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Colby is on a mission to help women embrace the beauty of their natural curls.

In continuing our series on inspiring ladies this month, we meet Colby ( @Jazzgalaxycurls) and her mission to audaciously choose self-love.

We ladies know that self-confidence isn't easy to find nor maintain. Arbitrary standards of beauty spark our insecurities at every turn, now more than ever with the explosion of visual media ( Hello, Instagram-triggered self-loathing). All too often, women feel beat down and discouraged about their bodies compared to the glossy perfection found in their feed.

Admittedly, I'm no stranger to screen-jealously. All too often I find myself scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, lingering on a post, and dreaming perfect hair or flawless skin. I'm drawn in by the utter perfection of this curated world and have to consciously pull myself back to the less vibrant, heavily flawed realm of reality. I've forced myself to focus on finding my own sort of beautiful, regardless of what others deem insta-worthy.

Colby of @jazzgalaxycurls similarly combats the mainstream beauty narrative in favor of a message of natural beauty. She's a passionate influencer on all things beauty, with a special focus on curls.


jazzgalaxycurls selfie
Colby started her self-love journey 2 years ago when she started using her spiral locks as a channel for empowerment rather than shame. Surprised by the widespread interest generated by her content, Colby realized she could meaningfully impact the beauty space while encouraging other women to embrace their bodies.

Her curl tips and recommendations throw followers a lifeline to conquer their fear and avoidance of their curls. In a sea of straight hair-loving media, this message is no small feat!

"There's so much crap on social media that makes women feel inferior and want to change themselves. But, going natural with something as little as hair empowers us and lets them know they are enough and beautiful without changing anything."
-Colby, @jazzgalaxycurls

Going forward into the new year, we should all take some time to appreciate ourselves as we come—flaws, quirks, freckles, curls, and all.

You can follow Colby on Instagram @jazzgalaxycurls or subscribe to her YouTube channel, jazzgalaxycurls.

Love + Beach Waves,


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