Self Tanner Stumped? See What These Beauty Bloggers Recommend

Self Tanner Stumped? See What These Beauty Bloggers Recommend


Is your self tanner one of the top self tanners of 2017? Is it giving you smooth and even coverage without turning you into an orange oompa loompa? Or is it weighing you down with missed spots and dark splotches? Turns out finding the perfect self tanner isn't as tough as it may seem. At least, it isn't if you listen to the experts. When I made the choice to go natural for all of my beauty products, I did a lot of research. And that went double for self tanner. It's tough to find a self tanner that works well and isn't full of nasty junk. But as I researched, the same name came up again and again - Beauty by Earth.

Why Beauty by Earth Has One of the Top Self Tanners of 2017

The reviews I read had a lot to say on the topic of self tanners, and about Beauty by Earth's tanner in particular. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Even application - no weird dark spots
  • Easy to apply - goes on nice and smooth
  • Lets you build up your natural-looking tan - gradually take your skin to the tone you want
  • Moisturizing ingredients - nourishes your skin as you tan
  • Great for sensitive skin - tan without fear!

But the number one thing that comes up again and again? This self tanner doesn't have any toxic, harmful, or environmentally unsound ingredients. To me, that's what really made it stand out from the other self tanners on the list. A natural tan that doesn't force you to slather your skin with toxic chemicals? Sign me right up!

14 Reviews that Explain Why Beauty by Earth Has One of the Top Self Tanners of 2017

Need more proof? No problem. I'll just leave these for you right here… Faveable - 5 Best Self Tanner Lotions - The Best Self Tanners for 2017 Wiki.ezvid - 10 Best Self Tanners The Daily Dose - Beauty by Earth Review Crystal Egger - Beauty by Earth Review Tan My Fair Skin - The Top 7 Best Sunless Tanning Lotions Pretty Natural Essentials - Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Review Makeup with Jess - Beauty by Earth Sunless Tanner Review - Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Review (video) Know.Shift.Repeat - Beauty by Earth Self Tanner Review Reviews Mag - The Best Self Tanners of 2017 A Maze of Reviews - Beauty by Earth Review EWG's Skin Deep - Beauty by Earth's Self Tanner Review The Tanning Booth - Review of Beauty by Earth Sunless Tanning Lotion Have you tried Beauty by Earth's sunless tanning lotion? Does it deserve to be among the top self tanners of 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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