Holiday Gift Guide For Her

Holiday Gift Guide For Her


We know you’d rather be ready to rock this holiday season than get stuck hustling at the last minute to get the ladies in your life the perfect gifts. And getting the strong women in your life something that shows you just how much you care is definitely something to look forward to. Finding that perfect present though? Not always so evident. But hey, you’ve got us. Lucky for you Beauty By Earth is always thinking ahead and the holidays are no exception. Whether you need ideas for the miss has everything in your life, or the newbie to beauty, we’ve gone ahead and created this amazing holiday gift guide just for her. You know, so you can spend more time chilling this holiday season, and less time stressing about killing the gift game.

On another note, we also know it feels like Halloween was just a whole two minutes ago. Seriously, where does time even go?! We’re personally not even done eating our sale candy. But the truth is, the most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner.

Image of a gift wrapped in brown paper, with a title that reads "For her".

The Gift of Being *Stylishly* Safe

Who would have thought we’d ever be gifting each other face masks? And not the kind that come in a cute jar and make your skin glow. Although, if that's more up your alley we definitely have some of that to offer too.

Welcome to 2020 friends, let’s make the most of it. We want to encourage you and your loved ones, to be as safe as you can possibly be. So of course, we’ve got a gift for that.

Why not gift the perfect stocking stuffer? Forget those disposable *not so cute* masks, and check these out. The Beauty By Earth cotton face masks are breathable and made with 100% cotton. Say adios to too thick masks that induce anxiety and make you feel like you can’t breathe!

This 3-pack of masks is not just perfectly practical. It's also a stylish alternative to conventional masks that any woman in your life can use right now. There are a few things we really adore about this set. One being that it allows you to have just enough masks for that busy life of yours. That means one in your car, one in your purse, and one at home. Need another added plus? This gift pack definitely allows for way less of those “dang I forgot my mask!” moments.

Image of three colorful cloth face masks suggested in the Holiday Gift Guide for Her. All three have different prints. One is light blue with a lead print, another is white with blue and pink leaf print, and the third is pink with white polka dots.

The best part of this gift though is that it is environmentally friendly. These reusable gems definitely beat creating more garbage and waste with disposable masks. Just throw these babies in the wash when you’re done using them! In no time you’ll have yourself a clean fresh mask without hurting the environment.

Really want to make sure little sis is being cautious? Throw in some of our hand sanitizer for the ultimate pandemic ready present.

The Gift of Being Tan

Shifting gears here, we won’t blame you for wanting to also gift yourself this next one (#treatyourself). I mean okay, we might have called this a Holiday Gift Guide for Her, but who's to say you can't be her?!

It’s that time of year where most of us wish we could be whisked away on a Caribbean cruise… but alas, here we are. Don’t sweat it. Listen, you might not be on a beach in the Maldives But you can totally help someone you love look like they have been.

Beach wish you were here

Help whoever’s close to you get a boost of confidence with the perfect at-home tanning kit. This is a gift that just keeps giving. Mom or big sis can totally take advantage of looking sun-kissed all year long, no salon required. And trust us, they’ll love you for it.

Image of the Beauty by Earth face and body self-tanners with the words "Best Sellers" listed above them.

Have an expert self-tanner in your life? Gift them our ultimate self-tanner bundle and watch their eyes light up as they unwrap this one. We’ve included everything your tanning junkie could hope for in a kit. An exfoliating mitt, a body and face applicator mitt, on top of our body and facial self-tanners. Need we say more?

A Just.Ingredients Approved Gift Set Bundle

A powerfully gentle cleanse. Youthful micro-needling. JUST.INGREDIENTS APPROVED! We’ve collaborated with Karalynne Call of Just.Ingredients to bring you this limited edition gift set! Pairing our fan-favorite Lavender Citrus Body Wash with our Derma Roller, get a youthful, dewy glow. Our lavender citrus body wash combines the cleansing powers of saponified organic oils with the enticing aromas of lavender and citrus. The result is a one of a kind cleanser that’s as effective as it is indulgent. She's sure to love this pairing, clean skin, and youthful skin!

The Gift of an At-Home Facial, Just for Her

You might wish you could take your bestie out for a facial as a holiday bonding gift. But if you guys are being extra careful right now- it’s chill, and we commend you for it. Plus, there’s no need to even step out! Because we have everything you need to bring the spa home to you.

The coolest part about this gift is simple. You'll likely end up introducing your pal to a few new beauty tricks that she’ll definitely incorporate into her regular routine. And we know you, you're totally that friend.

Of course the trusted face mask pops into our heads when we think of giving our skin some extra TLC. And to be honest, we’ll admit that you can’t go wrong with this classic. I mean let’s be real. Have you ever met a woman who doesn’t enjoy soaking in an Epson salt bath while nourishing her skin with a face mask? Nope – we didn’t think so either.

