20 of the Best Self Tanners

20 of the Best Self Tanners


If you’re not caught up with just how much we love self tanning around here, let us remind you again babe! We love to glow, and we live for finding new and safe ways to get our bronze on all year ‘round. And while we might adore our BBE self tanners the most (ok, guilty), there are other gems out there that we think also deserve some serious props. If you’re obsessed with being a glowing goddess as much as we are, check out 20 of the best self tanners out there, right now.

Beauty by Earth – Self Tanner (the OG, must-have self tanner to have in your bathroom vanity at all times)

Image of the BBE Self Tanner Basics Bundle

You already know that this one is a keeper. Safe for even the most sensitive babes, this vegan self tanner is still blowing up the internet 6 years later . . . For real, you make us blush guys! We will always make our self tanner with the best vegan, and organic ingredients out there. Oh and, we guarantee we will never be responsible for making you look like Cheeto. Nope. Just streak-free, glowing self-tans around here, baby.

Why Beauty by Earth's Self Tanner Lotion is Queen

  • BEAUTIFUL GLOW: Our self tanner transforms your skin from pale to a natural glow. Transforms even the most fair skin from "meh" to "marvelous" without any of those nasty streaks, orange color, blotches, or dark spots.
  • CRUELTY-FREE: This baby is certified Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free! That means no animals were harmed in the making of this beauty.
  • ZERO DYES or Harsh Chemicals: Perfect alternative to brands that sell chemical filled tanners containing artificial colorants and fragrances among other toxic ingredients. Instead this tanner is filled with ingredients like organic aloe vera, shea butter, extracts and DHA. This vegan sunless tanning lotion is also certified cruelty free.
  • NO ORANGE: If you have sensitive skin or are just plain pale, this is for you. Men, women and even teens use our tanning cream and look like they have just returned from travel a beachy vacation spot.
  • LOVE IT OR MONEY BACK: We know you're gonna love what our self tanning moisturizer can do. Your satisfaction is our promise to you.

Isle of Paradise – Self Tanning Water

A self tanning water? Who would have thought? We love this product for how easy it is to apply, and how evenly it goes on. What’s more, it’s easy to layer up with it if you decide you need just a little more bronzy goodness after your results develop. Plus, if thick creams aren’t your jam, this Isle of Paradise gem is an excellent alternative.

Image of 3 bottles of the Isle of Paradise self-tanning water.

St-Tropez – Gradual Tan Watermelon Infusion Body Lotion (that was a mouthful)

Not only does this stuff smell delicious, it is the perfect self tanning option for the babe who is a rookie in the glow game. Because this product gives you a gradual glow, you don’t have to worry about waking up in the morning looking all kinds of wild. Simply apply this bad boy as you would your regular body moisturizer, and watch your tan appear at a rate you can totally deal with.

Image of the St-Tropez gradual tan watermelon infusion lotion.

L’Oreal – Sublime Bronze Self Tanner

Old school but good school, we’ve all tried a L’Oreal self tanner at some point in our lives! But hey, the results speak for themselves and we love how lightweight this lotion is. Moreover, l’Oreal offers this product in a small range of shades, so you can be in control of just how tanned you get!

Image of the L'Oreal sublime bronze cream.

Coco & Eve – Sunny Honey Bali Bronzing Foam

A self tanner that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite? Sign us up, honey. Formulated with CellushapeTM to help hydrate and firm your skin, Coco & Eve’s bronzing foam is high up on our list of favorites. On top of that, it’s vegan and only contains natural DHA, or as they like to say “no nasties”. Yep, we can definitely get behind that.

Image of the results of the Coco & Eve self tanner on different skin tones.

Dr. Dennis Gross - Alpha Beta Gradual Glow Pad Self-Tanner (a.k.a. the best self tanning cloths for your face)

Ok this little self tanning invention is one we think every busy girl needs. Let’s face it. On some mornings, throwing on some concealer and mascara just won’t cut it. If you’re feeling (and looking) tired, a quick self tan on that pretty face can change your day for the better. Having these gradual glow pad self tanners on hand is a must when you need a quick pick me up, sans oompa loompa vibes.

Image of the Dr. Dennis Gross self-tanning pads.

Jergens – Natural Glow Instant Sun Sunless Tanning Mousse

Talk about an easy to use, blendable formula that you can *conveniently* find at any drugstore. Not to mention, a super affordable option that works for rookies and pro self tanners alike. We love that Jergens continues to make this product in shades like “light tan” all the way to “deep bronze” so everyone can pick their perfect glow, easily.

Image of the Jergens natural glow mousse.

Bondi Sands – Pure Self Tan Water

Ok, we’ll admit it. This self tan water thing is pretty cool. Bondi Sands has also come out with their own version of this self tanner, and it delivers gorgeous results. On top of that, it is fragrance free and safe for sensitive skin. We also dig how they added Vitamins C & E to their formula to give your skin that extra bit of love it so deserves.

Image of the Bondi Sands Pure Gradual Tanning Lotion.

Tarte – Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner

Check this bad boy out. Tarte’s Brazilliance PLUS+ Self Tanner sure packs the “plus” in its name. We’re talking a tinted bronze gel that not only steps your glow game way up, but that also exfoliates and nourishes your skin at the same time. What’s more, this self tanner leaves no icky smell behind which in our books, is a huge plus (pun totally intended).

