9 Reasons to Drop Your Beauty Box Subscription for THIS

9 Reasons to Drop Your Beauty Box Subscription for THIS

If the last two years have taught us anything, it's that we love getting our products shipped to us. One of the biggest draws to beauty box subscriptions is just that magical feeling when your package arrives. But while the endorphin bump from discovering my order arrived is legit, beauty subscription boxes usually leave me feeling disappointed. I'm talking about all the beauty box woes: can't cancel, cost too much, get tons of skincare/beauty products that I'll never use... Enter the Essentials Club. This beauty box subscription is everything I ever wanted in a subscription box and never thought I could have. Here are my top 9 reasons to dump your beauty box subscription for the Beauty by Earth Essentials Club!

The Problem with Beauty Boxes

Tell me if you can relate: You sign up for a beauty subscription box only to find that:

  • It's expensive
  • They keep sending you the same things over and over and over again


Same things on repeat - beauty box subscriptions
  • You get a ton of skincare/beauty products that you'll never use
  • The packaging is over-the-top terrible for the environment

Wasteful Packaging

  • The products are suck and are terrible quality
  • The subscription box isn't tailored to your specific beauty and skincare needs
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  • Doesn't include list of ingredients
  • Or Does include ingredients but the ingredients are terrible . . . 
  • The products are sample-sized

  • The subscription box just isn't worth the price

Thanks for reminding me to cancel - lol

Gary the Great White - It’s the same stuff over and over and over again. When I look back at the videos I’ve made it’s even the same brands, just different shades

    Just me? No, I didn't think so . . .


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    This is why I'm so excited to introduce you to Beauty by Earth's Essentials Club: the solution to all your beauty box subscription woes! 

    1: I Save SERIOUS Money

    Best Beauty Subscription Box - The ESSENTIALS CLUB

    Nearly every beauty subscription box boasts savings, but the Essentials Club's offer is no joke! I'm saving 55% on full-sized beauty and skincare products. In real money, that averages to about $74 a month. Yes, you heard me. $74 back in my pocket, so I can treat myself to a manicure. Or a facial. Or a new pair of shoes... Or bills, (gees, the judgment). Some months I save even more!

    Let me break it down for ya. So, my subscription box currently has a Vitamin C Toner ($29.99), a Vitamin C Serum ($49.99), a Vitamin C Moisturizer ($26.99), and a Hyaluronic Acid Eye Gel ($34.99). If I paid for these at full price, my total would be $164.96. With the Essentials Club, I got all of those beauties for only $65. Yup, I saved $90!! All the "!!!!" 🤯

    Essentials Club by Beauty by Earth - Worth the price

    That's better than any other deal I've seen... Even Black Friday only gets me 30% off. The Essentials Club is just hands down the best deal year-round, no code necessary. Plus, Beauty by Earth gives you an extra $20 off your first box when you use code BBEBOX20.

    2: I only get what I want

    I don't know about you, but I'm so tired of my beauty subscription box telling me what I want. It's ALWAYS wrong. No, I don't want another 200 mini moisturizers, thank you very much. A few months ago, l contacted customer service about a different brand's beauty box subscription. They had the same 3 products from the month before. You know, the ones I had "thumbed down" on the app. The ones I had given a 1-star review to. The ones I was desperately hoping to never receive again in my subscription box. Yeah, those guys.

    After explaining that I was disappointed with the products the first time and definitely did not want to receive them for a second time, customer service shrugged me off. No, they couldn't send me new products or refund my box. They gave me the old, "You just get what you get and you don't throw a fit" line. "But I'm paying $28 for these products I do not like." "Better luck next time," they offered unhelpfully. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that I canceled that subscription.

     Fully Flexible


    With the Essentials Club, on the other hand, I'm the one who picks what's in my box. Period. Don't hear me say I pick what is likely in my box or what kind of products to include. No, with the Essentials Club, I get to pick exactly what is in my box. From vitamin C serum to sea salt hair spray to self tanner, it's all up to me. And if I want to change my mind? No problem!

    Beauty boxes worth the price

    I can always swap products in my box with just a click before my next delivery. Got too much face wash this month? Swap it out for makeup remover. Going to a wedding and need to GLOW. Swap out my eye cream for a Tanner. It's really that simple. 

    3. I pay the same price, no matter what I put in my box

    This blows my mind. No matter which products I put in my beauty box, I pay the same, flat price.

    Wait, so if one month my subscription box has a Self Tanner Lotion ($33.99), Face Scrub ($24.99), a Vitamin C Serum ($49.99), and an Eye Cream ($26.99)—totaling $136. With the Essentials Club, I got all of those beauties for only $65. This month, I swapped my Self Tanner Lotion for a Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Night Cream ($39.99). How much did my beauty box cost? That's right. $65. Not $142, like all those other suckers are paying out...

