20 Hairstyles for the Holidays

20 Hairstyles for the Holidays


It’s that time of year again, babe. You know, the one where you like looking and feeling extra special. From office parties to family gatherings, the holidays sure do encourage us to put on our best outfits and to get glammed up. And us? Well gorgeous, we love any excuse to do a little more than throwing our mane up into a messy bun. No shade to the messy bun, but sometimes, you just gotta spice it up! If the thought of styling your hair puts you into a slight panic, you’ve clicked on the right article. We’ve lined up 20 simple and stunning hairstyles for the holidays, so you can have all of the inspo you need to look & feel your best for any occasion this year.

Easy holiday hairstyles for long hair…

If you’ve got locks for days, snaps for you babe! Your styling options are endless, and we’ve got a few that you’re sure to love and keep in your beauty repertoire way beyond the holiday season.

Effortless waves for any holiday party.

We love this hairstyle for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s easy peasy to master. We mean *super* easy. Like falling down a YouTube rabbit hole at 1 a.m. easy. What’s more, you can get the perfect effortless waves without using heat. Yep, in fact, we have a whole blog post on how to do just that. Trust us babe, you’ll want to click here for the complete lowdown.

A woman with wavey hair

Our go-to way of achieving this hairstyle is to sleep with a wet braid in our hair. Yes, we’re serious. All you need to do is hop out of the shower and braid your locks into as many sections as you’d like. When you wake up in the morning, your hair should be dry (or almost dry!). If it still feels damp, lightly blow dry your braids before removing them. After that, you’ll only need one product to make those waves really come alive. Spritz some of BBE’s sea salt & texturizing spray and tousle up your hair as much as you want. That’s it, babe! You’ve got an effortless yet glam hairstyle that pairs perfectly with that little black dress.

Woman holding beauty by earth's sea salt texturizing spray


Is your hair on the shorter side? Check out these fab holiday hairstyles…

Short hair can be way fun to style. Whether you’re looking for an edgy look or something a bit more subdued, you can achieve more hairstyles than you’d think with shorter locks.

Spice up your shorter hair with some accessories…

In case you didn’t already know babe, hair accessories have become a major trend this year. From bedazzled barrettes to sleek headbands, reaching for one of these babies can take you from drab to chic in a cinch. Whether you choose to have your hair straight or perhaps naturally curly, we love the idea of adding in a few simple pieces to keep it in place and to dress up your look.

Image of the back of a woman's head with two pearl barrettes

Holiday hairstyles for weaves or extensions…

This next go-to on our list of 20 Hairstyles for the Holidays is essential for babes who love their weaves or extensions. And while you might not find it groundbreaking, you should never underestimate the power of the high pony, girlfriend.

Woman supporting a high sleeked back ponytail

This style is sleek, elegant, and makes you look like you mean business. What’s more, if you’re doing a glammed up makeup look, this hairstyle can definitely help put it on display. The key to making your pony as sleek as can be is in the brush, babe. You’ll want a hair tool that gently pulls your hair back while making sure your pony is bump free. Something like BBE’s boar bristle brush, to be exact. Here’s how to perfect your pony…

Beauty by earth hair brushes on a green background

  1. Brush through your hair (whether you have a weave or extensions in). You’ll want it to be knot free and easy to work with.
  2. Make sure your elastic is ready. If you have a lot of hair in, a pro-tip is to use two elastics to secure your hair instead of one.
  3. As you gather your hair back, brush out any bumps or kinks before securing. At this point, you’ll want to also add hairspray to make sure your style is as sleek as can be.
  4. Secure your ponytail (don’t forget to tighten it enough for it to last all through the night!), and voilà. You’re looking snatched and holiday party ready, babe.

image of funky high ponytail hair styles

For the Curly Haired Babes…

First off, you’re blessed girlfriend. Curly hair is beyond gorgeous when left in its natural state, and there are tons of hairstyles you can opt for if you want to do a little more with it. Next up on our list of 20 Hairstyles for the Holidays is none other than the top bun… but for curly hair!

Half up half down curly hair style

Alright, we’ll admit it. Top buns are cute on all babes. But this whole half up half down situation with natural curls shining through is just *extra* beautiful in our books. And of course, it’s another easy style to master – we promise!

