7 reasons why Beauty By Earth has the best self tanner for fair skin

7 reasons why Beauty By Earth has the best self tanner for fair skin


Oh man, where do I even start? Let me tell you, Beauty By Earth is the crème de la crème of cruelty-free self tanner for all skin types and shades. Build your tanning routine with a few clicks - check out their tanning bundle builder! Literally can get everything you need from tanner to applicators!

BBE's best self tanners come in many forms: body lotion, best self tanning drops, face mist, body spray, and more! Safe sunless glow for all skin tones and skin types - use self tanner for a bronze glow and even out your skin complexion.

Beautiful Women with Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

But this one is for our fair skin beauties, are you sick of looking like a ghost?

If you're fair-skinned, finding a self tanner that doesn't turn you cheeto-orange can be a challenge. Even more so when your goal is a sunless tan without harmful rays or scary tanning oil.

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Beauty By Earth has the best self tanner for fair skin, and we'll tell you why!

But first, let's start by defining fair skin, this means you have ZERO base tan and pink undertones.

What color to choose

Most self tanners come in shades and if you are naturally pale don't jump into the medium to dark category. START with the fair to medium tanners for pale skin and once you have a good base tan, then you can grab that darker shade.

Going for this buildable, gradual tan is going to give you the deep tan of your dreams. No orange skin, no streaky skin, 100% safe tan for all skin types.

And always 100% cruelty free (Beauty By Earth has the Leaping Bunny certification to prove it!) Beauty By Earth is so confident you will love their self tanning tools and formulas, they give you 60 days to try it risk free. Did we mention everything at Beauty by Earth is cruelty free and vegan (plus, naturally derived from plants)?

Collage of before after

Let's jump in and learn 7 reasons why your pale skin tone needs Beauty By Earth's self tanner:

1: It is made with natural ingredients, so it is gentle on the skin without harsh chemicals.

Beauty By Earth has vegan and organic self tanners that are perfect for fair-skinned people trying to get themselves ready for the beach this summer! Ideal for those who don't want harsh sun rays to achieve their perfect hue, Beauty By Earth's self tanner has natural ingredients that work effectively while nourishing your skin.

Ingredients in self tanner

It will leave you with an even, streak-free tan in no time! So why wait? Get your vegan, organically sourced self-tan today and be beach-ready!

Ours vs Theirs

2: Beauty By Earth has self tanners specifically designed for a fair skin tone.

Are you a skin type that is on the fairer side and struggle to get the perfect tan? Beauty By Earth has got you covered with the best self tan you will EVER GET!

This revolutionary self-tanner was specifically designed for no base tanners, so no matter how fair your complexion is, you can get that sun-kissed glow.

Instead of the orange undertone often associated with self-tanner, Beauty By Earth products highlight your natural, pink undertones.

Get ready to show off your beautiful tan and saturate Instagram with all your gorgeous selfies.

3: It gives the skin a natural-looking tan without any streaks or orange color. Bye-bye pale skin!

Who doesn't love having a cheeto-puff colored tan? Well, luckily enough, you can have that natural tan without having to worry about any streaks or orange colors showing up!

Even the extremely fair With the right product and application technique, your skin can be cheeto-puff perfect in no time. Get ready for those summer beach days with confidence knowing your tan looks totally beach worthy!

Check out one of our fav self tanning before and afters from a creater who has fair, pale skin.

Fair Skin Before & After

4: It is easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can get dressed immediately after applying it.

Applying it is a breeze and its quick-drying qualities make it the perfect go-to for those of us who are pressed for time in the mornings.

No more waiting with its quick drying time, you can get dressed right away rather than wait for hours for the tanner to dry.

No more stained sheets from being too lazy to wait around!

5: It has a pleasant smell that does not linger after application like some other self tanners do.

When it comes to self tanner, there is no need to sacrifice your sense of smell to get that sun-kissed glow! With the latest advancement in technology, it's easy to get bronzed without the worry of a nasty tanning odor lingering long after application.

Our self tanning formulas smell like a tropical vacation (think coconut oil and smooth shea butter. Self tanning with BBE will have you looking like you just stepped off the beach with its natural-looking bronzing color.

We promise - you won’t smell like a bottle of awful self tanner when you apply Beauty By Earth's self tanner!

6: Beauty by Earth applicators make getting the perfect, blended tan easy every single time.

One-stop shop for all your tanning applicators and tanning tools to tget the best natural tan and natural glow!

Don't forget you want a completely fresh canvas for self tanning - in other words, don't start on that self tan until you are clean and exfoliated!

How to use self tanner


To start you are going to need something to exfoliate your skin and get rid of dead skin. Check out all of their exfoliating tools and products. Exfoliation is important for an even tan even for people with sensitive skin.


Best kept secret is the exfoliating gloves, it's the perfect first step to a natural looking glow. Try out medium exfoliating gloves or heavy exfoliating gloves to get rid of any uneven texture, this important step helps you avoid streaks too!

Applicators for head to toe!

Kabuki Brushes for your face

The facial kabuki brush is the perfect tool to give your skin a bronzy glow without the sun damage. The blending tool helps blend your gradual tanner into hard areas like your ears, hair line, and neck line.

Kabuki Brushes for your body

The body kabuki brush works the same way to give your skin the perfect gradual tan by blending the hardest areas like your feet and ankles - don't forget behind your knees.

Before and After

Back Applicator

To get the best sunless tan you need to reach everything. With the Beauty By Earth back applicator is only takes a few seconds to get a natural tan!

No more streaks or splotches - and let's face it our pale-skin friends if you miss a spot it's pretty noticeable.

Back Applicator

7: What is the best self tanner for fair skin?

Well, it depends on your pale skin type. Skin types can vary from dry as the Sahara to oily and every skin type between!

