12 Creative & Eco-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays

12 Creative & Eco-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays


The holidays are right around the corner, babe. Between cooking, decorating, prepping, and shopping, we are sure you have your pretty little hands full. And while there may be a few big gifts on *some* wish lists (someone please get me that Instant Pot everyone keeps talking about), nothing quite hits home like a handmade present. From tokens of appreciation for that hostess with the mostest to the perfect gift for your boyfriend’s mom, we’ve lined up 12 Creative & Eco-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays.

Got Betty Crocker skills in the kitchen? Check out this delicious eco-friendly gift idea.

Let’s get real right away, babe. Is there anything better than receiving homemade baked goods during the holiday season? Or should we say, is there anything better than receiving homemade baked goods any time of year? We think not.

Christmas cookies for an eco-friendly holiday

This holiday season, throw yourself an afternoon baking session to get some of your gift giving out of the way. Whether you opt for a classic Christmas cookie recipe or something a little more fancy, you can put your skills to good use and brighten anyone’s day with some comfort food.

Making Christmas cookies from scratch

We love the idea of wrapping your baked goods in recyclable materials that are kinder to the earth. You can purchase chic yet eco-friendly boxes that will make those gingerbread men look nothing short of professionally made. Or, you can purchase mason jars that can easily be reused by whoever you gift your delectable treats to. What can we say, sis? It’s the little touches that count!

Image of the ingredients for a cookie recipe inside of a mason jar, decorated in a festive Christmas way.

Want to make your favorite babe gasp with happiness this holiday season? We’ve got the eco-friendly gift idea for you.

If you want to give someone the gift of self-care this holiday season (in an eco-friendly way, of course), look no further babe. We promise that anyone on your list who’s receiving this bundle of beauty goodness will crown you the greatest gift-giver of all time. For real.

Oh and, putting this one together is easy peasy. All you need is a gift basket big enough to hold a few key products. We love this combination the most: face mask, bath bombs, and body scrub(s)!

Images of BBE's bath bombs.

First, pick a gift basket that can be reused again and again. You know, instead of something disposable that will just create more trash. Something like this woven basket is perfect to be reused on a bathroom vanity, or even as an organizing piece on a desk. Plus, it is a gorgeous way to display those luscious products you’ll be gifting.

Gift a special tea blend to all your favorite aunts, DIY style.

You’ll only need a few pieces to make this next creative gift idea a reality. And the best part? They are all reusable, babe.

First thing’s first. Purchase a few small vases, mason jars, or corked glass containers. Whatever your aesthetic is, these babies can be reused for a variety of purposes once the tea in them is long gone. After that comes the truly fun part. Mixing and making your own variety of loose-leaf tea!

how to make loose leaf tea as christmas gift

how to make loose leaf tea as christmas gift

No matter what flavors you choose, you’ll be concocting your very own exclusive mix of tea. What’s more, you’ll be gifting someone something that is nutritious and full of healthy benefits. If you need a little more inspo, check out these teas for glowing skin.

These coffee mug mixers are sure to be a hit with all of your coworkers.

Talk about eco-friendly and delicious. These next gems on our list of 12 Creative & Eco-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays will take your coffee breaks to the next level. Not to mention, they will have your coworkers voting for you as employee of the month. No wait, of the year!

Image of chocolate covered spoons that act as coffee mixers.

Aside from how scrumptious this gift can make your daily cup of java, we love this idea for a few other reasons, too. You can make these coffee mug mixers with upcycled spoons from your local thrift shop, or that you have laying around at home. The quirkier the better (in our opinion) but regardless, you do not have to buy brand new spoons to make this cute little present.

You can get the full recipe for these bad boys, right here. Just be warned babe, you will definitely be asked to recreate these babies again and again!

For an afternoon of relaxing and a creative holiday gift, make your own aromatic candles.

If you’re a DIY queen, you’ll love this next creative gift idea. Candles are loved by all and are the ideal present for hostess gifts (or that person you’re not quite sure what to get). And making them yourself? Well babe, that’s like a *major* cherry on top of it all.

Candle kits are super easy to find online. What’s more, you can add your choice of organic essential oils to your mix to make your own unique and relaxing scent. Let’s just say, we are big fans of the eucalyptus and peppermint combo. But hey, you can curate your very own candle scent and let your creative juices flow!

Image of a series of homemade candles, a creative DIY gift idea for the holidays.

