Why You Should Avoid Parabens in Your Beauty & Skincare Products

Why You Should Avoid Parabens in Your Beauty & Skincare Products


Parabens. You’ve probably heard of these little nasties at some point or another. And, you have likely wondered what could be so terrible about these ingredients for them to garner so much attention from the beauty industry. Well, babe, the (bad) hype around these guys is well warranted, and we’re about to tell you exactly why you should avoid parabens in your beauty & skincare products, at all costs.

Image of a woman holding up a paraben free BBE serum.

What are these ingredients, and why are they so nasty?

Without boring you to tears, here is a quick definition of what these ingredients really are.

Parabens are widely used as preservatives in beauty and skincare products to keep bacteria, fungus, and other buildup from developing in them. But see, although the thought behind these guys is essentially good, (I mean, no one wants fungus growing on their lipstick, right?), parabens have really only traded one nasty for another.

What’s the worse that can happen if I don’t avoid parabens in my beauty & skincare products?

Here’s the deal. There’s plenty of reasons why you’re better off avoiding parabens in your beauty & skincare products. And when we say plenty, we mean plenty, girlfriend. Like, as many reasons as to why you should avoid texting your ex after that third cocktail.

Ok, moving on. The reason why parabens get such a bad wrap is that these chemical ingredients are known as serious hormone disrupters. What’s more, with extended use they can harm your fertility, and affect birth outcomes. Oh and increase your risks of skin irritation, and worse yet – cancer.

According to the EWG, parabens should be avoided in all cosmetics and honestly, babe, we tend to agree.

If I’m going to ditch the nasties, how bomb are paraben-free products?

Babe! Paraben-free beauty and skincare products are just as good as those other guys you’re used to reaching for. What’s more, you can use them liberally without worrying that you’re totally messing up your hormones in the long run (and hey, that’s a major plus alone if you ask us).

And while we know a lot of babes might be tempted to buy products that have a longer shelf-life, the truth is that the risk isn’t worth those extra few weeks of use. Plus, when you have amazing alternatives for those everyday culprits, there is no reason to second guess your move to paraben-free products, gorgeous.

Check out some of our must-have everyday products for a fab, paraben-free best beauty life.

The BBE Facial Wash

Image of the BBE face wash.

Fight back against breakouts, the paraben-free way babe. You need a killer face wash in your beauty routine, and this best-selling classic is where it’s at.

The BBE Body Wash

Image of the paraben free BBE peppermint tea tree body wash.

Trust us when we tell you, you’d be *stunned* at the amount of parabens that are used in regular old body wash. Our version is safe and will leaving you feeling so fresh and so clean.

The BBE Anti-Aging Moisturizer

Image of the BBE anti-aging face cream.

Every babe needs a go-to moisturizer in her skincare collection that won’t put her health at risk. Our anti-aging moisturizer will nourish that pretty face of yours, and leave your skin feeling younger sans nasties.

& for those who love a great glow... self tanner

Image of two BBE self tanners alongside a coconut.

You know it, and we know it, beautiful. Whether you opt for our mousse or classic formula, our self tanner is that extra pep in your step you so deserve. But parabens? Babe, you *never* deserve those.

Ready to ditch the nasties?

We knew you would be by the end of this post, babe. Let us know down below what some of your favorite paraben-free beauty and skincare products are. What’s more, if you’ve made the switch, we want to know all about your tips and tricks for how to revamp your beauty cabinet, seamlessly.

Love & (paraben-free) Lipstick,

Carey <3

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