We've broken down the best tanners for fair skin below to get you the best natural glow!

We included recommendations for self tanners for pale skin and based on your level of self tan experience.

Before and after


The ultimate goal is a natural glow for everyone from ghostly pale skin to the darkest complexions. A self tan isn't just about the natural glow though - it also evens out complexions and gives you an extra confidence boost for your no make-up days.

Dry Skin:

Moisturizing ingredients are going to be your bestie if your skin tends to be dry. Self tanner's that have nasty chemicals tend to dry out your complexion even more. You don't need to compromise on ingredients, keep it safe and vegan. Beauty By Earth promises no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances, never parabens, and heck no to sulfates.

Collage of before and afters

Body Self Tanning Lotion

Filled with coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter it's entire formula is geared towards dry skin. It will leave you golden and hydrated. Buy the set to get the basic bundle.

Face Self Tanning Lotion

Try the face self tanner for dry skin, it is certified non-comedogenic (won't cause breakouts). We recommend the facial kabuki brush to apply evenly across your face and neck.

Self Tanning Drops

Self Tanning Drops are perfect for self tanning beginners because it is a gradual self tanner with a few drops but you can decide to add a bunch of drops for a medium tan.

It's an easy, express tan because you can simply add a few drops to your moisturizer or favorite body lotion in your AM & PM routine. This gradual tanner is a solid 10 out of 10!


Fully customizable color to match skin tone

Check out BBE moisturizers if you are doing the self tanner drops

BBE has launched quite a few moisturizers over the last few years.

Any of these cream can be mixed with the self tanner drops.

Holy Oily Skin?:

Got a shine you never asked for? You're not alone! An oily complexion is totally normal: your glands just produce too much sebum, leading to an extra-greasy layer on the surface, clogged pores and acne. No need to panic - as long as you keep it clean there's nothing wrong with having oilier than average skin! In fact we have some tanner recommendations for oily skin.

Self Tanning Face Serum

Use the self tanning serum with our kabuki brush for the best self tanner results. Comes in fair to medium if you have pale skin and medium to dark if you have a more olive or darker skin tone.

Jessie using Beauty By Earth Self Tanner

The Mousse Formula for your body

In only four to eight hours you will start to see results for all our tanners. This mousse formula will get you the darkest self tan. If you have a super pale skin tone we recommend trying another self tanner on your body like the lotion.

The mousse goes on a clear so if you don't have any self tanner experience try the lotions first because they have a white cast.

Beauty By Earth Self Tanner Mousse

Combination skin or skin changes depending on the season:

All Beauty by Earth self tanner would work for your combination skin. Combo skin means some days you may be dry and some days you may be oily. This is especially true for when seasons change.

Self tanners for pale skin are the fair to medium shades. The only exception is our aloe vera self tanner drops - right now we don't have any other shades. (But good news...more shades are coming!!)

Self Tanner Reviews

Self tan with Beauty by Earth - Pale Skin to Dark Skin (and every shade between)

Beauty By Earth’s cruelty free self tanning products will take fairer skin to a deeper tan with a golden glow. Not only is it made from natural ingredients that do not contain harsh chemicals, but it also provides a natural-looking tan without any streaks or orange color. BBE is all about ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, vitamin E, plant based fruit extracts, argan oil, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, aloe vera, glycolic acid, sweet almond oil, and more.

Unlock your golden tan with ingredients that are going to make your makeup artist look at you like you are a global tanning expert. Drop Bondi Sands, Express Tan, and Urban Decay - Join Beauty By Earth and their Clean Beauty Movement to unlock your best self!


<3 BBE Team 🌱


We did mention everything at BBE is cruelty free. Check out their tik tok getting rid of a bug at the office. 👀



BBE is going to be coming out with more shades of self tanner. Don't worry we will still use the same plant based ingredients (like vitamin e) that make our self tanners work! Self tanning with Beauty by Earth is easy, safe, and most importantly YOU WON'T TURN ORANGE!


We are working on both darker and lighter self tanners making it easier to find the best tan for all skin tones.


Final Pro Tanning Tips for Everyone

1: Invest in kabuki brushes for the hard to blend areas.

These are perfect to blend on the hard spots - like your elbows, ankles, toes, back of the knee, neck, and hair line.

2: If it's your first time start with one coat, you can always build and add more for a deeper tan.

You can't go backwards! This goes for all types of tanner.

3: Never forget to exfoliate before starting your routine.

Exfoliate everywhere the tanner goes - face or body! Check out our superfruits face scrub.

4: Let tanner dry for 15 minutes or so before getting dressed. It will probably dry faster but better to be cautious.

5: Stay out of water for 8 hours for tan to fully develop.

Don't dive in to a pool to early. If you are traveling we recommend bringing the baby mousse! It's airplane security friendly.

6: Moisturize after you tan including your face and body.

Slather yourself with lotion and face moisturizer, it will make your tan last longer.

7: The self tan will last about 3-5 days normally. You can reapply as much as you want!

Keep moisturized if you want it to last longer. You can reapply as much as you want too but remember if you are new to the self tanning world start gradual.

8: Pick the right tanner for you based on your skin:

Fair to Medium: For Fair Skin Tones (Warm Undertones)

The Fair to Medium are perfect for people with pink or cool undertones, fair skin, or those looking for a very subtle tan. Not sure if this is you? You will likely want this formula if you burn easily, freckle, or see blue or purple tinted veins when you look at the underside of your wrist. 

Medium to Dark: For Olive Skin Tones (Cool Undertones)

The Medium to Dark are perfect for people with olive or warm undertones, medium to dark skin. Not sure if this is you? You will likely want this formula if you don’t easily burn or freckle, or if you see green tinted or no color veins when you look at the underside of your wrist.

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