color shades. From the tools, you’ll need to create the perfect holiday look to the makeup itself, E.l.f. seriously has you covered. We love reaching for their shadows and lipsticks when we need colors that we don’t necessarily use all year-'round. You know, like that deep crimson shade we used to be Morticia Adams last year. Opting for an E.l.f. product means you won’t spend a fortune on one-time items. And, that you’re still making a cruelty-free choice. Talk about a win-win, right?

Image of an E.l.f. Cosmetics glitter stick, the perfect cruelty-free makeup for Halloween!

Item not to miss: Check out E.l.f. cosmetics for their liquid glitter eyeshadow. Highly pigmented, blendable, and *way* easy to apply. All you need is one swipe across those cute peepers. You’ll instantly love how this little gem takes your Halloween look to the next level.

Ben Nye: for theatre-approved looks that will make you look like a Halloween makeup pro.

If you haven’t heard of Ben Nye (not to be confused with the science guy), we’re about to put you on to a makeup brand that is quite literally like no other.

Let’s just say, this line of makeup is truly for the pros. Artists, educators, and beauty junkies worldwide reach for Ben Nye products to create the ultimate makeup looks, and so can you! Ben Nye has a full range of “Special Fx” makeup that will help you look like you just stepped off of a movie set. For real. If you want to look like any of the characters in Freddy vs. Jason – this brand is your ticket! From fake blood to latex and wax, Ben Nye products can help you create a whole new face this Halloween.

Image of the Ben Nye 3-D Effects Kit for Halloween makeup looks.

Item not to miss: It might not be as scary as the products we just mentioned above. However, every babe needs to try Ben Nye’s banana powder. This product is highly coveted as an unreal undereye setting powder. Apply it over your favorite concealer for a brightening effect, and to prevent creasing throughout the day or night!

PPI Premiere Products: to help you create looks that will make you scarily unrecognizable.

If what you’re looking for is makeup that will help you create looks to scare (or confuse) people this Halloween, look no further than PPI Premiere Products.

This PETA-approved makeup brand has everything from adhesives to glazing gels that deliver serious makeup-pro results. In fact, PPI Premiere even has a temporary oral coloration system. It is designed to safely and effectively color the inside of the mouth. I mean, if you’re planning on being a vampire this year, why not do it up big and have a red mouth to match?

If that’s not your jam, we still highly recommend checking out PPI Premiere Products for makeup ideas and resources that will make curating a seriously scary look *way* easier.

Image of the PPI Premiere American Horror palette.

Item not to miss: Check out the On Set palettes from this brand. With sets like the “Zombie Palette” and “American Horror”, you are bound to find exactly the makeup you need for your unforgettable Halloween look this year.

LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs: a vegan brand that will get you hyped about glamming up this year.

If there is one brand on this list of Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands for Halloween that *definitely* shares our affinity for All Hallows Eve, it has got to be LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs.

With names like “Witch Please” and “Bruja”, we cannot get enough of their creamy and pigmented lipsticks. Their packaging is to die for, and their wide selection of contour shades sure doesn’t hurt our obsession either. What’s more, LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs offers your own customized palettes. This way, you can get exactly the Halloween look you’re looking for mixed in with everyday shades you can use all year-'round.

Image of LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs products, including a palette and 3 lipsticks.

Item not to miss: After you’re done checking out their makeup, be sure to stop by LunatiCK Cosmetic Labs’ merch page. Their tees and hoodies will get you in the Halloween spirit, real quick.

The makeup brand you’ll want to use all year ‘round: Cinema Secrets.

If the thought of investing in makeup *just* for Halloween isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, we get that babe! That is why we had to include Cinema Secrets in our lineup of Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands for Halloween.

Cinema Secrets makes professional-grade makeup that beauty junkies around the world rave about. From their highly coveted makeup brush cleaner to their contour palettes that work magic – this brand truly embodies what stage and costume makeup should be. Many beauty gurus swear by their setting powders and creamy eye shadows that blend seamlessly. What’s more, their illuminating powder can be used as the perfect highlight or as a natural-looking eyeshadow. We totally recommend checking out their entire line of cosmetics if you are on the hunt for makeup that lasts, and that is *, of course,* cruelty-free.

