DIY Natural Setting Spray – Keeping Your Makeup Fresh in Summer Heat

DIY Natural Setting Spray – Keeping Your Makeup Fresh in Summer Heat




When I actually put in the time for a full makeup look, the last thing I want is for it to be running halfway down my face by the middle of the day. You may think to buy "long-lasting" products, but there's only so much they can withstand. Setting spray is that final seal against dirt, smears, heat, and more. Think varnish on a table.

Not all setting sprays are created equal, though. There's plenty on the market that are chock full of chemicals or have a drying alcohol base. Obviously, that's a no-go—especially when you can get the same results with simple, natural ingredients. As a matter of fact, BBE has a secret recipe for DIY natural setting spray. (And it only has two ingredients 😉)


Beauty by earth Aloe vera gel


Two ingredients, two minutes to make.

Step 1: Add the Aloe

Start by adding around 1-2 tablespoons of Beauty by Earth's Aloe Vera gel into a small spray bottle. You can easily reuse an old product bottle for this— just be sure clean it out well beforehand.

Step 2: Add the Water

Fill the rest of the bottle up with water. Then, screw the lid back on.

women with setting spray bottle

Step 3: Shake!

Shake that sucker up to combine everything. You'll want to do so before every application in case of separation. After that, you're ready to use!

Perks of Aloe for Setting Spray

Aloe has a ton of benefits, which is why it's a featured ingredient in many of our products. It's the perfect base for DIY natural setting spray because it effectively manages oil and breakouts while still nourishing the skin.

Easy, right? You deserve to rep the look you've spent time applying. So, give yourself that final spritz before taking on the day.

Get set, gorgeous!


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