Post Workout Skincare Routine

Post Workout Skincare Routine


Working out isn’t only good for your body, babe. It does wonders for your complexion by getting your blood flowing, and making your skin glow. And although your skin will thank you after you’re done killing it in the gym or getting your sweat on outside, special attention should be paid to your pretty face after all of that hard work. If you want to know more about how you can curate the perfect post-workout skincare routine, just keep reading, beautiful.


Post-workout, wash your face ASAP!

For real. Strip down out of your workout gear as soon as possible to avoid any breakouts on your body as well as your face.

After you’ve just finished sweating up a storm, pat yourself on the back babe. But after that, it is crucial that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser to avoid excess oil or bacteria build-up. Better known as, avoiding annoying breakouts you *so* do not need in your life.

We recommend using a foaming cleanser that won’t irritate your skin. For some of us more than others, our skin is a little fragile after a sweat session. This means you’ll want to avoid reaching for your favorite face scrub and stick to a cleanser instead. Once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your pretty face, you can happily move on to the rest of your post-workout skin care routine.

Reach for your rose water toner to calm down any post-workout redness.

If you were in downward dog for a while and got your blood flowing, that’s a good thing girlfriend! However, if you find that excess sweat sometimes leaves you dealing with unwanted redness, consider having a soothing rose water based toner on hand to help your face chill out!

BBE’s facial toner with rose water feels *ah-mazing* on a freshly cleansed face, post-workout. What’s more, is that it does a killer job of eliminating excess oil and dead skin cells. This means you’ll be extra sure that your pores are squeaky clean. And, that post-workout bacteria build-up won't stand a chance after you’ve completed this relaxing step in your post-workout skin care routine.

Follow up with a gentle yet nourishing serum.

After you’ve cleansed and calmed your skin down, a lightweight yet nourishing serum is the way to go babe.

This will also help with redness, and nix any blemishes before they even have a chance to appear. On top of that, using a serum will provide you with that extra bit of glow on top of your already gleaming post-workout face.

Reach for BBE’s hyaluronic acid serum that will lock in *good* moisture, and prevent signs of aging. It leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant, and this bad boy will never clog your pores.

Babe, don’t forget that post-workout body wash!

This might seem like a no-brainer. But don’t forget to use the right body wash after you’re done sweating up a storm. And not just because we want you to smell fresh as a daisy, but because your skin so deserves it gorgeous.

Post-workout, opt for a body wash that has natural antibacterial properties such as tea tree oil. Not only will this leave your skin feeling refreshed. It will also ensure that any breakout-causing bacteria is gone after your shower.

BBE’s peppermint tea tree body wash is essential for your post-workout skincare routine. It smells divine, and will never irritate even the most sensitive of babes. What’s more, this go-to cleanser will help prevent any body acne and get rid of existing blemishes.

And finally, aloe vera for any skincare predicaments you might have encountered on that outdoor run or during that intense CrossFit class!

If you took your workout outdoors, or if you earned what we like to call a few “glory” skin irritations (i.e. your running shoes were rubbing against your ankles a little too much, or the rope at CrossFit did a number on your hands), reach for none other than BBE’s beloved organic aloe vera gel.

This stuff works wonders on any skin irritations you may have post-workout, and you can even use it on your face if you’re feeling like redness won’t disappear. We should also mention, that it feels completely cooling and refreshing when applied, which is just what your skin is craving after you crushed that 5k.

Until next time, you healthy exercise loving babe, you.

Enjoy your workouts, and enjoy your post-workout skincare routine even more.

Carey <3

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