The Funniest Tweets & Memes for Easter 2024

The Funniest Tweets & Memes for Easter 2024


As Easter 2024 approaches, social media platforms are buzzing with hilarious tweets and memes to celebrate the holiday. Let's take a look at some of the funniest ones that are sure to make you laugh out loud!

What are people saying about Easter 2024?

According to a recent, fictional survey, 85% of X (formerly known as Twitter) users are sharing Easter-themed jokes and memes this year. Ok, we invented the stats, but it does feel like X is all about Easter this year. From puns about chocolate eggs to witty observations about family gatherings, the creativity is truly endless.

My kids can find 75K plastic eggs hidden outside, but they can't pick up one Lego in the middle of the walkway. #Easter
Based on all of the practice my daughters get looking for shoes, Easter eggs don't stand a chance this year.
Easter tip: Tell your kids you hid an egg with $50 in it in the backyard but you don't remember where. Enjoy a quiet day indoors.
Shoutout to all the parents who wrestled their screaming toddlers into Brunch clothes this #Easter.
This is my family after our Easter brunch. I share it b/c NO ONE ASKED THE EASTER BUNNY TO POSE WITH US
Kids really do make the holidays magical and bright. Like, take Easter for example. Did you know vomit comes in pastels, too?
My 8 year old said that he hopes the Easter Egg Hunt is more of a challenge this year so I'm buying a bunch of mouse traps.
Please let that be chocolate. Please let that be chocolate. Please let that be chocolate. - Every parent on Easter
Still waiting for this toddler to find the Easter Eggs that are literally sitting in the grass right in front of them.
My kid started using air quotes when saying "Easter Bunny," so I started using air quotes when talking about his "Easter candy."
*8 year old walks into kitchen* "Daddy, I have some questions about the Easter bunny." *wife walks into kitchen* *| cartwheel out*

Our Favorite 2024 Easter Memes & Comics

Get ready to crack up this Easter with the most egg-citing (had to!) memes and comics of 2024. These hilarious creations are sure to make you laugh.

How parents see kids hunting for easter eggs. How kids see kids hunting for easter eggs meme


I dont know why doc but I just feel so hollow inside
"How's the diet going?"  "Not good. I had eggs for breakfast."   "Scrambled?"  "Reese's."
Pros and cons list of being an adult
lets hide wine instead of eggs

With so many witty and clever posts circulating online, Easter 2024 is shaping up to be one of the funniest holidays yet. Whether you're a fan of puns, memes, or simply enjoy a good laugh, there's something for everyone to enjoy this Easter season.

P.S. Looking for a good swap for candy for your kids's Easter baskets? Checkout our post here.

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