5 Ways Serum Can Work for You – Benefits of Serum for Skin

5 Ways Serum Can Work for You – Benefits of Serum for Skin


Have you ever been shopping for skincare and wondered “Will this product create results?” or “I’m confused. What will this product do for my skin?” You are not alone. In a world filled with endless skincare options, it’s hard to know what will work for you. Luckily, there is one step in skincare that is sure to make a big impact every time. It’s serums! I know serums can be daunting because of the higher price tag or seemingly unknown function. Serums, however, are extremely effective and benefit everyone. Here are the tried and true benefits of serum for skin.

Serums create change

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Serums are made up of smaller molecules, which go deeper into the skin to make big changes! You will be able to see the results from serums whether that is evening skin tone, improving skin texture, or increasing hydration. Think of serums as a “target treatment.”

Serums are packed with powerful ingredients

Serums are extremely potent because they are made with high quality and powerful ingredients. Their main function is to change the skin, so this is the bread and butter of your skincare routine.

Serums stay on your skin

Not only do serums harbor powerful ingredients, but they get to stay on your skin! Think about it...Products like cleansers, scrubs and masks get washed off, but serums go deep and stay there. This empowers the skin to improve over time, and especially at night during the repair process. It’s like you are wearing a special treatment 24/7!

Serums fight fine lines and wrinkles

Whether it is through hydration, antioxidants or anti-aging agents, serums keep you looking young. They improve your barrier health and keep the moisture inside of your skin, which helps your skin look plump and youthful. Some amazing ingredients include blue tansy, evening primrose, and jojoba seed oil.

Serums add the glow factor

Since serums are made with potent oils, they have a high moisturizing factor. This nourishes you skin and helps it glow! Who doesn’t love a little glow? It's surely a benefit of serum for skin we can get behind.

In addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle like Beauty by Earth illustrates, serums are extremely beneficial to your skin health and youthfulness. While we cannot stop the aging process necessarily, it is helpful to know the most effective ways to age gracefully. Your at-home skin routine accounts for 85% of results! Adding a serum into your daily skin regimen is not only effective, but it is simple. It goes after the cleanser and before the moisturizer, and there you have it! By taking care and loving yourself through skincare, you are one step closer to glowing healthy skin.

Keep glowing, friends. Keep being kind to yourself.

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Moriah Baker

As a holistic-minded licensed esthetician, I love walking people through their skin transformation. It’s what makes me happy. If you would like to learn more about incorporating serums into your skin routine and transforming your skin, click here. In my guide, I help you easily create a straightforward skin regimen that works for you.

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