Let's Talk Benefits: Foaming Face Wash

Let's Talk Benefits: Foaming Face Wash


Have you ever aimlessly wandered around the cosmetics section of the drugstore forever? Or browsed online for a face wash wondering why the scrolling seems to be never-ending? Seriously though, why are there SO many different types of face wash, and why is this necessary? *Sigh* We hear you. In fact, we’ve often wondered the exact same thing. Out of all the options though, we totally approve of using the most prudence possible, and using a foaming face wash to reap the greatest benefits out of your facial cleansing routine. Keep reading for all the reasons why we definitely endorse the gentle but mighty foaming face wash.

You might have heard that some face washes have different purposes than others. For example, you might reach for something with exfoliating properties if you’re looking to get rid of dead skin. Or you might opt for a milky consistency of cleanser if you’re on the drier side of the skin type spectrum. However, the different kinds of cleansers out there go even further than the few types we just briefly mentioned above. Ditch all the face wash confusion. We're sure you'll discover that a foaming face wash can definitely serve as your next great natural beauty investment.

What is a foaming face wash?

We like breaking down the basics first. First off, a foaming cleanser is a face wash that you can work into a lather when you add water to it. It of course *foams* up, whereas a milky or creamy cleanser would not.

The great part about a foaming product to clean your face is that it truly does leave your skin feeling a lot fresher, and the lather definitely plays a part in this. That fluffy foam that materializes from adding water to the product actually reaches your pores easier, leaving you with squeaky-clean skin. What’s more, is you can typically get away with using 1-2 small pumps of it to complete your cleansing routine.

Oh and we should also mention, that this type of cleanser allows you to use the most prudence on your skin. Why? Because you simply will not need to tug at your face for it work, or for you to secure all of its benefits.

Cool it foams, but is it for you?

Foaming face wash has excellent benefits for several different skin types, but it especially works magic for those of us on the oilier side who need to exercise some of that prudence when cleansing.

This type of product is so light and virtually *cannot* clog your pores. It also does an exceptional job of removing makeup and dirt all the while protecting your skin’s natural moisture barrier.

You should also know that a foaming cleanser is fab to use both morning, and night. This is because it will work without drying out that baby smooth skin of yours. So for those reasons, we definitely think a foaming cleanser could be for you. But if you’re not convinced yet, you know we’re ready to hit you with even more foaming wash benefits below. Just read on! We’re only getting started.

What kind of foaming cleanser should you look for?

You know us. So it will come as no surprise when we say: the more natural, the better.

We totally recommend using a foaming cleanser that not only *foams* up, but that actually has natural moisturizing properties in it. These are the superstars that really help to keep your skin at its healthiest. Beauty by Earth’s Foaming Face Wash with Peppermint Tea Tree is literally exactly that. Not only do the extracts in this bad boy feel and smell refreshing, they actually act as bacteria busters as well.

Tea tree oil is also a natural antiseptic, meaning it does wonders for babes that are prone to breakouts. All and all, you want to look for a foaming cleanser like ours that not only foams like a champ, but that actually brings something more to the table than just bubbles.

Ok but what if you rarely breakout, and Peppermint Tea Tree isn’t really your jam.

First off congratulations (we wish we could say the same), and totally cool if that’s not your scent of choice. We got you. You can also opt for a foaming cleanser that uses fruit extracts. This will still leave your skin feeling clean and nourished.

The benefits of using this type of foaming cleanser are simple. You get all the good that comes with that foamy yet gentle consistency, while still nourishing your skin.

Don't forget, as we mentioned previously both these babies are good to use twice a day without you having to worry that you’re irritating your face. Because nobody has time for that.

What are the Benefits of Foaming Cleanser for Sensitive Skin?

We know that some people may recommend a cream cleanser for dryer more sensitive skin. However a foaming cleanser can be just as gentle, so long as you pick the right one. On top of that, a foaming cleanser will do a better job of cleaning your pores than a cream one will. So really, it depends what your end goal in your cleansing journey is here.

