The DL on Facial Tools: All You Need to Know About the Latest Trend in Skincare

The DL on Facial Tools: All You Need to Know About the Latest Trend in Skincare


Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and if you have, don’t sweat it – most of us have lately!) you’ve probably heard about the latest trend: facial tools. This year, beauty guru's have been obsessing over facial tools of all kinds as the holy grail of skincare routines. We know, we know: there is always a new and improved way to *allegedly* achieve healthy skin, get rid of your wrinkles, and solve a myriad of your other life problems. But before you run out and buy a jade roller from your favorite YouTube maven, let’s assess the true benefits of incorporating facial tools into your daily beauty regimen. Plus, we'll share our faves below. Sound chill?

The Derma Roller — The Scary Spice of Beauty Tools

Derma Rolling

Derma Rolling (or microneedeling) sounds intimidating. Sure, we're talking about a tiny roller covered with itty-bitty titanium needles... And we're asking you to run it all across your face.

Woooow, slow down there. Before you freak out, let us assure you the process is not painful! So stop making that face and start making this one:

Because you're about to fall in love with derma rolling! It sounds crazy, we know—but the benefits are real and the process is unexpectedly painless. So, let’s go over the effects of using this little gadget and determine whether or not you really need a derma roller in your life.

The DL on Derma Rolling

A derma roller gives similar results as microneedling in a salon. But from the comfort of your own home and without the salon price tag. You'll enjoy increased collagen and smoothed wrinkles almost immediately. Over time, your skin appears more youthful. And you can easily control the amount of pressure you apply to your skin when using it. So if you're still nervous, just go super gentle on your application until you get the hang of rolling.

Another big benefit of derma rolling is increased effectiveness from your other skincare goodies. By creating tiny micro pathways in your skin, a derma rolling helps your skincare products go farther. These little channels allow your skincare products to more deeply penetrate and absorb into your face. In other words, they really sink in.

Think about incorporating this on nights where you plan on layering up with a serum or high potency vitamin cream to really make your products go the extra mile.

What’s also made this tool so popular is how beneficial it is for stimulating collagen production in the skin. With regular use (we suggest 3 times a week), you will notice fewer fine lines and plumper looking skin (no fillers needed!).

Got Acne?

Although you want to be careful when your derma rolling anywhere your skin is broken or on open wounds or pimples, don't worry if you have acne like it's going out of style. Derma rolling is for everyone and can totally be used on acne-prone skin. The results of consistent derma rolling for acne scars and discoloration is remarkable for so many skin types.

At the end of the day, know that using a derma rolling is exceptionally easy and surprisingly soothing. So, despite how scary the thought of all those needles can sound, it's really not a big deal. (Don’t worry — we were skeptical too). You'll be rolling like a pro in no time!

Best Derma Rollers

The truth is that anyone can learn to use this secret skincare weapon. If you’re ready to take the plunge, make sure you find a tool that is intended for regular use. It's best to find one made with titanium needles— which are great for exfoliating, yet gentle enough to use a few times a week. After only 4-8 rolling sessions, you’ll notice an improvement in the overall look and texture of your skin.

It’s safe to say that with such a short timeline for results, our verdict on using a derma roller is go for it! There are just too many benefits to forego adding this short step into your routine, 3 times a week.

Jade and Rose Quartz Rollers —An Ancient Chinese Answer to Youthful Skin

If there are any of the tools in this post you’ve likely seen floating around the Internet and beauty blogs, it’s these stone rollers. Whether your team green or doggedly pink, we know you’ll love the extra layer of luxury these little gems add to your at-home facials.

Rose Quartz Roller - Beauty by Earth

Both the jade and rose quartz rollers are great for all skin types and results can be instant. Even better, if you maintain your roller properly and keep it clean, it should last you indefinitely. Got your attention? Great, here’s what else you need to know about these bad boys:

The DL on Jade and Rose Quartz Rolling

The jade roller promotes lymphatic drainage while encouraging blood flow. Why does this matter? Blood flow is a big contributor to having enviable healthy glowing skin, and to preventing signs of dull, aging skin. Many believe that this stone yields healing properties and that it promotes overall wellbeing (we’ll take some of that right about now, thanks 2020).

The rose quartz roller, on the other hand, provides all of these benefits mentioned but with a different stone. Rose quartz is said to be soothing for the skin and is known for its anti-aging properties (sign us up!). Not to mention it's gentle, rosy hue makes an adorable addition to your beauty tools' lineup.

Jade Roller

What we love most about these rollers is that they make a noticeable difference when applying your moisturizer and serum. Using your jade or rose quartz roller for a few minutes makes your skincare products melt into your skin. It'll leave your face feeling bright and refreshed.

If you need a little help finding the perfect serum to pair with your new gadget, we’ve got you. Need to perk up a dull and tired complexion? Try our Glowing + Radiant combo. Are breakouts and discoloration getting on your last nerve? Our Balance + Restore kit can totally make a difference in the texture and overall appearance of your skin.

So, when it comes to incorporating these magical rolling stones into your routine, (you guessed it!) we’re all about it.

The Ice Roller — The "Cool Kid" on the Beauty Tools Block

Have you ever reached for a cold compress to help with pain or swelling? Or chilled your favorite moisturizer in the fridge to make its application that much more soothing? Chances are you have at one point or another, enjoyed how soothing and beneficial the cold can be on your skin. Ever flipped to the cool side of the pillow on a hot night? Exactly.

