BBE Presents: How to Celebrate National GF Day – 2022 Edition

BBE Presents: How to Celebrate National GF Day – 2022 Edition


If you’ve recently found yourself googling “what in the world is National GF Day?”, you’re not alone, sis. In fact, babes everywhere are wanting to know more about how this August 1st celebration came to be. And while you might not get the day off from work for these GF honoring festivities, this day still has some important meaning behind it. National GF Day is all about women celebrating women and finding time to appreciate just how much your girlfriends mean to you. In this one, BBE is bringing you all the ways in which you can celebrate National GF Day this year. Because in the immortal words of Carrie Bradshaw: “…nothing lasts forever, dreams change, trends come and go, but friendships never go out of style”.  

Celebrate National GF Day this year by donating to a cause your bestie would be proud of.

What do you get the girlfriend you admire most or the one who has everything? That’s easy, babe. Pick a cause you know she can get behind and donate a little something something in her name. Whether she’s an animal lover or someone who believes in protecting this beautiful planet of ours by being eco-friendly, find an organization you know that she will identify with.

If you need a little inspo or don’t know where to start, don’t sweat it. There are *tons* of reputable organizations you can choose from that will undoubtedly touch your friends. Check some of them out, right here.

In honor of your beloved girlfriends, throw them the ultimate girl’s night in.

Let’s be honest, babe. There’s nothing quite like having one of those easy nights in with your girls. I mean, what really beats hanging out with your closest friends, a bottle (or two) of rose, and your favorite guilty watching pleasure (since we’re quoting Carrie Bradshaw here, Sex & The City, anyone?). This National GF Day, throw your girls the ultimate night in with the help of the list below that we’ve curated especially for the occasion.

First thing’s first: the drinks. We love the idea of having a make-your-own-cocktail station for all your girls to pour up exactly what they like. All you need are a few mixes and garnishes to really make this bar area standout. Add in some cute (and always reusable) glasses, and you’ve got yourself a special touch for your National GF Day night in.


…And the snacks. We love cocktails as much as the next babe, but we also need some good snacks to go along with them – it’s essential! Below are some healthy-ish snacks we think you and your girls will love to indulge in during your night in.

Skinny Pop – the kernels no babe can resist. And realistically, what’s a girl’s night without popcorn?


HU, Get Back to Human – simple, vegan, and delicious dark chocolate. This is one indulgence you can all feel good about.


Filling, nutritious, and tasty AF trail mix – make your own with this easy peasy recipe, right here. And if you’re not much of a Martha in the kitchen, these options are just as awesome, too.


The slippers that will make everyone feel right at home. We know you don’t want to send your girls home empty handed. Or in this case, without anything on their feet! Be the hostess with the mostest and gift them something you know they will look forward to wearing every day when they hop out of bed. Slippers are a totally underrated gift, and totally necessary for your National GF Day night in. We love these affordable and stylish options, right here. Be warned though, after getting this cozy – your girls might never want to leave!


The beauty product that can make anyone instantly enter relax mode. We know, we know. Nothing says quintessential girl’s night in like a face mask. But babe, not all face masks are created equal. And you and your girls? Well, you deserve only the best. BBE’s clear complexion hydrating face mask works for any skin type and will put you into zen mode, pronto. From acne fighting to pore tightening, this skincare essential does it all. Click add to cart on one these bad boys to make your girls feel fresh and renewed when they leave girl’s night. Want more info on this must-have skincare gem? We’ve got you. Just click here.

And finally, the throw they’ll keep f-o-r-e-v-e-r. This next item will add the ultimate cherry on top to your cozy girl’s night in. Not only are these perfect to use the night of, but your girls will keep them for years to come. I mean, you can never have too many throws, #amirite? Send them home with one of these babies and they’ll be remembering your stellar girl’s night in and looking forward to National GF Day all year long – we promise.  

… Or, throw the ultimate girl’s night out!

