Valentine's Gift Guide 2023 

Valentine's Gift Guide 2023 


Does Valentine’s feel like a bunch of disjointed ideas in your head: roses, venus, chocolates, ahhh. Or better yet are you the person googling "valentine day gift for wife"?

Valentine's Day is one of the most romantic holidays of the year, and it is here again! Each year, people all over the world celebrate this special day by expressing their love for each other with thoughtful gifts and gestures. Whether you’re looking to surprise your significant other with something special, show your friends how much they mean to you.

Or maybe this year it's about self-care and loving yourself - no matter who you are spoiling this Valentine's Day, this gift guide is going to make your life easier.


5 of the best Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife

The most romantic gift is a well-thought-out experience that the two of you will remember for the entire year. She'll love you more if you take the reins and plan everything from top to bottom.

Whatever Valentine's day gift for your wife you choose - she'll love if you start her v-day off right with her fav morning brew in bed. Remember what they say...happy wife, happy life (not to add extra pressure).

Pro tip: if you plan something at home be sure to plan to clean up the mess afterward.

So what are the most popular Valentine's Day gifts for women? Here are the top 5 Valentine's Day gifts for your wife.


1: Spa Day at Home

The best gift that she's going to love for Spa Day at home: Charcoal Mask, Spatula, Rose Roller, and her fav oil. The best skincare gift is right here at BBE - give her the gift of glowing skin, she'll beautiful inside & out all day long! Looking to make a gift box? You should add some hair-pampering products like our bamboo brushes or sea salt spray - she's gonna love them, trust us! You don't need to stress about finding the perfect pink heart-shaped box she'll love. The hair and self-care uncommon goods are going to be enough!


2: Movie Night

Book the movie ahead of time and get cozy in the theatre with your wife. Or better yet make it even more romantic for v-day by having a movie night at home.

Whether it's a romantic night out or a cozy night in, take the opportunity to show your partner how much they mean to you by being present in the moment and truly enjoying each other's company but don't forget the movie snacks. Popcorn & chocolate are non-negotiable! If she has a major sweet tooth have her fav ice cream and cookies ready to go.



3: BBE Shopping Spree <-- #1 Best Valentine's Day Gifts

Choosing a gift can be hard and let's face sometimes a gift card is just easier. We've got you covered with a few clicks on the BBE gift card.

If you go the gift card route be sure to get a card with a sweet message inside. Take look at some super fun and cute Valentine's day cards she'll love! Need some ideas - check out some of our favs below or click here to see them all? Try for uncommon goods or cards


Valentine's Day Basket Pop Up Card

Valentine's Day Pop Up Card


Star Wars | Chews You Valentines Day Card

Star Wars Chewbacca Card


Who knew a titanic card could bring the romance!

Titanic Funny Valentine's Day Card


Dog + Poop Humor

Funny Valentine for husband


Wooden Card - Only $12

A unique card for your favorite person is never a bad idea. It's eco-friendly and handcrafted too!

Hand Crafted Valentine's Day Card


4: Deep Clean

Whether you do it yourself or pay someone, she'll feel refreshed and grateful for keeping the house beautiful with a DEEP clean. Women & men benefit from a clean house as a gift but still plan on taking her to dinner and getting a Valentine's Day gift! 

This style of gift affects the mood of the entire household unlike something that will die like a bouquet of her favorite flowers -- roses are a cliche valentine's day gift anyways unless it's a Venus Et Fleur. (Venus Et Fleur is an eternity flower arrangement in case you didn't know...)


5: Jewelry is the classic gift for a reason

Go for the full blown classic and track down a heart shaped box for your jewelry gift, finish it off with a tiny tags or bow.

Valentine's Day Gift for Him

Let's face it our significant others probably don't want a DIY kit and it's hard to find a romantic gift that you both will be a fan of. We got the conversation starters going at BBE's HQ on what is the best style of Valentine's Day gift for that special someone.


1: Fun Experiences to do Together

Let's face it the best Valentine's Day Gift is the fun experience that maybe he's been wanting to do all year long but hasn't made the time experience. 

Don't forget to primp and prep that skin & hair - beauty comes from the inside but let's face it when you look good, you feel good. Get a box of BBE goodies to get ready for your ultimate date. Do the full works: self tanner, exfoliate, shave bar, premium lines.


