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Pumice Stone

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When was the last time you kicked off your shoes without worrying about calluses or cracked heels? Our pumice stone is exactly what you need to giv...

When was the last time you kicked off your shoes without worrying about calluses or cracked heels? Our pumice stone is exactly what you need to give your feet a little love. Completely natural and 100% unique, our volcanic stones leave even the roughest feet light, bright, and glowing.

Pumice Stone

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    PUMICE (Volcanic Rock)

    Pumice stone is created from volcanic rock. This rock works great as a light exfoliator, wearing away the dry flaky skin causing build up in your pores! Let this stone rock away that dead skin!

Pumice Stone Materials

100% Volcanic Pumice Stone

Have a Soak!

Your pumice stone will work best when your feet are wet. Bring your stone into the shower with you, or go full “spa-treatment” and do a ten minute foot soak. This is a great time to get your pumice stone wet too – it will work best if you moisten it first.


Gently rub your pumice stone on your problem areas using a circular motion. Don’t get caught up in trying to remove every bit of dry or dead skin on your feet. Instead, go slow, and just remove the top layer. This will stimulate better skin cell turnover and help to prevent injury. Be prepared to use your stone over several different exfoliating sessions if it’s been awhile since you last cared for your feet.

Almost Done!

After exfoliating, gently dry your feet and apply your favorite moisturizer, or better yet apply some aloe vera gel. Rinse off your pumice stone and allow it to air dry until the next time you plan to use it.

  • Dry, cracked skin on your feet is uncomfortable and unattractive. A pumice stone gently gets rid of the dead skin you don’t want, leaving your feet soft, smooth, and beautiful. Our pumice stone does all this naturally, so you never have to worry about the impact your beauty tools have on the environment or your health.

  • Soak your feet in warm water, and get your pumice stone wet too. Then, gently rub the stone on your problem areas using circular motions. Go gently – let the stone do the work instead of muscling through it! When you’re done, gently dry your feet and add your favorite moisturizer. Voila! Smooth, glowing feet.

  • That depends on how thick your calluses are and how long it’s been since you’ve last used a pumice stone on your feet. If it’s been a while, expect to take a few sessions before your feet are completely smooth. Don’t worry about getting rid of every bit of dead skin in a single session – better to come back later than risk hurting your feet.

  • Every one of our pumice stones is handpicked and completely unique made naturally from volcanic stone. Natural pumice stones are also gentler on your feet, offering mild to medium exfoliation. If you’re looking for some serious exfoliating power, though, we recommend our foot fileFoot File. It’s got the muscle to get after even the most stubborn of calluses. Either way, you can’t go wrong with exfoliating via stone or file. Both will do the job nicely!

  • Our pumice stones are made from naturally occurring volcanic lava. Each stone is hand-picked, one of a kind, and contains no artificial, toxic, or environmentally-unfriendly materials.

  • Because each stone is unique, it’s impossible for us to give exact dimensions for an individual stone. However, we work hard to find stones that are generously sized, giving you plenty of exfoliating power.

  • We don’t recommend using a pumice stone on skin that is broken or blistered. If you have either of these issues, wait until your skin has healed before exfoliating to avoid making the injury worse.

  • Some of our favorites are using it to de-pill your favorite sweaters, gently exfoliating away hair on your arms, picking up pet hair, and diffusing essential oils. Experiment to see what else this versatile stone can do.

  • After every use, rinse away any dead skin cells or cleanser that may be left on the stone. You can also use an old toothbrush to get it an even better clean.  Then, hang it in a well-ventilated area to dry completely.

  • We do! Get in touch with us at [email protected] to find out more.


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Beauty By Earth - Pumice Stone - Give Your Feet a Little Love
Highly Effective on Calluses, Stains, And Cracked Heels
Exfoliate away calluses, stains, corns, and cracked heels.
Reveal soft, healthy, glowing skin.
Go barefoot without fear of embarrassment.
Never have to hide your feet again!
This Lava Pumice Stone is truly a one of a kind callus remover
• 100% natural pumice with no synthetic ingredients.
• Hand picked, straight from the earth.
• Completely natural, totally unique, and throughly effective.
• Twice the size (and effectiveness) of the other brands.
Beauty By Earth - Pumice Stone - Features
Before and After - 
Have a soak!
Rinse off your
pumice stone and
allow it to air dry
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