The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients

The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients


If you’re a sucker for a good ingredient list, babe you’re not alone. I mean, what could possibly be more satisfying than picking up a pretty product, reading the back of it, and not freaking out over toxic chemicals. For real. It’s right up there with some of our other favorite things in life like not having to wait in line at the drive-thru and end-of-season sales. However, clean beauty ingredients definitely hit home in a way more powerful way than not having to wait on that latte. And while we’ve definitely given you the lowdown on a *ton* of amazing ingredients before, this here is a little different. This is everything you ever wanted to know about what our most coveted and adored products are comprised of. This is the Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients.

The BBE ingredient everyone loves having in their back pocket: Aloe Vera

In case you haven’t heard, we love us some aloe vera. And let’s face it. When your skin is in a pinch, you love this superstar ingredient, too!

Traditionally, babes reach for this ingredient when their skin is sunburnt and in need of some relief. But the truth is that aloe vera has a slew of nourishing properties that can leave both your skin and hair feeling like a dream. Our aloe vera gel is 98% organic and is just the ticket for all of life’s little irritations. Not to mention, it’s stellar at preserving your skin’s elasticity and reducing inflammation or redness.

We’ve raved about this organic ingredient before in a blog post or two. And it’s no wonder why we include this gem in a variety of BBE products. If you want to reap the benefits of aloe vera ASAP, check out some of our fave must-haves below.

Image of the BBE aloe vera gel alongside an aloe vera plant.

The Superfruits & Sea Kelp Facial Cleanser

Aloe vera plays a vital role in this go-to BBE cleanser. Not only is it loaded with all of the good, plant-based stuff. We also included aloe vera in this baby to ensure even babes with the most sensitive of skin types wouldn’t be irritated when using it. On top of that, aloe vera is excellent for providing extra hydration, meaning this cleanser will never strip your pores, we promise!

The Facial Toner with Rose Water

We know rose water is the main event in this BBE product, but aloe vera also plays a starring role in making this facial toner a coveted staple in every natural babe’s skincare routine. So many toners can dry out your skin, or simply leave it feeling overly tight. Add in some aloe vera, though? And you’ll never feel like you just dried your face out in the name of refined pores.

The Oil Control Moisturizer

This beloved BBE product is one that seriously would not be the same without the addition of aloe vera in it. Every babe needs moisture, even if she has oily skin! Our oil control moisturizer’s formula is lightweight and never greasy, yet still provides your skin with the nourishment it needs. And you guessed it: that’s thanks to aloe vera.

*All* of the glorious SPF

Talk about killing two beauty conundrums with one stone. BBE’s SPF products contain aloe vera, meaning they don’t only protect your beautiful skin – they soothe it too! What’s more, including this ingredient in our SPF products is another way we guarantee smooth and hydrated skin results for life. What can we say? We’re hooked on sneaking in aloe vera anywhere we can!

The ingredient you can’t get enough of: Coconut Oil

Image of a coconut on a white table

If we could bathe in this stuff, we would. So the next best thing in our book, is to use as many organic products that contain glorious coconut oil in them.

We’ve previously broken down the numerous benefits of this beloved BBE ingredient, right here. And honestly, it is one of our favorite ways to keep any skin type moisturized while providing some intense nourishment. We love how multi-functional this ingredient is and if you’ve been riding with us for a while, you likely already know how many BBE products contain magical coconut oil in them. But *just in case* you don’t, here are the ones our natural beauty loving babes reach for most:

The self tanner everyone is head over heels for

Not only does coconut oil make this BBE fave smell like a tropical paradise, but it also leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. What’s more, you can be sure that this self tanner won’t stick to any dry or tough to reach areas thanks to this organic ingredient.


The lip scrub your pout is craving

Get rid of dead skin, and leave your lips feeling *super* soft with this easy-to-use scrub that of course, contains none other than the best organic coconut oil. Rejuvenate your lips with a ton of nourishing essential oils, and watch your lipstick glide on babe! This stuff is a serious must-have, all year-'round!

Image of the BBE lip scrub which contains coconut oil, on the list of The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients.

The ingredient that will have you asking, “Where have you been all of my life?” Grapeseed Extract

Next up on The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients is one we recently put into the spotlight: Grapeseed Extract.

We love this stuff for its *super* high antioxidant content, and for how effective it is at protecting your skin from environmental damage. Moreover, grapeseed oil extract can help to mitigate wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and leave it feeling baby smooth. Therefore, it won’t come as a surprise that we included this superstar ingredient in our latest and greatest innovation: the self tanner mousse.