Mini Golf or Top Golf

An evening of drinks and your hair blowing in the wind as you kick your man's butt. Or better yet maybe have him slide behind you and help your swing - that skin-to-skin contact is a gift in itself.



For the hubs a beauty spa day or hair salon day isn't in the cards for a v-day gift for him. Something that she's going to love and he's ging to love is a fun day at the arcade! Google what's near you!

Night Out of the town

Go to your favorite bar or restaurant - better yet meet there and pretend to not know each other. Take off the jewelry like your yellow gold wedding bands for the night and be strangers for the night. Men & women are sure to love role-playing for the night.


2: Romantic Weekend Trip - Most Popular Pick

What makes a good gift a great gift? Spontaneity! Forget romantic gifts like chocolate, a limited edition fragrance set, or flowers instead plan a quick trip somewhere.

Open up the AirBnB app and take a look at what's a quick drive away. A holiday trip - what can go wrong?


3: Lovely Gift: Make a Special Romantic Dinner

Don't forget to do the grocery shopping early! Nothing will kill the mood faster than not getting the groceries you need. Maybe try something new like making a dessert heart-shaped or try a new style of cooking with uncommon goods.

Ohhh you could put random ingredients in a box then each of you picks one at a time out of the box - be sure to throw random interesting ingredients like passion fruit or black sesame or even edible roses! Flowers would definitely count as an uncommon good, roses aren't just for beauty.

 Sit out under the stars for dinner and you'll never forget how the sky looked!


Best Valentine's Day Gifts for the Kids

1: Heart Shaped Waffles Maker $10 (It even comes in pink!)

Only $10 makes it the right gift for the whole family. Celebrate Valentine's Day with a family mini-heart-shaped-waffles party with all the toppings! Let each person in the family feel great assembling their heart-shaped waffle.

Heart shaped mini waffle maker


2: Funny Blankets make a lovely gift

Have you seen the super big funny blankets that look like tortillas, cookies, pizzas, or even waffles? OMG This is a great Valentine's Day gift for the entire family!

Funny Blanket Gift Idea - Waffle Blanket


3: A fun card with a sweet message inside or even photos!

Valentine's Day Gifts can be simple as fun card! We found some super cute ones, don't worry they aren't all pink! LOL

This one is sure to make the obsessed Gamer smile!

Gamer Card


Candy + Card

These would be perfect to hand out at school to all your kid's friends and teachers.

Fun candy card



4: Cute mommy & me outfits

We are always on board for a cute photo moment and what's cuter than mommy & me matching outfits for v-day? The only correct answer is nothing.

My V-Day Shirts

Family Valentine Shirts


Love Sweatshirts

For the whole gang, love is in the air!

Family Valentine Sweatshirts


V-Day Dresses

Love these Valentine's Day dresses for mom, little sister, and the baby.

Valentine Dresses for Mommy & Kids


Heart Shirts

Simple heart shirts that you can customize the color of the shirt and the imprint.

Family Valentine Shirts


Onesie with Booty Flap

Cute for the entire family! Don't forget to take pics, it will melt your heart for years to come.

Family Valentine Jammies


V-Day Pullover

We heart these matching heart pullovers!

Cute Family Valentine Sweatshirts



Words of wisdom when it comes to gifting

It's important to remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about buying an expensive timeless gift or roses or a big box of goodies or a locket necklace - it's also about spending quality time with those you love and cherishing each other.

The ideal gift for Valentine's Day is thoughtful and won't qualify for next day delivery. SO MAKE SURE YOU GET ON IT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

You can also let them know how much you care with heartfelt words of affirmation or simply by giving them a hug; these small acts can often mean more than any grand gesture.

Valentine’s Day is a reminder of how important it is to express our gratitude for all the people who bring positivity into our lives - not just romantic partners but also family members, friends, co-workers, colleagues and so many others who have made an impact on our lives.

Taking time out of your day to write cards or notes expressing your appreciation for these individuals can help make their day special too! (Don't forget you can't go wrong with chocolate or a bouquet of flowers.)


Friends Celebration

Oof we almost forgot about Galentine's Day, or just celebrating your girlfriends. Honestly the gift ideas for him & her above double as great Galentine's Day gifts too!

We hope that you have found some great ideas from this Valentine’s Gift Guide 2023 – whether for yourself or someone else! Don't worry we aren't paid commissions on any of these recommendations!

Love always,




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