Beauty Tips We Wish Our Dads Would Follow

Beauty Tips We Wish Our Dads Would Follow


Oh, pops. You're great at what you're great at, but for the love, please do so with some sunscreen on. And while you're at it, why not wash your face from time-to-time? Yup, skin care is for everyone and this Father's Day we're calling out all the ways our dads can better invest in their complexions. And, stick around for some of our suggestions for Father's Day gifts while you're here!

Beauty Tips We Wish Our Dads Would Follow


Tips For Dads This Father's Day

Put On (& Reapply Sunscreen)

It was pretty clear, not wearing sunscreen is the main beauty offender among our dads.  

I wish my dad would have worn more sunscreen in his earlier days.  Many skin cancer removals, sunspots and skin damage tell the story that he grew up on a farm without sunscreen.  -Prudence Millsap, Our Founder

Sunscreen doesn't have to slow your roll on yard work or errands. There are many forms that make application quick & easy. We recommend our sunscreen spray or our mineral sunscreen stick in particular for those on-the-go. 

Beauty by earth sunscreen stick, facial sunscreen, and sunscreen


My dad loves gardening and working in the yard! A beauty tip I wish my dad would follow is to wear our Sunscreen daily to protect his skin, and use the Hyaluronic Acid Serum to replenish and hydrate his skin after being outside all day! -Lainey

Oh yeah, sun care doesn't stop after the fact. By adding products like our hyaluronic acid serum to your routine, you can make up for any damage that may have occurred throughout the day. (Or damage that had occurred in the past.) 

Hyaluronic acid serum sitting on a leaf

My dad loves doing anything outside, especially watching sports. A skincare tip I wish my dad would follow is to wear our sunscreen to protect his skin, especially on his face which he seems to always forget. Then follow up with restoring products like our Bakuchiol line, his skin would look so healthy! -Kelley

The Bakuchiol line is also an effective option for tackling sun damage—especially fine lines and wrinkles that have been caused by unprotected time outside. We certainly wish our dads would treat their complexion to premium products every now and again. No matter the person, you deserve to feel good in your skin!

Beauty by earth after sun cooling spray

Another great option for the outdoorsy type is the after sun cooling spray. It's great for treating sun burns, but it can also be used as a quick refresh after putting in some work en plein air. 

My dad loves to golf in the Texas Sun and I wish he would use the after sun spray - not because he's burned but to cool off while in the sun. -Jenn

Keep A Regimen

We're not saying our dads must subscribe to a 10-step skincare routine. (Even we don't have time for that!) But, consistency with washing your face and moisturizing is key. We love our superfruits & sea kelp face wash because it contains a heap of antioxidants and other skin-positive ingredients. It's kind of a one-stop-shop if you're wanting a paired down routine. 



As for moisturizer, the recent favorite among our team (and family members) is the Vitamin C cream. It feels incredible on the skin and works to improve dry, lackluster skin.

My favorite product! My face is glowing. Love the way my skin looks. My husband even started stealing my product for his face. - Talitha S, Customer Review

Hand holding beauty by earth hyperactive vitamin c cream

If you're trying to get your dad into skin care, this power duo can definitely do some heavy lifting without adding too much to his morning/evening routine. 

Revive Those Nails

Thankfully, manicures and pedicures have become more commonplace for fellas. But lord, there's certainly some upkeep that can be done at home. Dry, cracked nails and hands are not aesthetically great, but they can also be pretty uncomfortable. Instead of dealing, we wish our dads would just invest in a product like our nail & cuticle oil

Beauty by earth nail & cuticle oil

There's only one word to describe my dad's nails: busted. He does a lot of repairing around the house and with the cars and that's definitely made clear by the way his hands look. I would suggest he apply some of our oil from time-to-time. (And maybe try out our foot file or pumice stone, cause his feet are just as gnarly.) -Camille

So this Father's Day, maybe gift him a beauty product or two. Even the most stubborn dudes are bound to love the results they'll get—whether or not they'd admit it. 😂

What are some beauty tips you wish your dad would follow? Leave a comment below! We'd love to hear your stories and "dad"-isms.



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