Celebrate Earth Day with BBE

Celebrate Earth Day with BBE


April 22 is Earth Day—a day of advocacy for environmental protection. We're pretty pumped, obviously. Like our namesake implies, Beauty by Earth's clean products are made courtesy of nature's design. Our brand is dedicated to sustainable, eco-conscious practices in bringing nature to your skin. Celebrate Earth Day with Beauty by Earth!

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Ways BBE Celebrates the Earth

Biodegradable Ingredients

Our formulations are all made so that they are biodegradable. So, when anything is rinsed down the drain, it doesn't hurt or damage our ecosystem.

Prudence Millsap, President of BBE
Green plant sprouts

When washing off products, have you considered where they go? Most people wouldn't think twice about how their favorite cleanser affects the water supply. Most wastewater treatment facilities aren't able to really treat beauty products. So, it's important to seek out biodegradable alternatives.

Reef Safe Sun

Aerial shot of a coral reef

Chemicals in mainstream sunscreens can damage aquatic ecosystems. Coral bleaching, reproduction issues, and growth problems are just some examples.

Beauty by Earth's sunscreens, however, are safe for reefs and marine life. Non-nano minerals give protection without comprising oceans.

Beauty by Earth Sunscreen held in front of plants

Love to the Trees

Our paper cartons use FSC-certified paper, meaning the paper is harvested in a responsible manner. It is all biodegradable and recyclable. FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Prudence Millsap, President of BBE

FSC foresting responsibly manages forests, unlike deforestation. Indigenous people, community/workers, and wildlife are all given a voice. Even better, the cartons themselves are also 100% recyclable.

Beauty by Earth Shave Bar Soap carton


Beauty by Earth prides itself on being cruelty-free. The development and testing of our products will never involve animals.

You can contribute to the fight against corporations who do by only using products with the leaping bunny seal.

Organic Processes

Organic farming produces our ingredients. Meaning, they are free from things like synthetic additives and pesticides. Not only is this better for your skin, but also better for the planet.

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How You Can Do Your Part


Don't just toss packaging in the trash! Our paper cartons are 100% recyclable. Plastic wrapping is recyclable in addition. (Just rinse them first!)

Various plants hung on a wall in different repurposed containers


Repurpose BBE products by using them as an ingredient in other beauty recipes, like this detangler. Got empties? Clean them out and use them as containers for travel, DIYs, etc. This makes for the perfect Earth Day craft activity for the kiddos, as well.

Celebrate Earth Day this year by taking a look at the brands you use. If they aren't for the environment, maybe you aren't for them! It's also a great time to appreciate the many ways the planet provides for us and how we can work together to keep it healthy for generations to come.

Get Green, Get Clean—🌿


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Keeping Our Word

Our Promise to you

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