Coffee – Benefits and Uses for This Powerful Bean!

Coffee – Benefits and Uses for This Powerful Bean!


If you’re anything like us, picturing a day without coffee is simply not a thing. It's become almost a personality trait, You + Coffee, Coffee + You. You may have even had a few (MANY) moments where you questioned your daily caffeine fix. ☕️ Despite reminding you of how coffee-obsessed you just might be, we are not here to discourage you from enjoying your morning Americano. (We just heard you gasp a sigh of relief — you’re welcome.) We recognize the benefits of coffee go beyond your porcelain cup. To show you just how much we love coffee, we’ve put our cups down and did the hard work to grind out the benefits and uses for this powerful bean babe! So pour yourself a warm cup and get cozy, or hang tight in that Starbucks lineup. You’re going to love what we’ve uncovered in this one!

Coffee makes you happy.

That feeling you get when that first sip hits your soul in the morning is definitely not all in your head. We know how comforting that first taste of coffee is in the a.m. But in reality, it has actually been proven to heighten your mood. And of course, that improves your chances of conquering the day.

Seriously though, science even backs up this idea. What research shows is that coffee has multiple neurotransmitter effects that are similar to those of antidepressants (wild, right?). This could explain why our morning fix is at times so essential to beating grouchiness. It also speaks to how crucial caffeine is in helping many of us pull it together after rolling out of bed when our alarm clocks go off.

Coffee lovers will vouch for this. Whether you start your day off with a freshly brewed cup, or get rid of your afternoon slump with the help of caffeine - it sure can help create a bit of happiness. Not to mention, it can totally help you with answering any of your boss’s latest impossible requests.

Get Your Antioxidant Fix.

Besides being an almost instant mood booster, coffee is full of antioxidants that are beneficial to your overall health. One of the most important antioxidants found in a majority of coffee beans is called Chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid has a slew of remarkable benefits. It can help lower your blood sugar, improve your mood, and even contribute to fighting off infections. Yep, just another one of the many benefits and uses of this powerful little bean named coffee.

We know you love staying informed on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. But most of us don't realize how important it is to have a sufficient amount of antioxidants in our bodies. What you need to know is that these guys help to prevent damage to the body’s cells caused by free radicals. In turn, this keeps us feeling and looking younger.

You can go a step further by incorporating more antioxidants into your diet by consuming nutrient-dense foods, such as dark leafy greens and fruit. But, don't overlook your java fix! You can feel a little less guilty downing 3 or four cups of coffee by remembering all the benefits of antioxidants.

So go on pour a cup, and sip your way to staying young and healthy for life.

Live Longer.

Yes, you read that right! Coffee can make you immortal... we're kidding, but it can help you live a little longer though. And if you don’t believe us, just ask Harvard! A study on coffee consumption indicated that people who have two or more cups of coffee a day live longer. And we certainly don’t wanna argue with that. Their study actually linked some of this to that helpful little guy called Chlorogenic acid we just mentioned above. This acid helps our bodies fight oxidative damage in a significant way. Therefore, the benefits of consuming it on a daily basis are definitely hard to overlook.

Now of course, you know what they say – everything in moderation. Going overboard on the triple espressos can in fact be too much of a good thing. Experts recommend closely monitoring the effects caffeine has on your body. This is because every individual is different and tolerance levels vary from person to person. So if you find yourself getting the shakes post third cup, it may be best to reign it in, girlfriend.

Coffee Helps with Weight Loss.

If you’re a coffee aficionado, you’ve probably noticed how having a cup can help curb your appetite. Not to mention, making it easier for you to skip that afternoon vending machine trip. But did you know consuming caffeine can actually have an impact on your metabolism? Let’s break it down in simple, no-nonsense terms: Caffeine helps stimulate your nervous system.

This sends direct signals to your fat cells which causes them to break down. But how is this possible? Well, not to turn this article into a scientific snooze fest but, hear us out. This happens by increasing blood levels of a hormone called “epinephrine.” Also commonly known as good old adrenaline. Epinephrine makes its way through your blood all the way to your fat tissues. Once it's there, it gives them a nudge to break down. Pretty cool, right?

Now don’t get us wrong, you obviously will not slim down by simply consuming caffeine. A healthy diet is essential to weight loss success. As Amy Gorin, MS, RDN cautions:

Preliminary research suggests there may be a connection between coffee intake and weight loss [but] I wouldn't recommend increasing your coffee or caffeine intake based on this . . .