First off, you’ll want to embrace your natural curls. You can add a texturizer spray or product of choice that makes your locks extra voluminous for this one. After that, section your hair in half and have your elastics ready to go. We like creating a ponytail first and then creating our bun. You can do this by twisting your ponytail up into a top knot and securing it with another elastic or small clips of your choice. Add a few finishing touches by pulling out small baby hairs around your forehead to frame your cute face, and that’s it! You can add a bit of hairspray as a finishing touch and for some *extra* long wear security, too.

A woman with curly hair and a top knot

The best holiday hairstyles for fine, thin hair…

If you’re a babe who has fine or thin hair, you need one product on your side at all times. It’s none other than your BBE dry shampoo. If you thought this gem was only a life saver when you’re in a rush to make it to cocktail hour, think again. Dry shampoo is an easy way to create some serious volume and to make fine, thin hair come to life. So before you style your hair in any way, apply a bit to your roots and shake out your hair for some added va-va-voom. After that, proceed to your hairstyle of choice!

Person applying beauty by earth light dry shampoo to a makeup brush

Do you have thick & luscious hair? Lucky you, babe. These hairstyles were made for you.

Long bobs were made for thick hair, so if you’re looking to switch up your style this holiday season, consider asking your stylist to create this look for you!

Side profile of a woman with a long bob

If your hair is on the longer and thicker side, you can work with that too. Thick hair works great for braiding, so we totally recommend that you check out that section of this 20 Hairstyles for the Holidays blog. If decorative braids aren’t your jam, you can never go wrong with a luscious blowout, babe. We can’t lie, we love these 90’s vibes!

Woman with 90's layered hair

Elegant updo's you’ll want to recreate all year long…

Photo of a holiday updo

Gorgeous ponytails that will make you forget all about that messy bun…

“Puffballs” are the latest protective hair trend sweeping the beauty world, babe.

Stunning head wraps you’ll fall in love with…


Sophisticated hairstyles for that annual office party (or any party!) …

Looking for a hairstyle that will add a bit of sophistication to your new holiday dress? No problemo, babe. Check out this low bun with middle part that we are swooning over.

Selena gomez sporting a sleek low bun

And you don’t need Selena’s hairstylist to achieve this look, either. Check out these easy-to-master steps.

  1. Brush out your hair and part it right down the middle.
  2. We know this sounds crazy, but apply some hairspray to the top of your head. This is so you can begin to smooth out both sides of your hair part before and after you secure the bun.
  3. If your hair is on the longer side, secure it into a ponytail with a strong elastic. Oh and, be sure to use one that is similar to the color of your hair so that it blends effortlessly into your style.
  4. Depending on how casual or tight looking you want your low bun to be, twist your ponytail into a bun and secure it with another elastic. Your bun can be as sleek and perfect as you’d like, or messy and loose for a more relaxed look.

Creative braids to make you stand out from the crowd…

If you’re looking for an easy way to step up your hairstyling game no matter what length your locks are at, this is it! Adding a few creative braids to your next holiday party look will have you looking cute and whimsical if we do say so ourselves.

We particularly love this “braid into a fishtail” look below.

Woman with long hair braided half up into a fishtail braid

But if your braiding skills aren’t exactly at that level yet, we’ve still got you covered sis. Consider adding a few small braids to your half up half down style to dress it up. No expert course in hairstyling required, we swear!

After all of that hairstyling, take the time to give your locks a little TLC.

If you’ve tried out a few options on this list of 20 Hairstyles for the Holidays, your locks are likely in need of some love. At a time where you might be reaching for heat styling tools more often or using more products than you typically would, your hair can certainly start to feel it. Be sure to carve out time for a weekly hair mask during the holidays.

Our go-to, simple yet effective hair mask is *always* aloe vera based. Not only is this treatment super easy to use, it nourishes your locks and revives them overnight. We recommend applying a generous amount of some organic aloe vera gel to your hair and keeping it in while you sleep. In the morning, all you have to do is wash it out and condition as you usually would. You’ll notice softer, more manageable hair. On top of that, you can feel a little less guilty about using your straightener for the third time this week.

Ready to give one of these 20 holiday hairstyles a shot?

Let us know down below what your go-to hairstyles are when you need to feel extra glam, and extra ready to dance the night away. We see you, looking fabulous and holiday party ready, babe.

High ponytails & cocktails,

Carey <3

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