Expert-Level Tips on How to Apply Self Tanner to the Hardest Spots!

Expert-Level Tips on How to Apply Self Tanner to the Hardest Spots!


We’ve all been there. Perfect natural self tanning products and accessories in hand, hoping for the very best glowy, *non-streaky* results. So you go to town and expect to wake up with the perfect all-over tan. Low and behold, as you get up to go make your morning espresso you notice your palms are orange and you missed that weird spot on top of your left foot. Chill, babe! It’s happened to every self tanning junkie at least a few times! Luckily for you, we’ve been there done that and amalgamated all of our expert-level tips on how to apply self tanner to the hardest spots on your body, right here.

Don’t neglect your prep.

Before we get into applying self tanner, we can’t stress this first expert-level tip enough. If you want an even, natural-looking self tanner application – you need to prep your body correctly. That means exfoliating.

The perfect way to start any self tanning routine is to hop in the shower and get rid of all of those dead skin cells. Pick up a natural yet effective body exfoliator, and scrub away. We also recommend exfoliating your face to ensure that no self tanner sticks to any dry spots, making you look blotchy and not so much as you’ve just stepped off a boat in the Maldives.

Add a nourishing facial scrub to your self tan prep, and you’re well on your way to looking vacation fresh babe.

Apply lotion to all of those hard to self tan spots.

Once you’re rid of all of that dead skin, it’s time to tend to those tricky spots. Think knees, elbows, ankles, and any rough areas where your self tanner may have a hard time applying evenly.

A light moisturizer is all you need, and your self tanner will then apply *super* smoothly over top. When it comes to your palms and soles of your feet, avoid getting self tanner on those areas.

Check out this expert-level self tan tip that will change the game.

If you keep this next tip in mind when applying your self tanner, you’ll achieve glowy natural results every time.

Think about this. When you lather on your self tanner, you should be trying to mimic where the sun would naturally hit you if you actually were laying on that boat in the Maldives. Meaning, the inside of your arms and sides of your feet should not be the same color as the tops of them!

Now, this doesn’t mean that those hard to reach areas shouldn’t get a little love too. But there’s a way to make your self-tan look natural, and believable. And of course, we’ll tell you how!

Minimize harsh lines and blend, blend, blend baby.

When it comes to the inner areas of your arms and wrists, simply apply a *tiny* amount of self tanner. This will ensure that you’re adding some color to those hard-to-reach spots, without them being too dark or looking unnatural.

Essentially, the tops of your arms should be darker. Therefore, you should be applying a little more self tan there to get realistic results. Once you’ve blended everything out with a trusty self tanning mitt, you’ll notice how much more seamless your tan is in the morning!

The same goes for the tan on your feet! Focus on the tops of your feet where the sun would naturally hit you, and less on your ankles or sides where you usually wouldn’t get as much color.

Don’t forget your neck, and add in a little contour on that pretty face while you’re at it.

Last but not least, don’t forget to self tan your neck for natural-looking results. Apply a bit of self tan with your mitt, and get up into your hairline and near your ears.

When it comes to your face, don’t be afraid to apply a thin layer of self tanner that will make you match the rest of your body. We recommend using a natural facial self tanner that is specifically formulated for easy blending. Not only will this make self tanning your face easy, but it will also guarantee that your results are even and never harsh.

If you really want to get fancy, you can also totally master the art of doing a self tan contour. This will highlight your cheekbones, slim your jaw, and just give you a little extra *no-makeup required* edge. Oh and obviously, we have the full monty on self tanning contouring right here.

Need more expert-level tips on how to apply self tanner to the hardest spots?

Drop us a line, any time gorgeous. BBE has all of the expert self tanning advice you could ever need, and we are always adding to our repertoire of natural tanning hacks!

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I have two concerns. The first is that my tan does rub off onto my sheets whenever I use the tanner. I am using the lotion as per instructions. The second concern is how do I keep my tan from coming off when I use the pool? I am tan when I go into the water but, then when I get out, no tan!

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