Embracing 2024: Accepting or Questioning New Year's Resolutions?

Embracing 2024: Accepting or Questioning New Year's Resolutions?


In this special New Year's edition, we asked our customers about this annual tradition. We wanted to know whether they are firm believers in setting resolutions, seeing them as a way towards self-improvement and growth? Or do they prefer to step into the new year just as they are, embracing both their gifts and flaws without the pressure of setting the resolutions?

Three best answers had a chance to win a $24 gift card. We are grateful to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. Here are the winning responses:

Winning Entry: Firm Believer

"I am for making new years resolutions, because it helps me have intentional goals for the new year. Each year I choose a theme word to go along with my resolutions and place it in my kitchen so I see it often and can see if I’m making progress in achieving my goals! Words I’ve used in previous years are 'Overcomer' and 'Steadfast.' This year’s word is 'Renew' and my goals are to renew my relationships and my health after battling breast cancer in 2023. We can always use a 'reset' and New Year’s resolutions are a great way to do that!!" - Tammy H

Winning Entry: No Pressure 

"I am against making new years resolutions, because I'd rather have continuous goals that we are always striving to achieve. My current goal is: Organizing my home and reducing clutter. Finding one home for everything. Business goal: (I'm a hairstylist) is to rebrand -- I got married last year, and am in the process of changing my name, which is included in my business name so an update and rebrand with my new name is in order." - Jessie S

Winning Entry: Neutral

"I am neutral about making new years resolutions, because some people use them as goals, and really work towards them and do great, while others say it but can't seem to stick with it so it becomes a point of disappointment. Do what works for you! I say make small intentional choices everyday knowing that you won't be perfect, and with consistency you'll see progress. Slowly but surely! My NY resolution is: to be consistent and not let 1 bad day effect the whole week, etc." - Christina J

Happy 2024, everyone!

As we wrap up, it's clear that the belief in the power of resolutions varies as much as our individual experiences. Whether you're setting ambitious goals or choosing to continue your journey without them, what matters most is your personal growth and happiness.

Here's to a year of discovery, whether it's through setting goals or embracing life as it comes. 

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