Sunburned? Now What? — Your Guide to Healing Skin with Aloe + More

Sunburned? Now What? — Your Guide to Healing Skin with Aloe + More


The feeling of the sun on your skin is revitalizing. The effects? Anything but. We've all had those days when we're caught victim to the sun's rays. Dealing with the aftermath of an angry, red bod is certainly no picnic. But, while you can't magically rid yourself of the burn, there are ways to help along the healing process and alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. If you've recently found yourself sunburnt as opposed to sun-kissed, here's your sunburn guide to healing skin.

Nothing Heals Like Aloe

Beauty by Earth can't emphasize the value of this mighty little succulent enough. Besides its numerous other uses, Aloe Vera is most regarded for its ability to calm inflammation and soothe. Your first step in coping with excess sun should be to reach for the aloe for immediate relief. Not just any aloe gel will do, though. Many brands lining the shelf take away from the aloe's efficacy by adding unnecessary fillers, dyes, and fragrance. On the other hand, Beauty by Earth's gel is 98% Aloe Vera—only accompanied with small amounts of nourishing ingredients such as vitamin C.

Chill Out Your Sunburned Skin

You'll notice that your sunburn packs its own heat long after you've retreated from the sun. The body's natural response to a burn is to increase blood flow to combat the damage. Because of this boost of activity, the skin will feel hot to the touch. It's necessary, but not pleasant. One way you can calm things down is to reach for your ice roller. The cool temperature of the roller will help decrease irritation and feel wonderful on a scorch.

Get Your H2O

Sunburns draw fluids to the skin's surface, so it's important to be drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration elsewhere. This will allow your body to repair itself more effectively via oxygen and nutrient transport. So, drink up!

Take a Cool Shower or Bath

If your skin is still raging, it might be a good time to hop in the tub. Cool temperatures and mild water flow will deliver some zen to damaged skin. Stay clear from shaving or using harsh washes for the sake of potentially worsening the situation. If you do want a cleanse, BBE's Lavender Citrus Body Wash is a great option. The formula is incredibly gentle and easy to work in without too much contact. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, lavender essential oil is also an effective burn reliever.

Avoid the Sun for Now

The last thing you want to do is to keep your burn exposed to more damage. Spend some indoors! You'll be back out there before you know it, I promise. If you absolutely need to be outside, be sure to wear protective clothing over the affected areas. And, for the love, wear your sunscreen! (This means reapplying as needed, too.)

Don't let a bad burn get you down. Cut your skin a break and get it back in working condition. Just be more careful next time you're soaking up the sun! Embrace the shade, the hats, the 'block. Your skin will thank you for it in both the short and long term.

Feel better soon, babe.


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