This Not That: Summer Edition

This Not That: Summer Edition


Bright mornings, long nights, glowing tans, and minimal makeup – yup, we love summer around here. And with a change of season comes the opportunity to think about some of our habits that could be improved for our health, and for the planet. From the products we use to bronze up, to how we host our next backyard BBQ, there are so many easy switches that can make a difference in that bigger picture everyone keeps talking about. So if you thought the excitement of pool parties and patios would keep us from bringing you another This Not That: Summer Edition, girl you underestimated us! Check out these smart swaps, below.


No to toxic beauty products, yes to aloe vera!

Photo of a woman on the beach using the BBE aloe vera gel, an essential on the Summer Edition of This Not That.

As great as the summer season is, we know it can sometimes wreak havoc on your skin. From too much sun exposure to being out in nature – skin irritations and flare-ups can ruin your sunny outdoor vibes, real quick.

But before you go packing up that tent that just took you and your girls 3 hours to assemble (and 2 bottles of Pinot), reach for some soothing aloe vera gel. Forget the typical aloe vera products that pack a ton of unnecessary toxic ingredients. Instead, opt for BBE’s 98% organic version that will provide you with some serious relief.

This product is more than just a natural first-aid kit in a bottle. You can also use it to moisturize your skin on the regular, and to make your very own organic hair masks. Trust us when we tell you, you want this baby on hand at all times – especially in the summer!

Ditch disposable dinnerware at your next BBQ, and invest in cute reusable plates instead!

We know we mention this in almost every one of our This Not That articles, but we had to include it in our Summer Edition because it’s BBQ season! And while we love all of the outdoor cookouts and opportunities to mingle with family and friends, BBQ’s can also produce a lot of, well, trash.

Be the hostess with the mostest by never using disposable dinnerware. Seriously. Who even likes to eat off of a paper plate? Are we crazy for wondering this? The earth and your guests will thank you. And if you have to round up some of your troops to get the dishes done, pat yourselves on the back, babe – you’ve done your small part in reducing your carbon footprint on this beautiful planet of ours.

Need some cute ideas to make your next summer gathering fab and eco-friendly? Check out these reusable options below.

Reusable outdoor plates found at Williams Sonoma.
Found at Williams Sonoma
Reusable outdoor plates from
Found at

This: Organic, refreshing body wash. Not That: Paraben and chemical filled body wash.

During these hot summer days, you might find yourself wanting to rinse off and shower more than usual. Totally normal, and we totally get it babe. However, consider this next product on our list of This Not That, Summer Edition swaps.

While you’re in the tub getting clean, think about what kind of body wash you’re using, especially if you’re using it a lot. So many body washes contain parabens and toxic chemicals that are *soo* not cute. On top of that, there’s really no reason to settle for those guys when you can opt for an organic, vegan, alternative that will leave you smelling and feeling glorious. Yeah, glorious. We said it.

Image of a woman holding up the BBE peppermint tea tree body wash.

BBE’s peppermint tea tree body wash is the staple body cleanser you need in your shower at all times. And in the summer months? The scent of peppermint is just that much more refreshing, we promise!

No to fast fashion, yes to thrifting!

Babe, we get it. It’s summer. You want to buy all of the sundresses, all of the wedged sandals, and all of the accessories. We’re guilty of feeling that way too!

But before you go on an online shopping spree, consider venturing out and… thrift shopping! You’ll find unique gems, get amazing deals, and you’ll be playing your part in protecting the earth. Producing fast fashion items has a huge impact on carbon emissions, and so much of the fabric used for these items take forever to biodegrade.

If you want to learn more about the impacts of fast fashion on the environment, click here.

Forget driving everywhere this summer, walk or bike!

Unless you’re taking a road trip with the fam (which we are all about), consider walking or biking to get to where you need to go whenever you can this summer.


Of course, this suggestion on our This Not That: Summer Edition list is a no-brainer. But because it’s such a beautiful season, it really is the perfect time to use your car and public transportation a little less. Whether it’s to pick up a few things from the store or to get your nails done – walk, run, bike, paddleboard (you get the idea), as often as possible!

You’ll be getting some exercise (#score), and reducing pollution at the same time, you little multitasker, you.

This summer, switch to a vegan self tanner.

If you’re a little extra in the tanning department, welcome. You’ve made it to the right place. We are self tanner obsessed, even in the summer months girlfriend.

In fact, we love adding some self tanner on top of the amazing natural glow that summer offers us. However, we never reach for products that have harsh chemicals, or toxic ingredients – no matter how bronze we want to be!

What you need in your life babe, is the new BBE self tanning mousse. Now don’t get us wrong. We love all of our self tanners! But this mousse, though! Talk about quick drying, and easy to apply – this self tanner is taking our glow game to a whole other level.

Image of the new BBE self tanner mousse, a must have on our list of Summer Edition This Not That swaps.

So switch out your dye-filled self tanner for this gem, and get to glowing, the plant-based way.

No to sunburns, yes to the best SPF products!

Ok, we’ll admit it. This one should have been at the top of our This Not That: Summer Edition list of healthy swaps. SPF is *so* crucial to your skin’s wellbeing babe, and we can’t stress using it enough.

From your face to every other inch of skin that gets sun exposure, you need to stay protected! We think this is important all year-'round. However, it's especially crucial in the summer months when you are likely out in the sun way more than usual.

Image of the BBE mineral body sunscreen, poolside.

Swap out silicone sunscreens for a lineup of products that will not only protect you against the sun’s harmful UV rays, but will also make your skin happy. BBE’s SPF lineup is like no other. And, you’ll actually look forward to using it unlike other thick, greasy creams out there.

We recommend getting our mineral facial sunscreen to protect that pretty face of yours and our mineral body sunscreen for the rest of your fabulous self.

This: Lightweight moisturizer that keeps you looking fresh. Not That: Greasy creams that clog your pores in that summer heat.

We think it’s worth mentioning that sometimes summer requires a different skincare routine. You might just find that your skin isn’t feeling as dry. Therefore, it might no longer need a thick cream or moisturizer to quench it.

If you’re feeling like your current moisturizer just isn’t working under your makeup (or on its own) during these hot summer months, consider switching over to a more lightweight option.

Image of a happy girl holding up the BBE oil control moisturizer while smiling, an essential on our list of Summer Edition This Not That swaps.

BBE’s oil control moisturizer sinks effortlessly into the skin, and won’t leave you feeling like a grease ball. What’s more, it pairs seamlessly under your favorite primer and/or foundation. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about having one too many layers on when you’re enjoying that margarita on your favorite terrace. You’re welcome.

Last but not least, use less electricity this summer!

The sun is shining earlier in the morning, and setting *way* later than it did throughout those long winter months. Take advantage of nature’s sunshine by opening up those windows and letting natural light shine through your home!

Not only is natural light proven to be amazing for your physical and mental health. It also saves you from having to use so much electricity! And let’s be honest, that sunrise coming through in the morning sure looks a heck of a lot better than that harsh bedroom lightbulb you keep meaning to dim.

So, save on that electricity bill, save the planet, and let that summer sunshine in! You’ll be so glad you did, babe.

Ready to make some This Not That swaps of your own this summer?

Image of a hand holding up a coconut drink, with a background of palm trees.

We know how much natural beauty and the environment matter to you, beautiful. And quite frankly, we love ya for it. And of course, we hope you enjoyed our Summer Edition of the This Not That series!

What are some of your ideas for being more eco-friendly this summer season, or for ditching old products? We love hearing from you, and learning a thing or two while we’re at it!

Summer days & summer daze,

Carey <3

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