7 Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces Made From Nature & Recycled Materials

7 Creative Thanksgiving Centerpieces Made From Nature & Recycled Materials


Do you love being the hostess with the mostess? If you’re that babe who plans out everything from her appetizers to the finishing touches on her dessert table, snaps for you girlfriend! Or if like some of us, the thought of decorating for yet another holiday seems daunting – we feel that too! However, we must admit that adding a little décor to any holiday party table does make festivities come alive. What we can’t get behind though, is using materials that you’ll either toss away at the end of the night or that are harmful to this beautiful earth of ours.

So instead of foregoing decorating altogether, check out these 7 creative Thanksgiving centerpieces that are made from nature, recycled materials, or gems that you already have hiding in your home!

Image of a beautiful Thanksgiving arrangement.

We know Halloween is over, but don’t throw out those pumpkins!

Were you getting ready to toss those cute pumpkins that are out on your porch? Not so fast, gorgeous. We know you might be in a hurry to get rid of those guys and move on to bigger and better things (hello, Christmas lights), but those pumpkins you used as Halloween décor can certainly be used to craft a creative and eco-friendly Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Image of pumpkins used as a dinner table centrepiece.

Whether you choose to leave them au natural or have time to add a little paint to the mix, your pumpkins can definitely create a warm and inviting ambiance at your dinner table. What’s more, if you forego the painting part, you can use these babies to cook with afterward. I mean, who doesn’t love a pumpkin pie that’s made from *actual* fresh pumpkins, #amirite?

For an easy-to-make centerpiece, pull together a few branches and leaves to place around your pumpkins. Or, place them on top of a charcuterie board or marble slab you might already have laying around the kitchen. These small details will make your pumpkins stands out on your table and will certainly make your friends think you’re a décor genius. Because babe, you totally are.

Opt for flower arrangements that can be reused for years to come.

Love a good flower arrangement as your Thanksgiving centerpiece? So do we, babe. I mean, you seriously can’t go wrong with a gorgeous vase and a romantic-looking arrangement, if we do say so ourselves. However, if you opt to go the floral route, consider purchasing artificial pieces that can be used for years to come.

Image of a beautiful Thanksgiving centrepiece packed with fall colors.

Not only is this less costly in the long run, but you’re creating less waste at the same time. Many Thanksgiving floral arrangements often come with plastic accessories that inevitably end up in landfills (not cool, we know). Instead, choose a piece you can see yourself using again and again. Or alternatively, that can be used for various holidays instead of only at Thanksgiving.

Create gorgeous Thanksgiving vase arrangements by using branches & leaves.

If you’re not into the floral centerpieces but still want to bring a bit of nature into your home, this next idea on our list of 7 Creative Thanksgiving Centrepieces Made From Nature & Recycled Materials is just for you, babe.

All you need is a vase of your choice (we love this rustic one shown below), and a few natural-looking pieces to fill it with that you can find right in your backyard. Oh and, you’ll need just the *tiniest* bit of creativity to make it come together!

Image of a rustic flower arrangement.

You can definitely mix in some artificial flowers or branches of your choice that will make your arrangement really stand out. Just be sure to keep your masterpiece tucked away in the basement when you’re done for next year! You can also choose to make several arrangements in different sized vases to stagger across your table. The combination of different heights and textures is sure to draw your guests in. Plus, it will really set your Thanksgiving décor apart from the rest.

We also love using pinecones if flowers aren’t an option or readily available. Not only can you throw these cute little gems into a glass jar and be good to go. You can also put your own unique touch on them with paint (or glitter!) if you have the time! What’s more, you can keep your pinecone centerpiece to use at Christmas and other holiday dinners beyond Thanksgiving. Talk about a win-win, right?

Image of a pinecone that has been painted in various colors.

Upcycle a coffee can for a kitschy Thanksgiving table accessory.

This next Thanksgiving table accessory is *way* cute, and we love that you can even get the kids involved in this one.

Image of an upcycled can that is being used as a Thanksgiving decoration.

