Product Spotlight: The Lavender Citrus Body Scrub

Product Spotlight: The Lavender Citrus Body Scrub


There are some products we simply can’t live without. You know, like your tried & true moisturizer or your go-to self tanner that can always give your confidence a boost. But when it comes to body care, so many babes forget to give all of their skin the love it deserves. From getting rid of dry patches to infusing moisture back into dehydrated gams, BBE’s Citrus Lavender Body Scrub is the ticket to getting healthy skin that glows, all over. Trust us sis, you’ll want to sit back, relax, and give this edition of our Product Spotlight series a good read.


Let’s shine the spotlight on the ingredients, first.

Here’s the thing, babe. Not all body scrubs are created equal and so many of them out there use harsh exfoliators that we don’t mess with. Instead of stripping your precious moisture barrier with those guys, opt for a product that is loaded with luxurious oils that will actually nourish your skin.

Although we have a *bunch* of delicious body scrubs (for real, they all smell heavenly – just don’t eat them!), we’re going to focus on our Lavender Citrus infusion for this Product Spotlight. We added fair trade certified sugar as the gentle exfoliant in this bad boy, which will never leave your skin feeling tight. Additionally, this body scrub contains orange, lemon, and apricot kernel oil that pack a healthy dose of Vitamin C. And sis, if you thought Vitamin C was only useful in your morning cup of OG, think again.

Vitamin C helps your body in the production of collagen which in turn builds up healthy skin! Antioxidants found in oranges can help with aging and keeping your skin firm and young. It also carries the agents to help reduce skin damage and premature aging. Lemons are high in pH so they can help with oily skin & inflammation! And when it comes to the apricot kernel oil we mentioned above, we especially love this ingredient for how good it is at locking in hydration, making it a go-to ingredient for helping reduce rosacea, inflammation, psoriasis, and eczema. And because of its anti-inflammatory properties and protection against sebum buildup, it's a skincare MVP for anyone with acne-prone skin.

But babe, wait. How could we forget the standout ingredient in this gem? Lavender, of course. This purple plant works wonders for the skin. It reduces acne and helps control breakouts, moisturizes dry skin, and detoxifies it. What’s more, lavender is plentiful of antioxidants that work hard to reduce signs of aging & reduce redness or acne scarring. I mean, if that isn’t enough to convince you to click add to cart on this deliciously nourishing scrub, we don’t know what will!

Why you need BBE’s Citrus Lavender Body Scrub in your life, pronto.

Aside from having the perfect product for your next at-home spa ritual, there are a *ton* of reasons why having this luscious scrub in your life will make your skin happier. Check out our top reasons, below.

This body scrub will help you get the silky-soft skin you’ve been dreaming of. We need to make this PSA clear, babe. Without exfoliation, you simply won’t achieve your baby-soft skin goals. The key to softer skin is getting rid of dead cells that are standing in the way. And while you don’t to use this product every day to get those results, incorporating it into your beauty regimen a few times a week will give your gams the softness you’ve been craving.

Unlike other harsh exfoliants, this baby exfoliates and hydrates skin simultaneously. This is the most impressive part of our Citrus Lavender Body Scrub. Unlike traditional exfoliators, the luxurious oils in this product actually infuse moisture back into your skin. This, all while the natural sugar we added into it gets rid of dry spots. Pretty impressive, right?

Want to smooth away the look of stretch marks and discoloration? Look no further, gorgeous. Using BBE’s Citrus Lavender Body Scrub is a more natural approach to diminishing the look of stretch marks and discoloration. With consistent use, this body scrub will help get rid of dead skin cells that are making those imperfections appear worse. Say goodbye to dullness and marks, and hello to skin that looks and feels smooth.


And finally, scrub your way to revitalized skin and that natural glow that’s been hiding all along. With consistent use, this body scrub will have your skin looking and feeling brand new. With the help of the standout ingredients we mentioned at the beginning of this post and the natural exfoliation properties that are safe for any babe to use, BBE’s Citrus Lavender Body Scrub will have you glowing all over, in no time.

Oh and ps. If you’re a self tanning queen, this is the product your glow-up routine has been missing.

We can’t sign off without telling you how much this body scrub completes the perfect self tanning routine. If you love to get an at-home glow, using this bad boy in the shower pre- self tanner application is a *major key* to glowing and even-looking results. And when it comes to the self tan game, no one has you covered like BBE, girlfriend. Click here to find out more about how this luscious scrub can step up your glow game, real quick.

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