How to Care for Self Tanning Mitts: Five Steps for Great Results

How to Care for Self Tanning Mitts: Five Steps for Great Results


Wondering how to care for self tanning mitts? That makes sense! After all, summer is coming to a close. While we can all rejoice that sweater weather is right around the corner, it's hard to keep that glow alive when the weather has you stuck indoors. We all know that tanning beds are a recipe for increased cancer risk and premature skin aging. That's why more and more people are relying on natural self tanner. "But wait!" you say. "If I use self tanner won't I end up looking like a streaky Oompa Loompa?" Not at all, my friend. At least not if you use self tanning mitts.

Why Self Tanning Mitts are a Game Changer

Self tanning mitts make it easy to achieve a flawless self tan. These mitts let you apply your self tanner evenly, helping you avoid streaks and discoloration. They're a must if you want a professional looking tan (and to avoid those dreaded orange palms). Here's a great video demonstrating how to apply self tanner using tanning mitts.

Of course, learning how to care for self tanning mitts is crucial to get great results. Here are the five steps I follow to make sure my mitts stay in great shape.

How to Care for Self Tanning Mitts

Step One: Wash Your Mitts With Soap and Water After Each Use: Hand wash your mitts every time you use them. You don't have to get fancy here: warm water and a mild soap is all it takes. I like to use baby soap for mine, but as long as it's gentle most soaps will work just fine. Gently massage your mitts to remove any leftover tanner, then rinse thoroughly.

Step Two: Wring and Reshape Your Mitts: Gently wring out your mitts to remove any excess water. Let me emphasize gentle here: no need to wring hard enough to cause damage. Once they're no longer dripping, reshape your mitts while they're still damp.

Step Three: Let Your Mitts Air Dry: Once clean and reshaped, drape your mitt over a towel rod or place it standing straight up on your bathroom sink and let it air dry. You may want to put them in a less humid room than your bathroom for quicker drying.

Step Four: Avoid the Washer: As tempting as it might seem, never put your self tanning mitts in the washing machine! Not only can this damage your mitts, you also run the risk of getting self tanner on anything else you wash with them! Similarly, your dryer may shrink or damage your mitts. Hand care is the way to go.

Step Five: Replace When Necessary: With proper care your mitts can stay in great shape for six months to a year. But don't keep them for too long! Mitts that are damaged or worn are less able to deliver a natural looking tan. Replace them as needed to get the best results.

How Do You Care for Your Mitts?

What are your steps on how to care for self tanning mitts to stay in tip top shape? Any other tips for self tanning success? Let me know in the comments below. Happy tanning!

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