Pre-Thanksgiving, you’ll want to round up your coffee cans. In our world, that’s easy to do because we are constantly drinking copious amounts of java. If that’s not the case for you though, don’t fret babe. You can also use any other type of can to recreate this upcycled turkey piece that looks too cute on a Thanksgiving-themed table. Everyone can make their own, and you can even use these cuties to hold utensils if you wish to! Plus, if you can convince the kids to give you a hand, that frees up more time for you to take care of everything else (or, to indulge in a quick face mask).

Image of an upcycled bottle that is being used as a Thanksgiving decoration.

… Or, upcycle wine bottles for a festive touch on your Thanksgiving table!

This next one on our list of 7 Creative Thanksgiving Centrepieces Made From Nature & Recycled Materials requires a bit of craftiness. And even if that’s not your thing, we promise-making these next centrepieces is way simple.

All you need is a few empty wine bottles and minimal art supplies. Craft paint, stencils, or small paintbrushes that can help you freestyle your own design are all welcomed for this artsy idea. In fact, if you have a can of spray paint in a fall-like hue, that will also do just fine – we promise!

Image of decorated repurposed wine bottles for the fall season.

We recommend decorating your bottles to your heart’s content (preferably outdoors or in the garage to avoid any messy disasters) and adding a few more of those nature pieces around them to create a super unique centrepiece for your table. These also look great alongside a window ledge or on your countertops. You know, in case you want to use them before or after they’ve served as your Thanksgiving centrepiece.

And of course, you can totally reuse these for years to come. But if creating them was a little too fun and you want to do it all again next year, consider sending your guests home with them as a parting gift instead!

Create a fall harvest centrepiece with ingredients you already have!

This next piece of homemade art doesn’t have to only sit on your table, babe. These guys also look great throughout your home, and they make for great gifts. The key to this next creative centrepiece is color, color, and more color! But just before we get into it, here is a visual below!

Image of two fall centrepieces that include candles, and household ingredients inside of a clear jar.

Alright, how cute are these? You can opt for any glass jars of your choice. Feel free to also mix and match sizes to create your very own unique Thanksgiving centerpiece. Then, choose corn kernels, lentils, or any colorful kitchen ingredients of your choice to layer into them. As a finishing touch, adding a small tea light to the top really makes these gems stand out. And plus, you’ll be creating that cozy fall ambiance everyone lives for this time of year. You know what they say, babe. When in doubt: candles, candles, candles!

And when all else fails, pull together your decorative go-to’s instead of buying disposable centrepieces.

If you’re in a last-minute pinch to get your Thanksgiving table together, take a deep breath girlfriend. We know how stressful it is just to actually *cook* your holiday feast. Therefore, don’t be so hard on yourself if your table décor skills have been a little neglected!

As we mentioned above, candles are lifesavers in these décor conundrums. And, filling up glass jars with ingredients you likely already have in the house is another easy way to create a centerpiece in a cinch. You can also add a few colorful napkins (that are reusable, of course) and pull out those funky glasses you’ve been meaning to use to easily spruce up your table. Or, you can display your food on decorative trays that might be hiding at the back of your China cabinet.

Here is a quick and easy centrepiece idea you can make come to life with the help of only a few items you already have available at home. You’ll need a few wine glasses, flowers (or leaves and natural greenery from the outdoors if you’re in a pinch!), and some votive candles. Not only is this a creative way to make your Thanksgiving décor eco-friendly. It is also a great last- minute alternative if you haven’t had time to make an extensive centrepiece!

Image of 3 wine glasses being used as decor.

All of these little touches add up. And, your guests will totally take notice of the effort you put into that gorgeous Thanksgiving table, babe. Especially as they are reaching for seconds of that homemade stuffing you absolutely slayed this year!

From our family to yours, happy Thanksgiving babe!

We hope that you enjoyed some of the ideas on our list of 7 Creative Thanksgiving Centrepieces Made From Nature & Recycled Materials. And, that you got the holiday inspo you needed! Having a perfect dinner table isn’t what it’s about, babe. But the little things sure can set the tone and make your meal that much more special and memorable.

Take the time to give thanks and show gratitude for those you love around you. Because really, that’s what this Thanksgiving holiday is all about.

Thanksgiving décor & Turkey galore,

Carey <3

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