If you’re looking for a product that will technically wash your face, a cream cleanser can do that. However if you want your skin to truly feel clean, makeup and oil free, there is no comparison to what a foaming wash will do. Those of us who have tried both of these kinds of cleansers can definitely vouch for that.

Additionally, foaming cleanser is often recommended for sensitive skin due to how light it is in nature. That's because a foaming face wash is completely weightless. And despite how light it may feel, it can still be packed with nutrients (again, if you opt for a nutrient packed foaming wonder of course). By using the right foaming wash, you can deliver cleanliness and nourishment to your skin without heavy chemicals. In turn, you’ll also avoid irritation this way.

The Coles notes version here, is that there are several benefits of using a foaming wash for sensitive skin. You can finally get super clean skin without irritation, and you can benefit from a ton of nutrients into a lightweight, non pore-clogging formula.

What are the Benefits of Foaming Cleanser for Oily Skin?

In case we haven’t driven this point home hard enough yet – foaming cleanser is SO lightweight! Oily and combination skin babes know this. The last thing you want to use to clean your not so balanced skin is a cleanser full of heavy ingredients that is going to leave you feeling (you guessed it), oilier.

Oily, combination, as well as acne prone skin types can certainly benefit from a foaming cleanser. This is because not only does it deep clean, it also gets rid of all that excess sebum (a.k.a. oil) that you truly do not need in your life. Trust us, tea tree oil in your foaming cleanser > excess oil on your face.

What else is Foaming Cleanser Good for?

Ever heard of the double cleanse? If you’re a makeup loving babe, we’re sure you have. Double cleansing is the act of simply, cleansing twice. What this does is really ensures you’ve removed all the day's build up from your face. More importantly, it also ensures that your skin actually gets the chance to be cleansed. We’re going to break it down further, but you can find more info on double cleansing here too if you’re really intrigued.

So here’s the deal. You’re wearing a layer of moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, and if you’re really serious, some setting spray to seal it all in. Do you really think a makeup wipe and one round of face cleansing is going to get rid of all that? Don’t worry, most of us don’t realize how many layers of product we put on when we go full glam.

The truth is, you’ll need a lot more than that classic gel cleanser of yours to go to bed knowing your pores are grime free.

The Double Cleanse

Below we’ve broken down a fool proof double cleansing routine. It's especially curated for those days where you’ve gone all out in the makeup department. You will *of course* need the help and benefits of your highest performing face wash – the foaming face cleanser.

  1. Start off by using an oil based cleanser, or better yet, some natural coconut oil. This will loosen up all of the product that’s on your face. You’ll want to apply this in circular motions on dry skin. This gets messy, so make sure you have all the products you’ll need in reach before doing this.
  2. You'll want your makeup to basically smeared and melting off of your face. Then, rinse off that excess coconut oil to get as much product off and down your drain as possible.
  3. Now you’re ready for the second cleanse. Grab that foaming face wash and let it work its magic benefits with prudence. Since the oil will take off the majority of your makeup, your skin will now have a better shot at actually reaping the cleansing benefits of the cleanser. Pro Tip: If you really want to take this step to the next level, add-in a konjac sponge. You'll then proceed to wondering why you ever paid for a facial before.
  4. Follow-up with your favorite toner and moisturizer, and voilà. You’ve got yourself a clean face free of makeup that is completely ready for Netflix and that white pillow case.

Listen, you need to wash your face – that’s a given. So why not do it effortlessly with a gentle yet effective product. Moreover, that doesn't require you tugging at your skin for it to work.

The benefits of a foaming cleanser do just that. Every natural beauty lover who practices prudence with their skin needs one in their cabinet. Maybe you struggle with acne breakouts. Or perhaps you simply need a product you can count on to get that long-wear concealer off without wasting your night over the bathroom sink – a foaming cleanser can totally help.

We hope you got the lowdown on all you needed to know about the benefits of using a foaming face wash to cleanse your face, with prudence of course. And if you didn’t? No sweat, drop us a line any time! We’re here to answer any of your questions and solve all of those natural beauty mysteries you’ve always wondered about. BBE loves ya.

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