The Ultimate Men’s Skincare Gift Set

The Ultimate Men’s Skincare Gift Set


Babe, we know how difficult it can be to get the men in your life on board with a skincare regimen. I mean, let’s face it. Most of the guys we know would rather get the latest “Call of Duty” game than a life-changing new face wash (tragic, we know). But with the holiday season right around the corner, we think you have all the more reason to get your partner, dad, brother, friend (or whoever!) into a routine that will make them (maybe, just maybe!) put down the remote. Curating the ultimate men’s skincare gift set isn’t easy, honey. But hey, someone had to do it. Keep reading to discover the products that just keep giving and that he will absolutely love to receive!

The Charcoal Face Bar

Make his cleansing routine easy peasy by including one of BBE’s charcoal face bars in his skincare set this year. Not only is this product super easy to keep in the shower for daily use, but it will also help keep breakouts and impurity build up at bay. The benefits of charcoal in skincare products are numerous and will give him that squeaky clean, detoxed glow on the regular.

The Shaving Soap Bar

When it comes to shaving, we know every guy has his preference. There are a ton of shaving products out there, so choosing one isn’t always easy. But did you know that regular shaving creams are often loaded with toxic ingredients that are *way* harmful for the environment and his cute face? It’s the truth, babe. Therefore, no men’s skincare gift set is complete without the BBE shaving soap bar.  Unlike those other bad guys in the shaving aisle, this eco-friendly option will moisturize his skin thanks to natural sunflower seed and coconut oil. The hydrating effects are instant and let’s just say, you might want to steal this gem the next time you need to shave your legs. You’re welcome.

The Facial Scrub

If getting the guy in your life to wash his face is akin to herding cats, this next product will change that – real quick. This is because the feeling of clean, smooth skin that is achieved by using this delicious smelling scrub is seriously addictive. Packed with organic aloe vera and blueberry extract, BBE’s facial scrub is one product he’ll always look forward to using – we promise! If you’re a beauty junkie, you likely already know all about the benefits of exfoliation. But when it comes to convincing the man in your life about this crucial skincare step, you’ll want to highlight the following upsides for him:

  • Exfoliating regularly will prevent ingrown hairs and bumps that sometimes result from shaving.
  • Proper exfoliation prevents acne flare ups and helps to even out skin tone.
  • Exfoliating can even help prevent wrinkles and fine lines (because hey, we’re sure he’s just as concerned about that as you are!)

The Konjac Sponge

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of konjac yet, you’re totally missing out, sis! This is one beauty tool you’ll not only want to include in your man-friendly skincare gift set, but that you’ll want for yourself, too! Babes everywhere are reaching for konjac sponges as part of their beauty routines in order to gently exfoliate and unclog their pores while they cleanse. What else can we say? Using this bad boy instead of your fingers to cleanse takes any skincare routine to the next level. BBE’s konjac wonder can be used from head to toe along with his go-to body wash and facial cleanser of choice, daily!

The Facial Sunscreen

If we had to pick one product we wish everyone would throw on before they head out the door in the morning, it would no doubt be sunscreen. We all know what the harmful effects of the sun can be on our skin, yet somehow so many of us still forget to put on the SPF! Applying sunscreen doesn’t have to be a chore and it doesn’t have to feel like a sticky mess. Opting for any of BBE’s lightweight SPF options won’t make him cringe, and won’t have him looking oily for the day ahead.

The Self Tanner Drops

If at this point you’re thinking “I can barely get my boyfriend to cleanse his face once a week let alone self tan”, we feel that. But babe, when we tell you he will *love* the results these magical drops deliver, we aren’t kidding. BBE’s self tanner drops can be added into any facial or body moisturizer. Oh and, they don’t smell funky or feel sticky like some other toxic options out there. They’ll give him a subtle and natural looking tan that will have him feeling like he just got back from Miami. You know, except better (because he didn’t actually go to Miami – we’ve got you).

There you have it, babe.

An ultimate men’s skincare gift set you and the guys in your life can totally get behind. And if you want to spruce it up even more, why not add in some new shavers and a cozy robe he can apply those self tanner drops in? I mean, the only thing that could make self tanning better is a fleece bathrobe, #amirite?

Carey <3

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