And if you’re in the mood to swap your slippers out for heels and hit the town, why not do so in honor of National GF Day! Pick your favorite restaurant or the spot you know everyone loves to dance at and enjoy some quality time with your besties in honor of this women empowering holiday. Go on girl, you so deserve it!

If presents are your love language, consider gifting your bestie one of these beauty must-haves.

If giving presents is your go-to way of showing your appreciation to someone – we’re not judging, honey. In our books, we think that there are a few beauty must-haves your bestie absolutely needs. And what better time to give her one of them than on National GF Day?

The self tanner she won’t want to ever live without. Every babe needs this easy to use, spray-on formula that is lightweight and blends seamlessly. You know, especially for those days when your favorite girl needs a pick-me-up. BBE’s Self Tanner Body Spray smells like delicious citrus mint (but please, don’t eat it!) and is oh so nourishing for your skin. This is thanks to the hydrating coconut water extract we loaded it with, amongst a stellar lineup of naturally healthy ingredients. What’s more, this spray blends *super* easily into the skin for a sun kissed glow that could fool even the most avid of self tanning gurus. Tell your bestie to spray spray spray, and watch the luscious results develop! Oh and, to thank you later of course.

The body scrub she’ll thank you for over and over. For real, sis. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do BBE’s body scrubs rid your skin of dry patches, they also infuse moisture back into it. Thanks to the luxurious oils we used in these babies, you never have to worry about drying out your skin like you do with some other harsh exfoliators out there. This National GF Day, gift a product that is so often overlooked and that will get your bestie hooked after one use. Oh and, in the spirit of appreciation, go on and appreciate yourself while you’re at it (trust us, you need one of these bad boys too).

 The tinted mineral sunscreen that will cut her morning beauty routine in half. What babe wouldn’t love an extra 5 minutes in the morning? Hey, we’ll take that extra hit on the snooze button if you know what we mean. BBE’s tinted mineral sunscreens will make your bestie’s morning routine a breeze. Forget sticky SPF products underneath thick layers of foundation. This product packs everything needed for her cute face in one easy swipe. Opt for an easy to blend lotion formula or a fun to swipe stick. Either way, she’ll be evening out her skin tone while protecting it from the sun’s harmful rays. Believe us sis, she’ll be praising you for this National GF Day gift!


The beauty tool that will get her into a self-care routine, once and for all. If you want to encourage your girlfriends to get on the self-care bandwagon, this next gift idea is it. We love gifting jade, rose quartz, or derma rollers for their ability to relieve inflammation, decrease puffiness, and promote lymphatic drainage. These babies are the perfect finishing touch to applying serums and moisturizers. Oh and not to mention, they feel ah-mazing on the skin. Gift one to a special babe in your life and she’ll be thanking you for upping her beauty routine in no time.


And finally, the facial moisturizer that will change her skincare game for the better. If there’s one skincare essential even the most novice of beauty babes needs – it’s a moisturizer. And while BBE has an incredible lineup of hydrating products, this next one is sure to impress even the pickiest of your gal pals. Our Youth Restoration Bakuchiol Face Moisturizer is truly a skincare hero. We love this natural alternative to Retinol because it mitigates everything from acne to fine lines. This pore tightening moisturizer is the perfect finishing touch to any beauty routine, and you can be sure that your bestie will see amazing results after continued use. Want to know more about Bakuchiol before gifting this gem? Just click here.


Above all else, this National GF Day, take the time to drop your girls a little line…

Whether it’s a text, an email, or a handwritten letter (we’re big fans of this last one), this year on National GF Day, take the time to express just how grateful you are for the women in your life who make your days that much brighter. Dropping a thoughtful note to someone takes no time at all, costs nothing, and can make a *huge* difference in someone’s day.

From that co-worker who inspires you to your mom who always has your back, don’t forget to give thanks for all the women you have serious love for this year. Along with Galentine’s Day, August 1st is one holiday we can seriously get behind. In the name of women empowering women, we encourage you to celebrate to your heart’s content this National GF Day and to remember just how valuable these relationships are.

Until next time, you powerful beautiful woman, you. 

Carey <3  

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