Image of the Cinema Secrets foundation.

Item not to miss: Cinema Secrets’ Ultimate Correctors (or concealer, if you will) can cover up just about anything. Just not the fact that you finished your roommate’s bag of Tootsie Rolls (sorry).  

The high school classic you’ll be glad you rediscovered: Wet n Wild.

Ok, did any of us *not* use Wet n Wild in the 9th grade? What if we told you that your go-to makeup brand in high school is now so much more than blue eyeshadow and pink twist-up lip balm?

Wet n Wild has seriously stepped up their game in the last few years. Plus, makeup junkies everywhere are recognizing it. Between their smooth as silk primers and affordable glosses, Wet n Wild is one cruelty-free makeup brand we can’t get enough of. On top of that, they always come out with Halloween-centric collections around this time of year. This October, their Circus Sauvage palette will give you all the inspo you need to curate a memorable Halloween look. You know, without breaking the bank.

Image of 4 women in Halloween makeup looks from Wet n Wild.

Item not to miss: Whether it’s to seal in your Halloween glam or your everyday makeup, you need some Wet n Wild setting spray in your life, girlfriend. This stuff will have your makeup locked & loaded and will even make it appear better blended and more natural. You’re welcome!

Urban Decay Cosmetics: the Halloween heavy hitter.

Want to treat yourself to some luxe Halloween-approved makeup? Urban Decay has you c-o-v-e-r-e-d.

This cruelty-free makeup brand comes out with the coolest collections. For real, we’re even talking Marvel Studios collections! And at a time like Halloween, who wouldn’t want that type of palette on their radar? The colors are way vibrant. And coming from a brand like Urban Decay, you know you’re getting insanely blendable products that will last the entire night (beyond all of that trick-or-treating!).

Image of the new Marvel Studios collection from Urban Decay.

Item not to miss: Treat yourself to this wicked gem – Urban Decay’s all-nighter face primer. This product will smooth out your pores and make your foundation blend seamlessly. Whether it be for Halloween night or your IRL makeup routine, this primer will make your look go the extra mile.

When you only have time for a quick trip to Walgreens… NYX Cosmetics.

We know you’re a busy babe. So the chances of you *maybe* ending up at your local drugstore Halloween night for some last-minute glam essentials is well, probably high. If this happens to you, don’t sweat it gorgeous. NYX Cosmetics is always available and ready to come to your rescue.

Not only does NYX Cosmetics come out with an impressive Halloween line every year. Their regular collection of makeup is also pretty astounding. From creaseless concealers to butter glosses that are universally flattering, this cruelty-free brand has it going on. Additionally, NYX Cosmetics makes a slew of multi-use products that are perfect for those busy babes we just mentioned above. And if you’re in the market for Halloween-appropriate glitter liner (that you might want to incorporate into your regular night-out makeup), this brand does them *really* well. Easy to apply, pigmented, and under 10 dollars. Yep, you’ll want to add to cart on a couple of these.

Image of a woman with Neon Skull makeup on from NYX Cosmetics.

Item not to miss: The jumbo eye-pencil you’ll only wish you found sooner. Talk about dreamy shades and creamy blend-ability, this is one makeup item you’ll constantly find yourself reaching for. In a rush? Just apply a dab of one of these pearly options to the inner corner of your eyes. There you have it, you look awake and bright-eyed and no one will know you stayed up late last night watching The Nightmare Before Christmas for the 4th time this week.

Ready to slay your Halloween look this year?

Image of a Halloween pumpkin meme.

With this lineup of Cruelty-Free Makeup Brands for Halloween, we know you are! Whether you’re looking for affordable products you can reach for again throughout the year or professional-grade makeup that will help you blow the socks off of everyone at that Halloween party – these brands provide you with all of those options, babe!

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Last but not least, let us know down below what your Halloween plans are this year. And if you have a killer photo (pun intended) of your looks from the holidays past – PLEASE share them with us! This is the kind of stuff we live for, and nothing quite hits like a little Halloween glam.

Chilly nights & candy corn,

Carey <3

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