Your Perfect Beach Packing List

Your Perfect Beach Packing List


There is nothing quite like the lazy, hazy days of summer. From backyard BBQs to long days spent in the sand, this is one season we seriously can’t get enough of. Around here, we love catching a few rays as much as the next sunseeker. However, we aren’t huge fans of harmful sun damage to our precious skin. And, we think there are some key products you should never hit the beach without. From the perfect SPF combination to the accessories that will make your day complete, BBE is bringing you Your Perfect Beach Packing List.

First thing’s first: the SPF that will help you bask in the sun, worry free.

Hey, what kind of beauty experts would we be if we didn’t start this Perfect Beach Packing List off with the most important item of all: SPF.

Lucky for you, BBE has the ultimate lineup of sun protection for you to choose from. But when it comes to those long summer beach days, there are a few we especially love.

SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Spray

The last thing you want is to be feeling sticky and covered in lotion at the beach. I mean, unless you enjoy having sand stuck to all of your crevasses. With BBE’s lightweight spray formula, re-applying SPF is a breeze (not to mention, way less messy, too). Oh, and did we mention how delicious this bad boy smells? Opt for a tropical vanilla & coconut scent or fresh peppermint & geranium to smell like a snack and protect yourself from those pesky UV rays.

SPF 20 Mineral Facial Sunscreen

When it comes to the delicate skin on your face, you should never skimp, dear. Sun protection is no exception to this rule. BBE formulated a lightweight SPF specifically for that cute face, and it will never clog your pores. You only need a few drops of this moisturizer to be protected and because of its non-sticky consistency, re-application throughout your beach day is easy peasy.

Pro-tip: When it comes to sun protection, so many girls neglect their lips. And as some of us unlucky ones may know, your pout can totally suffer from a sunburn, too. We recommend having a moisturizing and sun protecting lip balm in your beach bag to make sure all of you is protected! 

The summertime skincare hero too many are missing out on.

If you don’t have a trusty bottle of aloe vera in your beach bag at all times, you’re doing it wrong, girlfriend. Not only do we love this magical stuff for relieving not-so-cute sunburns, but it also acts as a moisturizer for skin in general. Actually, aloe vera can even be used to make luscious hair masks and to sanitize your hands. Want to read up about more aloe benefits? We’ve got you. Click here.

The facial moisturizer that will give your skin a *huge* gulp of hydration.

After a long, luscious day at the beach, your skin deserves a little extra TLC. Not to mention, you might be feeling dryer than you usually do after being in the sun all day. And while you might think any lotion can solve this conundrum, not all moisturizers are created equal, dear. We recommend a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid serum on the regular, but even more so after a beach day. Add in some of BBE’s hyaluronic acid eye gel to your beauty regimen and forget about dry patches or parched skin from that beach day you so deserved.

Who wants a warm drink at the beach? Not us, and not you, sis.

I mean, priorities right? Whether you’re packing a cocktail or an iced coffee, no one wants to be sipping on less than cold beverages at the beach, #amirite? Pack yourself this cute and slim tumbler to stay hydrated and be better to the planet.

Protect your pretty eyes from those rays with these must-have sunnies.

What kind of beach day would it be if you weren’t killing it with the looks, honey? If you have a slight sunnies obsession, we totally feel you. But hey, these guys deserve a spot in your beach bag not only for esthetics but to protect your precious peepers, too. We are loving these vintage options from Etsy that are giving us all the summer vibes.  

Pack all these gems up in a personalized reusable bag that isn’t only good for the earth, but cute AF, too.

Alright, we’ll admit it. We kinda sorta want to use one of these on the daily, not just at the beach! Pack up all the gems we mentioned above in a reusable tote bag that does double duty for your look and the planet. Plus, having a trendy big bag to put all that SPF and aloe in will ensure you never ever leave home without all your beach day must-haves.

What’s on your perfect beach packing list, dear?

Let us know down below! If we could live at the beach, we totally would. You know, with loads of BBE SPF products in hand, of course.

Sunkissed skin & positive beachy vibes,

Carey <3

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