Gift Yourself! Real Customers Share their Favorite BBE Products for the Holidays.

Gift Yourself! Real Customers Share their Favorite BBE Products for the Holidays.


With the holidays fast approaching and the long list of items on your To Do agenda, we thought we’d help you get ahead of it all, babe. Although we love sharing ideas to help you decide what to get your favorite people, we think you deserve some love as well. Below you’ll find some of our most coveted beauty items that we think you should gift yourself (and some other people too), with the help of real customers who are sharing their favorite BBE products for the holidays. Get out your shopping list, and get ready to tick off a few names (including yours). You’re sure to find something to love below.

Hold up though. Before we start, forget the self-gifting guilt, girlfriend. We know the holidays are all about the magic of giving, but you’ve been through one heck of a year (we’d say!), and you deserve a little something something too. So for this one, we’ve enlisted the help of our most trusted BBE experts – all of you, our wonderful customers!

The perfect self-care product to gift yourself… Bath Bombs

If you need a motivator to finally take some time out to run yourself a bath and chill out, our bath bombs will definitely entice you to. Taking a relaxing bath even once a week has some serious health benefits, so we want to encourage you to unwind this way whenever you can. Oh and p.s. on the gift front, these babies make for amazing stocking stuffers.

"I love the beauty by earth bath bombs! A friend of mine purchased them for me when I was ill, and I was instantly hooked. I love their fizz and the intoxicating scent of all those REAL essential oils. I used to be a big fan of a this other brand's bath bombs . . .

Beauty by Earth Bath Bomb Gift Set

But when I learned about all of the dyes and junk they have inside them, I stopped using them. I'm so glad BBE doesn't have any of that stuff in their bath bombs. They don't have any of those harmful chemicals or dyes and feel amazing. I love to throw one of these in after a long day of remote work and just relax. I'm definitely planning on giving bath bombs to all my girlfriends this year!" - Leah F.

Gift yourself (or your bestie) a Pink Facemask

If you find yourself constantly searching for a facemask before you leave the house, we’ve got you covered (literally). Gifting yourself and any of your fave people these cute and practical cotton face masks is just what the doctor ordered (again, quite literally). Spoiler alert: much like our bath bombs, these also make for great stocking stuffers.

"We're all wearing masks right now here in Cali, so it's no surprise that we have to have A LOT of masks for our little family. But these are the cutest, most comfortable masks ever. Part of me hates that I'm saying "masks are a great gift," but with corona-reality, masks actually are a great gift. And when it comes to masks, these are my go-to masks. I'm buying them as stocking stuffers for everyone this year." - Karen M.

Image of three cotton face masks available for purchase on Beauty By


Real Customers Love our Self-Tanner… Gift Yourself Glowing Skin

If you’ve been riding with us for a while, you know how much we love glowing skin. Gift yourself a safe, natural tan in the comfort of your own home. Or spread the love amongst your fave people because trust us, the reviews from our customers on this one will make sharing it with everyone for the holidays a no-brainer, and we promise it will become one of your favorite BBE products for you to gift yourself (on the regular) too!

"Like nothing I’ve ever used! This tanner is so moisturizing! Better than any lotion that I have, and it’s a tanner! Haven’t had any problems with streaking or weird spots. It looks beautiful and natural and best of all it isn’t harming my skin with toxins. Absolute love!" - Dessiree S.

Image of the BBE self-tanner in a holiday gift wrap setting.


"I love this self tanner! I know everyone raves about the Beauty by Earth Self Tanner, but the hype is real! Unlike so many other brands, this baby doesn't smell like death. It's got a subtle sweet smell and the color is totally buildable. As a pale sister, I'm really thankful for that. I'm sharing this with my mom (shhhhh!) this Christmas." - Amy K.

"I’m usually all about spray tans and was getting them weekly up until I was introduced to this amazing product! I’ve been in the beauty industry for almost 18 years and have tried my fair share of self tanners and this self tanner is by far my favorite. It’s not completely odor free...but it’s nothing like the horrible tank smell you normally get Read more about with self tanners. And it doesn’t come off on your clothes or stain the sheets!! I love this product." - Lesslie L.

