Product Spotlight: BBE’s Hydrating Face Mask

Product Spotlight: BBE’s Hydrating Face Mask


Everyone needs that one secret weapon, go-to beauty product that can take her complexion from drab to fab in the matter of minutes. You know, that one tried & true gem that never lets you down when your skin needs some extra TLC. If you don’t have one of these in your skincare repertoire yet, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post, sis. In this one, we’re shining the spotlight on none other than our beloved Clear Complexion Hydrating Face Mask. And trust us when we tell you that, there was a lot to highlight with this bad boy. Whether you’re looking for the perfect spruce up to your existing skincare routine or need a little something something to make your cute face glow, this BBE fave is sure to deliver.

This baby packs a list of ingredients that will make your pores sing.

There’s a reason why BBE lovers are obsessed with this classic. Carefully formulated to extract the deep-rooted dirt and grime that lead to clogged pores, this natural face mask is sure to leave your skin looking clean, bright, smooth, and hydrated. And with an ingredient list that boasts everything from kaolin clay to lavender, you can be sure that your skin is getting nourishment from only the best ingredients.

We loaded this face mask with soothing aloe vera that can calm any breakout or skin irritation right down. And that kaolin clay we mentioned above? Well, let’s just say that it helps absorb excess oil like no other. However, we did call this a hydrating face mask, didn’t we? This means that even though this product will clear out your pores in a cinch, it will never dry them out. In comes the addition of nourishing jojoba oil to make sure your skin feels plump and healthy, all the while nixing acne before it even starts.

Moreover, we need to mention that this hydrating face mask packs a healthy dose of cucumber fruit extract. And if you’ve ever wondered why they put cucumber slices on your eyes at a spa, here’s the answer: It's because cucumbers are great for reducing swelling and puffiness and they hydrate dry skin with their soothing and cooling agents. Additionally, they also have properties that combat acne and signs of aging. Pretty impressive, we know. Mix all of this with a bit of detoxifying lavender and you’ve got yourself a hydrating face mask that smells ridiculously calming and that delivers impressive results. Oh and, speaking of results…

…And results that simply speak for themselves.

The proof is in the pictures (not the pudding, we promise). This face mask produces glowing results for even the most sensitive of skin. What’s more, it caters to everything from acne-prone skin to complexions that need an anti-aging boost. But don’t take our word for it, check out the reviews and real results for yourself.


The step your self-care routine has been missing. 

If you’re ready to add BBE’s clear complexion hydrating face mask to your self-care routine, keep reading. Incorporating this hydrating powerhouse into your beauty regimen is easy peasy, and you’ll look forward to relaxing while this bad boy does all the dirty work for you. The formula is smooth and *super* easy to evenly apply to your face. If you’re searching for the perfect skincare routine, hydrating face mask included – look no further, girlfriend.

First thing’s first: cleanse & exfoliate for a clean, face mask ready canvas. So many people underestimate how important it is to ensure your face is squeaky clean before throwing on any face mask. The last thing you want to do is apply a face mask over impurities, locking them further into your skin. Instead, use a gentle foaming cleanser and/or an exfoliator to ensure your canvas is as fresh as can be. We recommend BBE’s superfruits & chlorophyll scrub as the perfect precursor for our hydrating face mask.

Time for the piece de resistance: BBE’s Clear Complexion Hydrating Mask. Once your pores are clean and ready to go, it’s time to apply your face mask. Like we mentioned above, our hydrating mask is made of one smooth, easy to apply formula that you’ll never struggle to wash off. We recommend applying it in circular motions and letting it sit for 15-30 minutes. You’ll feel a slight cooling effect with this product that sends your senses into instant relax mode. So, you know, it goes without saying that we love keeping this product on for the longest amount of time possible. Rinse off when your time’s up, and check out the next step in your perfect self-care skincare routine.

