The Quickest & Easiest Ways to Get Tan, Fast!

The Quickest & Easiest Ways to Get Tan, Fast!


When it comes to getting that beautiful glow and looking bronzed to the Gods, nothing works quite as well as a natural tan. Tanned skin makes us look & feel refreshed and puts that extra pep in our step. But for all the positives a sun kissed glow can give us, we know how daunting it can be to actually get there. From what tanning lotion to use to how much time you should be spending exposed to the sun's rays, we know you've got questions. And lucky for you, we've got answers. Around here, we are addicted to all things natural suntan that are of course, safe. Keep reading to uncover the quickest & easiest ways to get tanned, fast! 

Self Tanners

Pick the right tanning lotion and avoid tanning accelerators.

You might think the best way to get a tan faster is to slather on some tanning oil or a bunch of tanning accelerators and hope for the best. Well sis, that's also the best way to harm your skin cells and up your risk of skin cancer. We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but too much sun exposure just simply isn't the move. Not only can the sun's uv rays be harmful to your skin (hello, premature aging and sun spots) but it can even be damaging to your eyes (so yes, wearing sunglasses is actually way necessary to prevent cataracts and other eye conditions caused by uv light).

Now that we've made that very important PSA, here's why you need to pick a moisturizing lotion that also contains *drum roll, please* SPF. Even if your goal is to get tan quickly, you should never neglect using some amount of SPF to avoid burning and damaging your precious skin. Plus, the right kind of lotion will keep your skin moist and allow you to tan evenly. So basically, you're winning all around when you choose to protect your skin, gorgeous. 

SPF Spray

The SPF lotions that will help you tan fast and safely.

We get it. You want to get a quick tanning session in that will have you looking like you just stepped off a beach in St-Barts. But to avoid all kinds of not so cute side effects, you need to *at least* use a low SPF cream. Don't worry, you'll still get the glow you want sans going overboard, we promise!

Here's the key. BBE has a facial sunscreen with SPF 20, which will still allow you to get that base tan you need in order to get darker. Plus, it's loaded with coconut and jojoba oil. Both of these natural ingredients will keep your skin looking *way* plump and hydrated, thus minimizing your chances of damage. All of this means that you won't burn and that you won't be compromising your skin's integrity as much (even though you're hard at work on your tan!).

Facial Sunscreen - SPF 20

When it comes to the rest of you, opt for sun protection that is similar to what we just mentioned above. Using a moisturizing lotion with an SPF 25 will give you just enough protection while you work on that dark tan - the safe way! What's more, BBE's body SPF also contains some of that glorious coconut oil we mentioned above and we also added in some hydrating shea butter that will keep your skin nourished and soft. Talk about a perfect combo for that perfect tan.

Facial Sunscreen - SPF 20

Use products that contain naturally occurring SPF.

We know that most of you turn to oils when they want to get tanned outside, fast. If you insist on using an oil to get that deep, dark tan - there are a few recommendations we can make that will give you the best of both worlds (a.k.a. that glowy, dark tanned look and some protection).

Using coconut oil (or even avocado or carrot oil!) will give your skin an extra layer of hydration and some protection from the sun's rays. And when you're working on getting a darker tan, oils can definitely give off the effect of darker skin and a golden glow. Just be sure to monitor your time in the sun and change tanning positions frequently to avoid too much sun exposure in one area. 

Speaking of timing: Know your peak tanning times (and try to avoid them).

We know, we know. You're reading this article because you want to know how to get tanned fast. And to do so, you might be thinking you should lay out when the sun is at its peak (you know, like smack dab around noon when you can also pour yourself a margarita sans guilt).

The truth is though, UV radiation is at its highest between the peak hours of noon and 3 p.m. in most parts of the world. This means that it's the prime time to damage your skin cells and again, increase your risk of skin cancer. Fair skin girls especially should avoid laying out during this time of day and opt for morning tanning sessions instead.