    The best skincare subscription boxes worth the price

    I pay the exact same price for my 4-item box no matter what combination of beauty bliss I create. To me, that's truly magical. 🦄 ✨

    Finally! Beauty subscription boxes worth the price tag.

    4. I get free shipping every single time

    When you join the Essentials Club, you'll also get free shipping on all of your orders. If you're like me and you shop online A LOT, you know that shipping costs can really add up... But with this beauty box, shipping is always and forever F-R-E-E! That's a savings of nearly $10 every time my subscription box ships. No price thresholds or coupons to worry over. Just free shipping for my best beauty subscription box.


    5. I can try out loads of different products easily

    One of the best things about the Essentials Club is that I get to try a lot of different products. Each month, I receive a new box filled with four, full-sized Beauty by Earth products of my choice. I've found it to be a great way to try new things and find new favorites. It's how I discovered my new holy grail moisturizer (the Vitamin C Face Cream is just to die for).

    The Essentials Club - best subscriptions

    Forget the sample size products. I'm getting to try full size versions that take my self care to all new heights. They have an amazing assortment of vegan and natural beauty products to choose from —self tanner, body wash, makeup remover, dry shampoo, to face wash, and more. All of them are made with clean ingredients.


    Plus, with their 60-Day money-back guarantee, I know that if I don't love it, I can get a full refund or try something else for free. Show me another beauty subscription box that does that! I'll wait.


    6. It's Fully Flexible—I Can Skip, Modify, or Cancel My Beauty Subscription Box Anytime

    Not only can I pick what goes into my Beauty by Earth subscription box each month, but I can also change, skip, or cancel my order at any time. For you beauty box subscribers out there, you know what a big deal this is!

    Face Self Tanner - Essentials Club

    If I'm going on vacation and don't need anything that month, I simply log in to my account and hit 'skip.' If I already have the products I need and am not quite ready for refills, I just modify the delivery date.

    Best of all, there's no scary commitment with the Essentials Club. If I decide that it's not for me, I can cancel anytime with just a click. There are no cancellation fees, no contracts, and no disapproving in-laws.


    7. I Get Exclusive Deals and Freebies

    The best subscription boxes out there

    As a member of the Essentials Club, I get free, full-sized beauty products on my subscription's 3rd shipment. This month was #3 for me, and I got a full-sized facial cleansing brush valued at $29.99 with my beauty subscription box. No trial-size or travel-sized products as "freebies" here. This is the full-sized version and I love it!

    8. I can feel good about what I'm putting on my skin

    Another reason the Essentials Club beauty box is actually worth it? The Ingredients! These products are made with natural, organic, and vegan ingredients that are ethically sourced from around the world. There are no harsh chemicals, artificial fragrances, or synthetic preservatives.

    Essentials Club by Beauty by Earth - Ranked one of the best beauty subscriptions

    Beauty by Earth is also a certified cruelty-free company, so you can be sure that no animals were harmed in the making of their products. Essentials Club - Best skincare box The best part? Beauty by Earth's products actually WORK.

    I'm not the only one who thinks so—their products have been featured in magazines like Glamour, Elle, and Allure. Other high-end brands I've looked at cost 2 to 3x as much but don't work half as well... I'll stick with the incredible value and serious boost to my skin care and beauty routine, thanks.

    9. My Beauty Subscription Boxes Help Support a Small Business

    Beauty by earth subscriptions

    When I shop with Beauty by Earth, I'm supporting a small business. Beauty by Earth is a family-owned company that is passionate about making natural and eco-friendly products. By shopping with them, I'm helping create jobs and support the local economy.

    I love that they believe that beauty should be healthy, sustainable, and accessible to everyone—not just those who can afford luxury brands. That makes me seriously happy and makes the Essentials Club one of the best beauty subscription boxes in my book!

     The Best Beauty Boxes

    The Best Beauty Subscription Box

    I've tried a lot of different beauty subscription boxes, glam bags, and beauty goodies, but the Beauty by Earth Essentials Club is the only one I've stayed with. It is hands down my all-time favorite skincare subscription box. Not only do I save crazy money, but I get to pick the products that go into my box, enjoy free shipping, exclusive deals and freebies, and get to try full-sized products with ease.

    The Best Beauty Subscription Box

    Plus, I can cancel my subscription at any time without any penalties. It feels so good to know I'm supporting an indie brand that's cruelty-free, plastic-neutral, and environmentally conscious. I love that their beauty products use vegan, plant-based ingredients and leave out the junk. If you're looking for the absolute best beauty subscription box, look no further. The Beauty By Earth Essentials Club is for you! Try it out here and get $20 off your first box with code BBEBOX20.

    SPF and Sunshine, 


    Have you tried the Essentials Club? What did you think? Tell me in the comments bellow

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    Jan on

    I love my box! Saving so much on my monthly subscription of Self Tanner. I wish you guys had come up with this sooner.

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