Image of the Tarte brazilliance PLUS cream.

Clarins – Self Tanning Milk

If you’re looking for a little luxury in your life, why not incorporate it through your self tanner. Clarins’ self tanning milk is like a slice of heaven, for real. We love using this after a nighttime shower to hydrate, and wake up looking fab. This guy is packed with hydrating ingredients, and leaves a scent of figs behind. Suffice it to say, this is one of our fave classic self tanners that you can always count on for consistent results.

Image of the Clarins self tanning milk.

Coola - Organic Sunless Tan Firming Lotion

If you’re a sucker for any body lotion with the word “firming” in it, this one’s for you babe. And honestly, why not get your multitasking hat on and firm up while glowing up. That’s exactly what this next product on our list of the 20 best self tanners does. Coola’s sunless tan firming lotion has a pina colada sent that will have you feeling like you just stepped off the beach, and caffeine to help your skin look its firmest and best.

Image of the Coola sunless tan firming lotion.

Josie Maran - Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil

The queen of argan oil, Josie Maran does it again with this liquid gold self tanning oil. And while some of us might not gravitate towards a body oil for tanning purposes, this product will have you rethinking your self tan habits! Ultra hydrating and scented like vanilla apricot, this stuff will take your tan to another level. Not to mention, the argan oil in this self tanner will leave your skin feeling smooth, and instantly nourished.

Image of the Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Oil.

Body Drench - Quick Tan Self Tan Dry Oil

And since we are on the topic of self tanning oils, this next option by Body Drench has to be mentioned. This dry oil instantly sinks into your skin, and provides some impressive results. Apply this to your gams if you’re showing them off, and you’ll get that glowy sheen effect that makes your legs look fab. Pro tip: we also love this stuff applied to your décolleté for an extra little something something on your next night out.

Image of the Body Drench dry oil.

Vita Liberata – Ten Minute Tan for Face & Body

Next up is this luxurious self tanner for babes on the go. And when they say ten minute tan, the babes at Vita Liberata were not playing. This self tanner gives an *almost* instant pick me up to the skin, and takes seconds to dry. Moreover, it provides a deep and rich shade of bronze that can quickly become addictive (we warned you!).

Image of the Vita Liberata ten minute tan product.

Alba Botanica – Sunless Tanner

Inexpensive, natural looking color in less than 3 hours? Yes, you heard that right. Alba Botanica’s sunless tanner made our list of the 20 best self tanners for good reason. It’s non-greasy, non-streaky, and will never break the bank. Oh and, it sure doesn’t hurt that it is cruelty free and formulated without nasty parabens. All and all, this easy to apply self tanner is a must-try for tanning rookies and veterans alike.

Image of the Alba Botanica sunless tanner.

Skin Authority – Sunless Tanner

If you’re looking for a self tanner that has Vitamins C, D, and E and exfoliating properties galore, this is it babe. We love Skin Authority’s formula for how hydrating it is, and how it delivers a dark and luxe hue of tan. Moreover, the results look natural and actually last. Let’s just say, this self tanner does not play babe, and it is totally worth the try.

Image of the sunless tanner by Skin Authority.

Elaluz – Overnight Facial Glow

If you want to wake up moisturized, glowing, and all kinds of fabulous, we definitely recommend giving the Elaluz overnight facial glow cream a try. Formulated with Brazillian skin conditioners such as cacay and babassu seed oils, your skin will drink this stuff up. What’s more, it provides a gradual glow so you don’t need to worry about not so natural looking results.

Image of a woman using the Elaluz overnight facial glow cream.

Loving Tan – 2 Hour Express Tanning Mousse

Highly reviewed and highly popular, this 2 hour express tanning mousse from Loving Tan is a fave amongst self tanning junkies everywhere. Easy to apply, and ready to rinse off in just two hours – this product is just what you need before a night out on the town or when you simply need a little glow in your step. Fast, streak-free results? We’re into that.

Image of results from using the Loving Tan 2 hour express mousse.

Clinique – Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion

We had to include this classic go to lotion in our list of 20 of the best self tanners. Clinique’s self sun body tinted lotion was made to mimic a golden tan, and that it does. You’ll notice sun kissed results within a few hours of applying this product, and sensitive babes will love how non-irritating this formula is.

Image of the Clinique self sun body tinted lotion.

And last but certainly not least: BBE’s new Self Tanner Mousse

In our humble opinion, we saved the best for last beautiful. BBE’s new self tanner mousse is the vegan, result-delivering formula you’ve been waiting for. With the help of your trusted tanning mitt, this fluffy and lightweight mousse applies *so* evenly to your skin.

Image of the new BBE self tanner mousse.

What's more, what makes this latest self tanning innovation from BBE stand out from the rest is none other than natural grape seed oil. It’s moisturizing, anti-aging, and will keep your glow lasting for longer. Trust us when we say, you’ll wanna add to cart on this one.

That’s all, babes!

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 20 best self tanners out there right now. Let us know down below what products are your go-to’s when you’re in need of some glowy, bronzy, results.

Signing off with glowing tans & glowing smiles,

Carey <3

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