Amy Gorin, MS, RDN


But that delicious cold brew habit of yours can definitely help in your endeavors. If you're thinking about using coffee to help you reach your weight loss goals, it's not a bad idea! Just be sure to avoid all the unnecessary add-ons like sugary syrups and excessive creamers. These guys can definitely ruin a good thing.

Improve Your Focus.

Those of us who reach for that afternoon iced latte know this all too well. One of the most convenient benefits of caffeine is what it does for our focus. Studies show that coffee can boost mental focus, alertness, and concentration. This is because caffeine easily reaches our brains and affects several kinds of neurons in a very positive way. The upside of this? It can help us avoid snoozing through class. Or, prevent us from dozing off during that never-ending meeting (that we all know could have easily been an e-mail).

A few words from the wise here. Drinking coffee in the morning is usually pretty harmless to your sleep cycle. However, we definitely recommend monitoring how late in the day you opt for a cup, no matter how bad you're craving a little focus. Experts say that avoiding caffeine after 2:00 p.m. is usually the rule of the thumb. You didn't think we'd want you to disrupt your much-deserved beauty sleep, did you?

Natural Uses for this Powerful Bean

The mind blowing facts don’t stop there folks. The benefits and uses of this powerful bean go far beyond brewing your morning pot of coffee. Did you know you can also put your old grounds to good use around the house? Before you think of simply throwing them away, have a read below at what you can use these babies for.

Use your coffee grounds to fertilize your garden, or to repel insects and bugs around your patio! Certain compounds that are found in coffee are seriously toxic to insects. This means that a quick sprinkle of coffee grounds around your garden can help keep mosquitoes away. And, can help you enjoy a cup outside without those annoying ankle bites. Check out this great guide on using grounds for your garden.

Coffee grounds can also act as an excellent odor neutralizer. The nitrogen found in the grounds can help absorb odor, and keep your home smelling fresh. Simply place a bowl of coffee grounds in your fridge, and voilà! No more smell from that leftover takeout you parted with days ago.

Coffee Beans for Natural Cleaning Hacks

Just when you thought we couldn’t possibly hit you with any more incredible suggestions for reusing your old coffee grounds, it's not over yet. We’re here to tell you that they are also a great way to make your very own natural home cleaning scrub. Coffee grounds are abrasive and can easily be used to remove build-up on surfaces that are typically hard to clean. So ditch the harsh chemicals! Mix your coffee grounds up into a paste with a bit of water, and get your sink or grill shining!

Coffee Beans for Natural Beauty Hacks

Ok, ok, enough with the housework talk. We’re here to tell you that coffee grounds are also an excellent ingredient to use in scrubs for your skin. All you need to do is mix up the grounds with a bit of coconut oil to create one. You'll notice that the coffee grounds are not only exfoliating for your body. They are totally energizing and will help get that blood flow circulating for healthy, glowing skin. Just be sure to use this all-natural mix when you’re in the shower to ensure easy clean-up. We also recommend going easy on your skin when applying it.

But hey, maybe you’re not the DIY type. Or perhaps you just don’t have the time to mix up any concoctions. If this is the case, don’t sweat it babe – we have just the thing you need. And it's even better than the simple mix we just shared above! Check out our new Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub (no mixing and crafting required on your part).

This exfoliating sugar scrub smells seriously scrumptious (but please don’t eat it). What's more, it will help you achieve that soft, glowing, enviable skin you’ve been craving. This product uses our favorite bean as its main exfoliating ingredient, and it is packed with luscious essential oils.

On the Real Though...

This is even more important for you to know: using this kind of scrub consistently will help with an array of other skin issues. This small but powerful little coffee bean can have the very welcomed benefit of helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and even skin discoloration. This is because caffeine seriously wakes up the skin and applying the scrub in circular motions promotes better circulation. All of this will cause your skin to appear smoother. Sound like something you’re down for? We thought so.

Parting Words

If you were already a coffee lover before reading this article, we see you! We are also confident that you’re now a guru when it comes to knowing how beneficial this delicious drink truly is. If you're not coffee obsessed - it’s ok, we’re not judging! We hope we’ve provided you with some useful information that might entice you to enjoy a cup more often! Or better yet, some inspiration to hit up your local barista for some suggestions on their favorite caffeinated beverages.

As we uncovered above, the benefits and uses of this powerful bean do not stop at simply drinking your daily cup of coffee. Maybe you’ve discovered a few tips and tricks on how not to let your grounds go to waste. Using the remains of this bean to make clean, yet effective products to safely use in your home is definitely one of our favorite pieces of advice. It's also another way you can do your part in protecting this beautiful planet of ours – and we are all about that.

Steaming coffee cheers,


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