Product Spotlight: Vitamin C Cream

Product Spotlight: Vitamin C Cream


Here's a bright idea: Try Beauty By Earth's Vitamin C Cream! And bright it is, as Vitamin C helps produce an overall glow. Our Vitamin C cream was formulated with our exclusive HyperActive Anti-Aging blend, which contains potent antioxidant ingredients and puts up a real fight against premature aging. This blend helps to hydrate and protect the skin's barrier, giving you a youthful complexion. In this post, we'll get into all the things that make this Vitamin C moisturizer the best.

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Product Spotlight: Vitamin C Cream

What's Inside Our Vitamin C Cream?

Vitamin C

The sun works hard but Vitamin C works harder. This component in building stronger, brighter, skin against UV rays and those pesky sun damage spots that have begun creeping up on your skin. Let this brightening vitamin do the heavy lifting by boosting collagen production and giving your skin maximum security against free radical damage.

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Willow Bark Extract

This incredible ingredient has been used for centuries by physicians and midwives the world over. It contains a compound called salicin which is used to create salicylic acid. Willow bark's fame comes from its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and acne soothing properties. It's also great at alleviating redness and irritation from skin.

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Broccoli Seed Oil

Yes - you read that right! Broccoli is more than just a side for a hearty dinner. Broccoli seed is rich in the antioxidant Vitamin A which is key in fighting off outside intruders like free radicals and bacteria. 

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Squalane Oil 

The hype around this ingredient in skincare is real. Squalane oil boasts numerous benefits for various skin types, such as balancing oil production for oily skin, powerful anti-aging properties, and anti-inflammatory properties for acne and eczema prone skin. Moreover, applying a product with squalane oil in it will give you an instant glow because this ingredient boost blood circulation in the skin, making those cheeks look rosy and dewy in a cinch.

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Hyaluronic Acid

A wonderful hydrator, Hyaluronic Acid helps your skin soak up moisture like a sponge soaking up water. As we age, the amount of Hyaluronic Acid produced by our bodies tends to decrease. This nourishing ingredient helps prevent fine lines and wrinkles, helping keep that youthful glow. It delivers intense moisture and aids in reducing redness or irritation on the skin. Adding this natural substance back into our skincare products helps our overall skin health tremendously!

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Vitamin E

It is no secret that Vitamin E has long been used as a go-to ingredient in skincare to treat various skin conditions. This powerhouse antioxidant is amazing at preventing wrinkles, and *way* effective at protecting skin against harmful UV damage. Additionally, using products that contain Vitamin E on a regular basis can help boost the clarity and brightness of your skin, and keep it soft as baby’s you know what. Just saying! 

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Apple Cell Fruit Culture

Apple Stem Cells have your back! This mighty fruit puts in a protective barrier to help replenish the skin by boosting stem cells in your own skin! Why do we want that? Stem cells help keep the elasticity in our skin and repair damaged tissues or cells (loss of firmness in skin). Due to environmental impacts we can easily lose these guys, this is where apple stem cells come into play! They keep your skin's stem cells healthy, plentiful, and nurtured.

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Who is Vitamin C Moisturizer Right For?

Vitamin C creams are perfect for those who want to achieve an overall brighter, younger complexion. It also helps those with skin discoloration like sun spots, dark spots, or uneven skin tones as it helps to lighten and brighten the skin. And, if you have acne prone skin, Vitamin C creams can help soothe and calm the skin while working to reduce redness and inflammation.

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Vitamin C Night Cream: How it Fits In Your Skin Care Routine

The antioxidant rich Vitamin C line can be used both day and night, but we particularly love to sleep our way to healthy skin by using it as a lightweight night face cream. As a Vitamin C night cream, you'll enjoy overnight protection and natural rejuvenation of the skin. It's definitely a night time go-to to help your skin feel amazing.

If you do want to work it into your day routine, just be sure to wear sunscreen! This will help prevent the Vitamin C from oxidizing on the skin while optimizing the effectiveness of your SPF at the same time. Win, win. In any case, apply the Vitamin C moisturizer after cleansing your face, spritzing on toner, and applying serum. (We recommend the Vitamin C serum and toner. 😉 Read more on their benefits here & here.)

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To sum it up, Vitamin C moisturizer is perfect for those who want to achieve an overall brighter, younger skin tone. It also helps those with environmentally stressed skin, sun spots, dark spots, or uneven skin tones as it helps to lighten and brighten the skin. And, if you have acne prone skin, Vitamin C creams can help soothe and calm the skin while working to reduce redness and inflammation. So what are you waiting for? Go get yourself some! 


Your skin after using our Vitamin C Cream

We hope you enjoyed this spotlight post on our best Vitamin C moisturizer! If you have any questions or would like to share your own experience with Vitamin C cream, please leave a comment below!

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