The Perfect Leo Skincare Routine

The Perfect Leo Skincare Routine


Compassionate, determined, self-confident, and a natural-born leader are only a few of the killer traits Leo babes have under their belts. Leos are powerful humans, and they sure aren’t afraid to show it. What’s more, they make for excellent hype people, which means they’re the kind of friends you always want to have in your corner! There are so many amazing qualities that can be attributed to this fire sign, but we’ll stop here for now. In fact, we’ll focus on something *super* Leo specific, instead. You know, like what kind of beauty regimen does this energetic and loving sign need? Well, we’re about to give you our predictions with this perfect Leo skincare routine.

Image of the Leo zodiac sign.

First thing’s first: a Leo babe needs to glow.

It is no surprise that this fire sign needs a natural, beautiful self tan before proceeding to any type of skincare routine! Leo ladies bring the heat and love standing out from the crowd.

Image of two bottles of the BBE self tanning mousse.

A Leo babe knows that the key to looking her best is having a gorgeous glow, all ‘year round. Before you get to cleansing, add in BBE’s self tanning mousse into your nighttime routine. You’ll wake up a fierce Leo goddess (as per usual), with an enviable safe tan to boot.

What’s more, having a glowing base on your cute face means you can ditch the foundation and heavy makeup! Lead the way as you always do dear Leo, to a natural look the world will love.

Then, a Leo Skincare Routine needs only the *best* foaming cleanser.

Once you’re glowing, you’ll need a cleanser you can always count on. Leos possess strong traits of reliability and dependability – and should therefore expect the same from their perfect skincare routine!

Image of the BBE foaming cleanser, the perfect addition to a Leo skincare routine!

BBE’s foaming cleanser is one product you can count on to get your pores clean, without any irritation. It does an amazing job of washing off makeup or simply taking the dirt from the day off. On top of that, our foaming face wash lathers up like no other, making the cleansing part of your skincare routine feel nothing short of spa-like. Trust us, you’ll want one of these babies in your shower and on your bathroom vanity.

On top of that, it is the perfect way to prep your skin before moving on to the next step in your perfect Leo skincare routine. We recommend every Leo babe add this classic face wash to his or her beauty ritual!

A true optimistic Leo will always use a brightening toner.

As a Leo, you tend to look on the bright side – and everyone loves you for it! Your positive can-do attitude is something to be seriously envied, girlfriend. So why wouldn’t you incorporate a product into your skincare routine that is also a brightening powerhouse, just like you?

BBE’s Vitamin C toner was made for gorgeous Leos! This bad boy is highly rich in antioxidants and will keep your skin looking young, fresh, and even-toned. We loaded this toner up with green tea, white tea, and hyaluronic acid. It’s a knockout in every way, kinda like you, mighty Leo.

Image of the new BBE Vitamin C toner, an essential for every Leo babe.

And, let’s face it. With your natural sense of self-assurance, this part of your skincare routine will only make that Leo confidence skyrocket – not that you were lacking in that department, beautiful! Incorporating this gem into your perfect Leo skincare routine means you can keep being the gorgeous fiery goddess you are, babe.

And because this fire sign always wants to feel and look their best…

They need to top off their perfect Leo skincare routine with a facial oil that never disappoints. Meaning, every Leo should reach for BBE’s glowing & radiant facial oil, of course!

Image of the BBE glowing & radiant facial oil, alongside a jade roller.

Since Leos are the kings and queens of the celestial jungle, they deserve nothing less than a facial oil that feels like pure luxury on their skin. BBE’s option is packed with nourishing vitamins that stop wrinkles, right in their tracks. It works overtime to brighten the skin, and fight pesky blemishes that a Leo babe has *no* time for. Moreover, our glowing & radiant facial oil reduces redness and dryness, so really – what’s not to love? Apply morning and night for optimal results, and fall in love with this must-have product in your perfect Leo skincare routine.

A skincare routine fit for a Leo queen.

And there you have it: the perfect Leo skincare routine. We love our Leo girls for so many reasons. From your ability to be creative and artistic, to the way your vivacious personality lights up a room – you’ve got it going on, babe.


And if you’re reading this and you yourself are a fierce and fiery Leo, we know you’ll love the products above! Seriously, you might even end up wondering how you ever lived without them!

Keep being the motivated, generous, loyal babe you are, dear Leo!

Stars & Skincare,

Carey <3

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