After you’re done pouring the wax, be sure to put your very own finishing touches on your candles. Think bows, dried leaves, or personalized notes to really make that special someone feel loved.

DIY handmade candles for christmas gift


Release your inner jewellery designer with this next creative & eco-friendly gift idea.

While we’re on the topic of handcrafting something small but special, check out this next eco-friendly gift idea.

Consider gifting someone special a piece of handmade jewellery this year. Think of it as the perfect activity for a winter afternoon (coupled with a spiced ginger latte, of course) and as the one present that definitely won’t end up in a landfill.

Handmade Jewelry - DIY gifts

Not only is this a *super* personal and thoughtful gift, but it is a DIY project you can tackle by using upcycled pieces or recyclable materials. There are a ton of jewelry kit options on Etsy, and you can even pull from pieces you might already have but no longer use. Additionally, you can hit up your local thrift shop to find hidden gems that will make your pieces that much more unique and unmatched!

When in doubt, give the gift of green. No, not money silly.

Who doesn’t love receiving a gorgeous plant? Coupled with a few stellar DIY touches, this is the perfect gift for that one person on your list who you never know what to get.

You can purchase any plant you’d like and opt to re-home it into a pot of your choice. And if you’re into pottery, consider handmaking the pot your gifted plant will go in! But if you’re not rolling out of a scene from Ghost (and sadly, there is no Patrick Swayze in sight), that’s alright too, girlfriend. You can decorate the existing planter by adding a bow or by attaching a handwritten note to it. Everyone can use a new plant in their lives, and this is one gift you can truly feel good about giving.

Image of a rosemary plant, wrapped up as a Christmas gift with a handwritten note on it.

Gift them an Instagram picture frame to capture all their best moments.

Let’s get back to basics, babe. Forget constantly swiping through a phone and instead, make someone’s best memories from this year come alive. This next gift idea is totally personal, eco-friendly, and will be cherished for years to come by whoever you gift it to.

The idea behind Instagram picture frames is that you choose a series of pictures to capture the year that has passed. Or, maybe a series of snaps from a momentous occasion. This is an amazing way to make someone feel special. Not to mention, to minimize the amount of times they feel compelled to reminisce by scrolling through their cellphones.

Image of an "Instagram Picture Frame" hanging on a white wall.

If you want to go the extra mile, consider decorating the frame itself instead of purchasing a new one. You can find pre-loved frames at your local thrift shop – or, in your grandma’s basement. Trust us, babe, there are tons of gems down there that are just dying to be reused and regifted (with your special touch on them, duh).

Create what we like to call… the ultimate slipper bundle.

This next idea in our lineup of 12 Creative & Eco-Friendly DIY Gift Ideas for the Holidays requires no special talent, we promise. Just a little bit of (you guessed it) creativity, and an eye for what that special someone really loves.

All you need to do is purchase a cozy pair of slippers. Then, stuff them with a few little treats you know this person will appreciate. Think mascara and candy or a luxe new facial serum paired with a mini bottle of champs that can be enjoyed while wearing their cute and cozy new footwear. Essentially, you can pack these babies with whatever you’d like and make this gift appropriate for anyone.

Image of a pair of men's slippers stuffed with candy and small treats.


Want to make a slipper bundle for dad? Just add in his favorite drink and cologne or products of choice! Think the teacher in your life would appreciate this DIY gift? Add in some delectable chocolate and an SPF product for those long field trip days. This gift is totally customizable and easy to put together on a whim.

Slippers for dad filled with treats - DIY gift for men

Don’t forget to bundle up your creative DIY gift in some cute & eco-friendly wrapping choices.

After all of the DIY goodness, don’t forget to wrap your creative one-of-a-kind gift in something that is also eco-friendly. I mean, what is the use of gifting something that’s good for the planet if you’re wrapping it in something that isn’t, right?

Stock up on a few of BBE’s reusable gift bags this holiday season. Not only are they adorable and eco-friendly. They also produce way less mess than that dreaded plastic wrapping paper that requires all of that clean-up, post-present exchange.

Image of 2 BBE reusable gift bags under a Christmas tree in a snowy setting.


Ready to up your DIY gift giving game?

Babe, there are so many more ideas where these came from. And, you’d be so surprised to learn what you can come up with when you get those creative juices flowing. We know you’ve got it in you, and we know the planet appreciates all of your eco-friendly endeavors.

Carey <3

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