After using any face mask, toner is *essential*. Listen up, dear. After you’ve cleansed, exfoliated, and applied a facial mask, your pores are way open. Especially because you have to use warm water to remove the face mask product itself. This means that your pores have expanded and need to be “closed up” to avoid dirt and bacteria getting back immediately back into them. Ensuring this doesn’t happen is easier than falling down a 2 a.m. rabbit hole on YouTube, we promise. All you need to do is pick a facial toner that is right for your skin type. BBE has a slew of toner options, and a few spritzes of any of these gems will guarantee your pores are sealed and ready for moisturizer. Just be sure you’ve waited a few seconds for your toner of choice to have dried before moving on to the next step below.

Follow up with your serums, creams, and facial oils of choice. Ahh, our favorite step of all after having applied BBE’s hydrating face mask – the moisturizing part. We especially love this step post-face mask application because your skin simply feels baby smooth. Meaning, applying some moisturizer on top makes your cute face feel ridiculously soft and healthy. What’s more, you’ll notice that your hydrating products sink into your skin way easier after you’ve nourished your pores with this hydrating face mask. If you want our 2 cents, go with a lightweight serum (any of BBE’s standout options will do) and follow up with a hydrating cream. And the ultimate hydrating cherry on top of all this? Dear – it’s gotta be applying a few drops of facial oil. Let’s just say, your skin will never have felt so good or looked so glowy. And all this, in large part due to our current star product: the Clear Complexion Hydrating Face Mask.  

How often should I treat my skin to this hydrating mask?

When it comes to how often you should incorporate this step into your beauty routine, we recommend starting with a once-a-week treatment. However, because the ingredients in this hydrating gem are so gentle, someone prefer to use it more often (say 2-3 times a week). As with any new product, slow and steady wins the race when it comes to introducing it into your skincare regimen.

If your complexion is on the oilier side, you may benefit from using this face mask more often because of the Bentonite clay that it contains. This ingredient is wonderfully soothing, healing, and can even help calm skin irritation such as insect bites, burns, or itchiness. All this of course, while clearing out your pores. Likewise, if you’re a dry-skinned, using this product a few times a week can help get rid of uneven texture while infusing moisture back into your skin. We know, we know – it all sounds too good to be true. But hey, this standout product truly works wonders for any of your skin concerns and is safe for anyone to use.  

Pro-tip: If you don’t have time to do a full blown face mask but certain areas of your skin are in need of a pick-me-up, you can totally use this product as a spot treatment for problematic areas. A few small dabs go a long way, and you can rise off after 2-3 minutes. And just like that, that pesky zit you’ve been staring at all day will be that much less annoying. You’re welcome.

Want to take your face masking game to the next level?

It’s totally possible. I mean, if you click add to cart on our applicator spatula, that is. Applying this hydrating face mask with your fingertips is fine, but using this little gadget instead is even better. Let’s just say, it truly is the little things that can sometimes take your skincare regimen up a few notches. Here’s why.

First off, you can use one side of the applicator to exfoliate your skin. This part of the spatula does an excellent job of lathering up your favorite cleanser, too. After that, flip it around to the smooth side to then apply the face mask to your skin. Not only does this make the face mask application process *way* less messy, but it will also take your self-care night to spa level in no time.

And while we’re on the topic of must-have skincare tools…

Nothing will wrap up your spa night like applying your hydrating products with a jade or rose quartz roller. Around here, we can’t enough of facial tools and we love the idea of adding them as a finishing touch, post-face mask routine. After your moisturizer and facial oil application, roll away to your heart’s content to promote lymphatic drainage and blood flow, and to keep your facial contours looking ahhh-mazing. Not to mention, to really bring home that spa-like feeling (and results without the hefty price tag) to your self-care routine.

We think the spotlight should shine for a while on this hydrating gem.

It’s true, dear. One try and you’ll be hooked on what this complexion clearing, hydrating mask can do. From tighter pores to brighter, more glowing skin – this bad boy is one beauty essential you’ll want to always have on your bathroom vanity.

You’ve seen the reviews and the real results above, but we want to hear about how your experience with our hydrating mask goes. Drop us a line at any time and let us know just how much your cute face loves this skincare must-have.

More love & more hydrated skin,

Carey <3

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