Because we know how much you love getting your glow on the safe way, we added this ingredient to make our self tanner mousse more nourishing than ever. Why just self tan when you can also wrap your skin up in the natural goodness it so deserves?

Image of a woman holding up the BBE self tanner mousse.

The luxurious ingredient we keep reaching for: Argan Oil

You may have heard of this luxurious oil as a hair treatment that can leave your locks feeling luscious. And while this is certainly true, argan oil is also an excellent ingredient to help your skin look its best. For that reason, we are sneaking this next secret weapon into The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients.

Argan oil is also sometimes known as “Moroccan oil”, and has numerous anti-aging benefits. Additionally, it is non-greasy and absorbs into the skin quite quickly. This means you don’t have to worry about oily residue on your skin when using it, or breakouts!

Image of the BBE Balance + Restore Glow Oil.

We included this ingredient in our highly sought-after Balance & Restore Luxury Face Oil, and girl it’s gooood. Talk about a product that can take your skin from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. Apply this baby onto your skin morning and night for a glowing, youthful complexion. And with continuous use, you’ll notice fewer fine lines, and a brighter more even skin tone. And that, in large part thanks to argan oil’s impressive properties.

The clean ingredient we use to get your skin baby smooth: Jojoba Seed Oil

If you haven’t noticed a trend yet in the Ultimate Guide to BBE ingredients, we’ll go ahead and admit that we are a *little* obsessed with nourishing oils. And jojoba seed is one we find ourselves constantly wanting more of.

In particular, we pack our facial serums with this organic ingredient because it is a major key in restoring moisture and locking it into the skin. Jojoba seed oil helps fight signs of aging, is antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. So honestly, what’s not to love babe?

Breakouts? No chance. Witch Hazel: the ingredient that always comes to the rescue!

Image of a man holding up the BBE facial toner with this ultimate ingredient: witch hazel.

If you’ve ever wanted a brighter complexion with smaller-looking pores, witch hazel is the ingredient that can make all of that and more happen for you, gorgeous!

This ingredient is known for calming down irritated skin, reducing redness, and preventing breakouts. It can even help with bug bites, cuts, and wounds! Suffice it to say, using products with witch hazel in them is mostly positive for all skin types, and you’ll benefit from a more chilled-out complexion in no time after using it.

We included witch hazel in our facial toner spray, and it is the perfect step to include in your skincare routine, pre-moisturizer. Not only will it leave your face feeling totally refreshed, but it also creates the perfect canvas for moisturizer application. Believe us on this one babe, a facial toner packed with witch hazel can step up your beauty routine, real quick!

The star ingredient behind one of your fave BBE products: Coffee Bean Extract

Image of the BBE Coffee & Sugar Body scrub on top of a towel.

If you haven’t heard of our best-selling coffee & sugar body scrub, where have you been girlfriend?! This stuff has gained rave reviews, and has become a staple in the shower routine of so many BBE babes!

Of course, this scrub will leave your skin feeling silky smooth thanks to other amazing ingredients we packed into it. However, coffee bean extract adds a little something extra to this BBE product, if we do say so ourselves. We went into details about just how outstanding this organic ingredient is, right here. But the Spark Notes version is that coffee bean extract is stellar at reducing the appearance of cellulite, soothing inflammation, fighting signs of aging, and combatting acne.

And in case all of the above wasn’t enough to convince you to add to cart, well – the smell of this go-to BBE ingredient is completely intoxicating. We can’t get enough of this natural gem, and it works! So much so, that we also included it in our coffee bean eye cream. This magical formula will have you looking refreshed and de-puffed, even after you spent most of the night binge-watching Netflix.

Image of a woman applying the BBE coffee bean eye cream.

And last but certainly not least: the mighty Green Tea Leaf Extract

And finally, to conclude The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients, we couldn’t forget this powerful leaf! Green tea is a serious anti-aging powerhouse that we love packing our products with.

Not only is this ingredient unmatched at fighting wrinkles, but it can also help relieve puffy skin and prevent breakouts. If you look at several of our product ingredient lists, you’ll undoubtedly find this gem hiding somewhere in the lineup! We included Japanese green tea in our makeup remover, so you can get rid of that mascara sans irritation, and de-puff those peepers at the same time.

Image of a woman using the BBE makeup remover with green tea (an ultimate clean ingredient), along with the Eco-friendly, Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Wipes.

Until next time…

We hope you learned something new through The Ultimate Guide to BBE Ingredients, babe. And if you did, let us know down below!

To the best clean ingredients that you *so* deserve beautiful,

Carey <3

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