How to Layer Your Skincare Products

How to Layer Your Skincare Products


From cleansers to toners, and serums to eye creams (oh my!) – it’s easy to get lost looking at your bathroom vanity wondering what should go first and what should come next. And while layering up on multiple skincare products can seem like a recipe for oily and not so cute skin, there is a method to all of this madness. What’s more, learning how to apply your products in the right sequence can actually allow them to work better. And, can make that pretty little face of yours glow, we promise. So if you just stocked up on the latest must-have facial serum and yet another moisturizer, keep reading to brush up on one of the most important pieces of the skincare puzzle: how to layer your skincare products.

Before you even think of layering anything, never skip step 1: Cleanser

If there’s one step in our skincare routines that is way too often underestimated, it’s cleansing. Many babes assume that since the cleanser is only on your face for a few seconds before it is rinsed away, that it doesn’t matter as much. This is just so not true, beautiful!

Think of cleansing as the foundational step to any killer skincare ritual. Before you even begin to layer up on serums, moisturizers, and all of the things, make sure your skin is clean and ready to receive all of those beneficial ingredients from your hydrating products.

Image of a woman using the BBE Peppermint Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash.

To really ensure you're doing a stellar job at cleansing, consider timing yourself when you cleanse your skin and taking a good 1-2 minutes to thoroughly lather up and clean out those pores.

We love BBE’s foaming face wash as a classic, no fuss, and efficient daily cleanser. For real babe, this stuff should be in your shower or on your bathroom counter at all times. It removes makeup, cleanses deeply, and will never irritate your skin.

Next up: Toner

Once you’re done cleansing, it’s time to move on to toner. And if we are being honest here, along with the very important step above, toning also tends to get pushed to the wayside when it comes to our daily beauty rituals.

Here’s the deal. Not all toners are created equally. Therefore, not just any one of them will make you feel like they deserve a spot on your lineup of skincare products. I mean, none of us have time for subpar skincare items, much less adding them to an already lengthy routine.

However, adding a gentle yet effective toner after your daily cleanse is a seriously easy way to ensure you’ve gotten rid of any dead skin cells, and that your pores are squeaky clean. Consider using a toner that is rich in witch hazel, which can reduce inflammation and fight pesky breakouts. Just dab a bit of this magic liquid onto a reusable pad, and apply it right before you move on to your hydrating products.

Trust us. With continued use, you’ll notice smaller pores, fewer breakouts, and less redness on your skin. You'll also see that your products sink more easily into your skin. Sounds amazing, right? Well, because it is babe!

Step 3 on How to Layer Your Skincare Products: Serum

If after you wash your face you skip straight to moisturizer, girl we are here to tell you that you’re so missing out.

The wonders that a serum can do for your skin are no joke, and the long-term results of incorporating this product into your skincare routine are well worth it. Not to mention, your skin will be instantly softer and smoother after one use.

The right serum will diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Oh and, it will give your face the radiance you’ve been searching for. BBE’s new hyaluronic acid serum is a prime option to add to your skincare routine, and it layers beautifully under your eye cream and moisturizers. Never sticky, and never pilly! Because we are *so* not about that.

Image of the new BBE hyaluronic acid serum, a vital part of any skincare routine.

The results from adding this gem to your skincare routine on the regular will have you stocking up on serum the way we stocked up on toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic – for real!

Eye Cream & Spot Treatments

Once you’re done with serum, now’s the time to apply your eye cream and any spot treatments if you use them.

We definitely recommend incorporating an eye cream into your skincare routine, even if you don’t think you need to. Why? Well, aside from the eyes being the windows into your soul, the skin around this area of your face is *way* delicate. What’s more, preventing fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes will have you glad you didn’t skip this step in the long run. Don’t worry, you can thank us later – we’ll be here.

Image of a woman layering her skincare while applying the BBE coffee bean eye cream.

Looking for a brightening eye cream to layer into your skincare routine? It doesn’t get much better than BBE’s award-winning coffee bean eye cream, babe. This staple beauty product is lightweight, won’t irritate your peepers, and is the ultimate trick to making your concealer apply smoothly. You’re welcome ;)

Once you’ve taken care of your pretty eyes, it’s time to layer your moisturizer babe.

If you’re still with us, we love ya for it. Let’s quickly recap where we’re at in our How to Layer Your Skincare Products guide.

  1. You’ve cleansed like a pro (good job, babe).
  2. You’ve applied a little toner, because you’re a skincare overachiever and love to glow.
  3. Your serum is on, and you’re starting to feel great about this whole skincare product layering game.
  4. Eye creams and spot treatments: check. Alright, time for moisturizer.

At this point in the game, you’re ready to apply your moisturizer of choice. If you’re scared of feeling greasy or of your products pilling, don’t be. Give your face about 30 seconds between steps for products to absorb into your skin, then move on!

Image of a woman applying the BBE Anti-Aging Hydration Face Cream for Mature Skin.

Pro Tip: It helps to use the right products if you want to avoid that pilling and greasy feeling we keep talking about. Opt for lightweight and non-toxic options like BBE’s anti-aging face cream, and you won’t experience any of those hiccups.

The most important step of all in layering those skincare products: top everything off with sunscreen!

If you’re layering up in the daytime, girl please do not forget your sunscreen!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to incorporate SPF into your life, on the regular. Adding a bit of sunscreen to your face after your moisturizer is way crucial. And luckily, we have *the* best mineral option formulated specifically for this!

Image of the BBE Mineral Facial Sunscreen, a crucial last step to layering skincare products.

This stuff will never clog your pores, or cause any breakouts. And while we know that at this point, you may be feeling like you have a ton of product on your face, we promise that BBE options will never make you feel like you do!

Our facial sunscreen is lightweight, free of parabens, and is a serious daily essential in our books. So please, when you’re done layering on your moisturizer, add the cherry on top: SPF.

And if you’re layering up before bed? Switch out the SPF for a luxe facial oil instead.

Easy peasy. Follow the same layering steps we listed above first. Then, switch out your new favorite facial sunscreen for something a little more luxurious: the facial oil.

If you want to drift off to sleep and wake up a glowing goddess, babe you need this skincare step in your life! BBE’s line up of facial oils has something for everyone. From preventing wrinkles and fine lines, to evening out your skin tone and even preventing acne breakouts – this stuff is liquid gold if we do say so ourselves.

Image of the BBE balance & restore luxury face oil alongside a jade roller.

What’s more, you only need to pat a few drops of facial oil into your skin as part of your nightly routine. A little of this product goes a long way. And if you’re prone to dry skin, you can also incorporate this step into your daytime routine. We have everything you need to know about facial oils, right here.

That’s that. You’re now a skincare product layering pro, beautiful.

We hope this blog post gave you the lowdown on how to layer your skincare products, seamlessly. Once you get the hang of it, it’s seriously easy babe. I mean, much easier than following a recipe on the back of a Betty Crocker box if you ask us. And as a plus, you’ll actually gain some pretty impressive glowing skin results from following these instructions!

Let us know down below how layering your skincare products has changed your beauty game for the better! Better yet, let us know which layering step is your fave. You know, the one you always look forward to the most. We all have one (*cough, cough* serum application), just saying!

Layers of love to you, babe!

Carey <3

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