Why Organic?

Why Organic?

With thousands of skincare options in your nearest cosmetics aisle, why bother with organic ingredients? Because they’re better for you, your health, and the world around you!

Your Skin is Important

Your skin is your body’s largest organ. It allows you to interact with the world through an amazing system of nerves, and it keeps you safe from outside germs and other dangers. As organs go, it’s extremely absorptive, which means that just about everything you put on it can make its way into your body.

The Long-Term Impact of Synthetic Ingredients

Do synthetic ingredients cause health issues over the long term? We just don’t know. And that’s precisely the problem. Many ingredients have already shown that even short-term use can cause irritation, and there’s evidence to suggest dozens of other problems too. That’s why it’s a safer choice to use organic products: you never have to worry about what you might be exposing yourself (or your kids) to.

Synthetic Ingredients Just Aren’t Necessary!

Cosmetic companies love putting synthetic ingredients into skin care products because they’re cheap and they make it easy to get a long shelf-life. They don’t use them because they’re better for the product – or for you! There are plenty of ways to create and preserve rich, nourishing lotions, creams, lip balms, sunscreens, and more without depending on mysterious or harmful preservatives.

Don’t believe it? Just try one of our products! We’re all about helping you find your natural beauty without exposing your body to junk it doesn’t need. Read through our ingredients lists and you’ll find only natural, organic items. No junk, no filler, nothing that’s potentially dangerous. Just stuff that’s good for your body.

You Know What You’re Getting

Do you know where the ingredients in a conventional bottle of body lotion comes from? Probably not. We know we don’t. What we do know, however, is that our organic skin care products are made in the USA. All of the ingredients were grown under the standards of the USDA organic seal. That means no synthetic fertilizers, no prohibited pesticides, and no genetically modified organisms. Just the good stuff.

Organic is Bigger than Skin Care

Choosing organic skin care products also means you’re helping to care for our environment. Beauty by Earth chooses products that are made conscientiously and with an emphasis on sustainability. Even our packaging is designed to be as eco-friendly as possible. Taking care of yourself includes taking care of the earth you call home: buying organic helps you do both.

Why buy organic? Why not? Skip the ingredients you don’t need and get right to the good stuff. With quality organic products you can trust, Beauty by Earth makes it easy to inspire beauty and nurture yourself and the world around you.

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