Facial Sunscreen - SPF 20

If you must lay out during this chunk of time though, wearing sunscreen is a must and taking breaks (i.e. getting the heck out of the sun every so often) is key. Natural sunlight is great for getting that sun kissed glow, but it isn't without its risks, girlfriend. Get your dose of Vitamin D in small increments to avoid looking like a lobster or damaging your skin in the long run. 

There really is only one safe, efficient, and way gorgeous way to get a darker tan - fast!

If you've made it this far into this blog post (first off, thank you we love you) you're probably thinking that getting tan faster sounds pretty risky when done outside in the wild. Fine, your backyard might not be the wild, but you get the idea.

If you want to avoid the disaster that is wrinkly, sun damaged skin - hear us out, sis. Self tanning is the way of the future and if you haven't gotten on that bandwagon yet, it's high time you did. I mean, who remembers circa early 2000's when we used to lay in tanning beds after watching an episode of Jersey Shore. Cringey, we know. And we too can't believe we ever frequented the tanning salon, period. 

Self Tanner Mousse

Enough reminiscing though, here is why you should own a few self tanners for those sticky situations when you need to get tan, real quick.

Self tan your way to a gorgeous glow, every time.

When it comes to tanning options, BBE has the ultimate line up of self tanners that will make you wonder why you ever even considered laying out in the sun and exposing your precious skin to those pesky UV rays. All of these gems work super quick and are safe to use on your entire body (yes, even you sensitive queen!).

Whether you opt for a self tanning mousse, a spray or an easy to apply lotion formula, all of BBE's self tanners will keep your skin nourished and up your glow game overnight (no seriously, one night is all it takes). Plus, no matter what your skin tone, you'll never turn out looking like an oompa loompa (so not cute).

We have a *ton* of blog posts that contain everything you could ever possibly want to know about self tanning (for real, just click here), but we'll give you a quick rundown below of how easy it is to get tan fast with these easy to use, quick & efficient bad boys. 

The quick & easy way to get your self tan on, any time.

Always prep with an exfoliating scrub. The key to getting an even tan every time is to start in the shower. Use an exfoliating scrub to get rid of those dead skin cells before you even think of applying any self tanning lotion. This will ensure you're working with a smooth canvas and that whatever self tanner you use goes on evenly. Trust us, you'll thank us later. 

Use the right accessories. And we don't mean those spray tan salon goggles. Invest in a solid self tanning mitt so that applying self tanner is a breeze. And if you want to make the self tan on your face look flawless, we recommend using a kabuki brush for seamless blending. You can even use this baby to create a contour with self tanner! Intrigued? Click here.

Apply your self tanner before you catch some Zzz's. Ideally, applying your self tanner of choice before you head off to bed is the best option for waking up a glowing goddess. All of BBE's self tanners will give you the quick tan you're looking for within about 6 hours, tops. In the morning, simply jump in the shower and gently rinse off your skin. And voila, you've gotten tan fast without compromising the health of your skin.

To preserve that glow: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. And preferably, with an aloe based moisturizer that will keep your skin luscious and smooth. Moisturizing as soon as you are out of the shower will extend the life of your self tan and prevent it from flaking off as quickly. Oh and another totally underrated trick is to drink plenty of water to keep your skin ultra plump and hydrated.

And just like that, you're a tanned glowing goddess, baby.

We know how nice it can feel to get some Vitamin D here and there. Not to mention, how relaxing it is to lay out in the sun. But when it comes to getting tanned faster, we don't think it should ever be done at the expense of your precious skin.

If you must lay out in the sun, do so with the proper protection and some time limits. Being naturally tanned is great and all, but self tanners work just as well (if not better) than the sun does. Plus, if you use the right ones, they can nourish your skin with naturally safe ingredients you can feel good about using. All of that while getting you glowing and gorgeous, overnight! What's not to love, #amirite?

Self Tanner Products

Glowing tans & Bright smiles,

Carey <3

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