An ice roller takes this concept to the next level. Specifically designed to fit the contours of your face, easily store your ice roller in a freezer for daily use. Just be sure to give it a good 15 minutes chill out time before use. Let’s break down the numerous benefits of this tool that might just make you consider making it a staple in your skincare ritual.

The DL on Ice Rolling

This facial tool will literally make your skin chill out. If you’re having a bad breakout, ice roll. Experiencing redness or irritation? Get your chill roll on. An ice roller can make a huge difference in calming your skin down and soothing your complexion. Having one on hand for skincare emergencies is definitely recommended. Especially if you're prone to sensitive skin, ice rolling is going to be your new bff.

Ice rolling tightens your pores and promotes lymphatic drainage. Also, this chill babe can actually get you that contoured and sculpted look if used consistently. This seemingly simple tool can tighten your skin, no harsh procedures required.

Best ice roller - Beauty by Earth

Did you know that promoting blood flow in the face is a crucial part of having healthy glowing skin? Yup. You can actually use an ice roller to breathe oxygen back into your skin! It also can help prevent your face from looking dull or tired. Yes, PLEASE!

In case the points above weren’t dead giveaways, we totally recommend ice rolling! If you’re someone who suffers from headaches and sore muscles, this baby can help with those inconveniences too. So if you’re interested in adding an ice roller to your routine, invest in one with a water and gel core for maximum comfort and durability.

The Gua Sha — A Facial Messaging Beauty Tool

If you’re looking for a gentle yet powerful little facial tool, this beauty might be it! Say it with me: /gwah – shah/! A skincare go-to that's pocket-sized, a Jade Gua Sha might be just what you need.

Most Gua Sha users reach for it on a regular basis to help with lymphatic drainage. But did you know that this naturally cool-to-the-touch stone can even be used to stimulate your immune system? (Who would have thought right?). Let’s break it down further.

How to use your jade Gua Sha

Get to Know Your Gua Sha

  • Using a Gua Sha facial stone can help reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. Plus, it can be a really relaxing part of your nighttime ritual. We suggest keeping it by your bedside table so you can easily reach for it at night. It's a great way to wind down from a long day.
  • Gua Shas are also beneficial for those of us who suffer from tense muscles and headaches. The cooling effects of the stone help relieve stress and tension by simply using it in relaxing strokes.

You can even use this small but mighty tool to help relieve jaw tension at any point throughout your day.

Our final thoughts on the Gua Sha are pretty straight forward. Given the fact that it delivers effective yet holistic results to common issues like headaches and facial tension, is super affordable, and easy to keep in your purse or on your bathroom vanity – we definitely recommend having this little guy on hand to take your self-care and wellness routine to the next level.

Facial Konjac Sponges — An Unexpected Finish to Your Beauty Tool Entourage

We know what you’re thinking. And that’s that we are really reaching here with recommending a sponge (yawn) to wash your face with. Right about now you’re reading this thinking, “but aren’t my fingers sufficient? Wouldn’t an electric brush type tool work better? Those thoughts, while all valid, might just vanish after we get done examining what exactly a konjac sponge is. Keep reading below to find out why you’ll never look to your fingers as your tool for face washing.

Konjac Sponges - the best natural beauty tool for your face

First off, what the heck is konjac you ask? Well, it’s actually a natural sponge made from the Japanese plant, (you guessed it) konjac. And because the sponge is plant-based, it contains no dyes or chemicals unlike typical facial sponges on the market.

The DL on Konjac Sponges

Secondly, if all you thought a sponge could house was bacteria and stench, think again. Konjac sponges contain a variety of vitamins — think A, E, D, B2, to name just a few. These critical nutrients nourish your skin while you cleanse. Used consistently, the added benefits of this sponge can really make a difference. It can help you achieve clear, bright, glowing skin.

Konjac sponges act as gentle exfoliators and are safe for all skin types. Pair one of these babies with your favorite facial cleanser. You’ll be amazed at how rejuvenated your skin feels within minutes.


We can’t end this section without mentioning that konjac sponges' joys go way beyond your face. Truly! These beauties are also biodegradable (a.k.a. they will not end up in a toxic waste dump). They are beyond simple to use, and cleaning them is easier than clicking the add to cart button. Simply sterilize them with boiling water once a week and you're good to go.

With all of the benefits this sponge brings to your skin and the planet, it’s easy to crown it a definite winner on our list of entirely worth it add-on’s to your beauty routine. But hey, you don’t need to take our virtual word for it. Click here to check out real reviews and find out more about how to get the most out of a konjac sponge.

Final Thoughts

In a world where you're constantly bombarded with products that claim to make you look/feel better, we hope we helped point you toward some true winners. We’ll take any opportunity to use tools that are natural and healing (yet still work!). The beauty tools above that we just gave you the lowdown on are just that. They're natural, easy to use, and affordable options to take your skincare regime to the next level. Sure, rubbing stones, ice, and needles all over your face sounds odd. But you can’t argue with the benefits and results these gems bring to the table. So go on! Smooth that pretty face out with a jade roller. You know you want to. 😘

Jade Rolling and High-fives,


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