Gift Yourself Our Latest & Greatest… Coffee & Sugar Scrub

If you’re looking to step up your shower routine, we’ve got just the gift for you. Our new coffee and sugar scrub smells delicious, and feels like a luxurious treat for the skin. Trust us on this one, taking an extra few minutes to get rid of dead skin makes a huge difference in the overall texture of your gams, babe! And you’ll be totally addicted to the results.

"This is HEAVEN! It’s the best sugar scrub I’ve ever used. It makes my skin so soft. I just want to stand in my shower, scrubbin' my coffee scrub, sippin' my morning brew, basking in absolute bliss." –Dolly M.

Or… Gift Yourself (or Your Picky Aunt) a Classic… Eye Cream

If you’re a “stick to the basics” type girl, we get it. Or if you just want a present for someone in your life who is a chronic gift returner, we got you (and them). Our beautiful customers seriously love the effects of our nourishing eye cream – check it out below.

Image of a woman applying the BBE eye cream.

"I have tried soooo many eye creams to help reduce puffiness/dark circles and have not found one that has worked as well as this one. And I'm one of those gals that will try anything to get rid of those eye bags!! I use a little dab morning and night or whenever I feel I need it. You can feel the cooling sensation and can almost instantly see the reduction in the puffiness. It really helps me look more awake and refreshed. Thank you for making a great all natural product!! I will definitely be purchasing again" - Lisa J.

Gift Yourself (or the Travel Bunny in Your Life) Some Healthy Beach Waves

If you’re missing the beach or know someone who is, we have a gift that will *sorta* make you feel like you just spent the day in Barcelona. You know, one of those beachy, sandy, salty, vaca’s where your hair is naturally messy yet chic, and your skin is sun kissed. Our sea salt spray hair texturizer is where it’s at, just ask our savvy customers.

“This has quickly become my favorite sea spray. The company I previously purchased with quit making theirs. So I googled sea salt sprays and found this one. I love that it’s made in the USA and the ingredients seem so fresh. I love how it feels on my hair, it does not weigh my hair down or feel greasy. The ingredients are so clean I’m even able to use it on my toddler twin boys’ curly hair. Forever fan! I use it every time I wash my hair to air dry or blow dry.” – Jennifer T.

Image of a woman holding a sea salt hair spray

Everyone (including you) Needs This Must-Have Beauty Tool

In case you didn’t know, we are beauty tool obsessed. And that’s because using one of these little gadgets can take your self-care routine from blah, to spa status, making it an excellent gift. We think you deserve something that will spruce up your nightly skincare ritual, and be useful for other pesky problems. Curious as to what we mean? Check out the review below on our heavenly ice roller:

Image of a woman using the ice roller on her face.

“I bought this with the intention of obviously only using on my face, but ended up finding another great way to make it useful: rolling on my hurt ankle! At first, this was great for just my face/head. It was cool, easy to roll and helped relieve headaches or soreness from allergies. Recently I hurt my ankle & have to ice it/elevate it regularly. Well, occasionally it’ll throb and become sore so I need to gently massage & I figured Why not try this out on my ankle and see if it helps? Well, it totally does! It’s a wonderful tool to help gently massage my ankle and apply coolness to it as well. Totally recommend this product as it has multiple uses & is a great value. I will also note that this particular face roller is large, so it works wonders for the uses I get out of it.” – Jenny S.

Now what are you waiting for, add to cart babe! You deserve it.

Image of 4 women enjoying BBE products

With all of the love we get from you, our amazing customers – this article could have gone on for pages. Seriously, we are always humbled at how much you dig our products, and the time you take to tell us all about it. The good feedback makes us feel warm and fuzzy (no cheesiness intended here), and the constructive feedback gives us what we need to keep doing what we love to do. Which is to create beauty products with the highest quality organic and natural ingredients that actually work. We think clean beauty should be available to everyone, and that means you, beautiful!

So go ahead and gift yourself, and some other of your fave people too, with the help of all the love from real customers who were awesome enough to share their favorite BBE products, just in time for the holidays. For real, we adore you, and we thank you.

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