Maybe you’ve tried your share of face masks and moisturizers. We know we have. But if you really want to at-home facial like a pro - you need tools girlfriend! Not the heavy, household, kind. But the beautiful, precious gem kind of tools that will make that special someone love taking care of their skin. For newbies to skincare, we recommend gifting them a beautiful jade roller to start their at-home facial ritual. This easy to use tool is super unintimidating, and will make your pal’s serum sink beautifully into their skin.

image of a woman using the Beauty by Earth jade roller on her skin.

Wanna go the extra mile and make sure she has the perfect product to roll into? Easy peasy. Check these bundles out.

Mom's Guaranteed Fave... Youthful Skin

We love that you want to spoil your mom, grandma, or any other of the wise women in your life. Which is why we certainly have not forgotten them in this Holiday Gift Guide for Her. We have the perfect skincare bundle for these ladies, because they deserve nothing but the best.

The anti-aging superstars in this gift set are sure to impress even the pickiest of aunties. First off, we need to tell you that this gift set contains our award-winning coffee bean eye cream. This little powerhouse alone is sure to refresh anyone’s look. We didn't stop there though. On top of that, we’ve packed this set it with serums and face cream that will totally help bring back that glow into your loved one’s life. We mean it!

Our Anti-Aging Facial Serum (also included in this kit), is a total knockout. This natural but mighty formula even helps combat eczema, and restores hydration in the skin like no other.

Another option we recommend is gifting this smaller bundle of our powerful serums. Particularly if mom is stuck on her tried and true moisturizer she’s been using since college. This way, she can slowly incorporate some new and improved skin care into the routine she’s already comfortable with.

The Gift of Soft, Nourished Lips

Image of the best selling gift set from Beauty By Earth, the antibacterial basics bundle.

We all have a friend or coworker who is constantly complaining about their dry, chapped lips . Especially when the weather turns grim and cold. However, we can assure you that any of your girls will love receiving this next one on our Holiday Gift Guide for Her.

You see, most people think that throwing on some lip balm will suffice in getting rid of their cracked pout. But were here to tell you, you need a secret weapon. Using a lip scrub has a ton of exciting benefits, and we are here for them!

Additionally, it is actually really crucial to ensure you get rid of all that dry skin. This allows your lips to be properly prepped for conditioning (a.k.a. slathering on the moisturizing balm). So nevertheless, we have the ultimate lip care bundle that includes all that good stuff your friend's lips are craving.

This gift works great for beauty junkies and minimal babes alike. Because let’s face it – everyone wants a soft, mistletoe ready pout.

The Gift of Starting a Natural Beauty Journey

If you love natural beauty, you’ve likely told one (or 5) of your friends and family members all about how amazing it makes you feel.

You’ve maybe raved about the results you’re getting from using natural products, and told them how unnecessary all those harsh chemicals truly are. And maybe, just maybe, they need that little extra push to start their very own natural product journey. This is where you come in, babe.

We love gifting this antibacterial basics bundle for newbies to natural skincare. I mean, everyone needs face and body wash. Which makes this bundle really one of the best ways of easing your older cousin into ditching the toxic chemicals. You know, that cousin who wears a *little* too much fragrance at every family event.

Image of the best selling gift set from Beauty By Earth, the antibacterial basics bundle.

And…The Ultimate Natural Beauty Present

We saved the best for last. And honestly, whoever you’re gifting this to is one lucky lady if we do say so ourselves. And seriously, what kind of Holiday Gift Guide for Her would this be if we didn’t include a big finale.

Are you looking to *really* push your bestie or mom into the natural beauty world? Or do you want to add to a veteran natural product junkie’s collection? Either or, this gift is sure to make its mark. In fact, this gift makes us so excited for the holiday gifting goodness to begin! That being said, we have to give you a complete breakdown on what exactly it entails.

Image of the best selling gift set from Beauty By Earth, the antibacterial basics bundle.

Face wash? Check. Toner? Check. Face mask? You guessed it, we included that too. This amazing bundle of natural beauty goodness is seriously something to covet. It has *literally* everything one could think of to build the ultimate natural beauty product collection.

Forget searching through pages and pages of online shops for the perfect skincare pieces to gift the girl boss in your life. Beauty by Earth has already done all of that for you.

And that's all for our Holiday Gift Guide for Her (2020 edition)...

Image of three colorful cloth face masks suggested in the Holiday Gift Guide for Her. All three have different prints. One is light blue with a lead print, another is white with blue and pink leaf print, and the third is pink with white polka dots.

We sure hope this Holiday Gift Guide for Her gave you some sweet inspiration. Especially to get ahead of your holiday shopping this year, thus keeping stress levels nice and low. Even better, we hope we encouraged you to do some of your shopping right from the comfort of your own sofa, peppermint latte in hand.

And hey, if you just can’t decide between all the amazing options above but still want to get someone close to you aboard the Beauty By Earth train, we definitely have a gift card for that.

We of course hope you decide to give the gift of natural beauty this year. But if you decide to simply opt for some much-deserved time with your family and friends, were down for that too. From our Beauty By Earth family to yours – happy holidays and tons of love to you, babe! <3

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