Beauty by Earth Turns 10!

Beauty by Earth Turns 10!


ON JANUARY 17, 2024 we will be 10 years old! Come and celebrate our 10th birthday with games, laughs, savings, and hundreds of prizes.

Event Schedule 

ALL DAY — Use code BDAY10 to get Buy 2, Get 1 Free + 10% Cash Back.

10:30 AM CST

Join us on Instagram & TikTok live for BBE Jeopardy for a chance to win. +INFO

 11:00 AM CST

Mix drinks with us for brunch! We'll be making a custom Mocktail & Cocktail with prizes for participants. +INFO

11:30 AM CST

It's Boys vs. Girls Pickle Ball! Win prizes if your team wins. +INFO

12:00 PM CST

LUNCH BREAK! Grab your lunch and join us for a virtual meal. +INFO

12:30 PM CST

Blind Photo Shoot with the chance to win $100 gift cards! +INFO

1:00 PM CST

TikTok / Instagram Scavenger Hunt! Find the hidden comment and win. +INFO

1:30 PM CST

Guess your BBE Staff Member for a chance to win. +INFO

2:00 PM CST

What's in the box game? Can you guess correctly and win? +INFO

1:30 PM CST

Beauty by Earth APP Treasure Hunt — find the hidden birthday candles, win a $10 gift card for each. +INFO

Event Schedule

Our Favorite Birthday Memes

you know you're getting old when your finger cramps

If you've ever wondered if youre getting old, ask your self this question... have you ever bought expensive cheese?

I know I'm getting old because I just said the phrase 'the joy of going to bed early'

my daughter just asked me why we say hang up for phones. wow I feel 90

21 - youre so young - 22 youre so young - 23 youre so young - 25 - when are you getting married?

by the time i get used to how old I am, Im ten years older than that

you know you're old when you take a nap before going to a party


why i missed my workout. Teens - had a wrestling meet. 20s was up partying for 24 hours. 30s hit myself in the knee with the dishwasher

one way to find out if youre old is to fall down in front of a group of people. if they laugh, youre young. if they panic, youre old.

Celebrate 10 years of clean beauty!

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