How to Add Custom Stickers to Your Instagram Story Using Giphy

Custom animated stickers transform boring Instagram stories into eye-catching content. But let's face it, Instagram's built-in gif sticker search function leaves a lot to be desired. (Can we get a 📣 "failed Giphy x Instagram integration," anyone?) Even when you know a sticker is available on giphy, it frequently doesn't show up in Instagram's sticker search results. Well, babe, don't you worry. We've got the hack that will give you the exact stickers you've been wanting to use on your Instagram Stories without the fuss.

1 Download the Giphy App

Before you get started, make sure to download the Giphy App (it's Free!) for iPhones or Android. It's the largest online repertoire of animated stickers out there. Make sure you create an account on the app so you can save your faves. Then, next time you want to use them, they'll only be a tap away. We recommend following Beauty by Earth's Giphy account for access to over a thousand custom stickers, made just for you. We add new collections every month, so there are always new options to choose from. Download the Giphy App


O.k., you don't have to do this step, but it's really a great way to stay organized. Make sure you've logged into your account via the app and favorited some awesome stickers. This will allow you to instantly access them in the future using the "Favorites" Navigation. You won't have to hunt at all! Need some inspiration? Here's our MUST HAVE list of sticker creators:

- @lidiaontheroad

- @Jillianadriana

- @noobylemona

- @CecileBonbon

- @nurulaa

- @debrosse 3



Now for the magic! Before you post that story, Open up the Giphy app and find your desired sticker. Again, favoriting your stickers is the best idea if you want to access them quickly on the go. Just navigate to your favorites, find the sticker, and tap the sticker to copy. Once it's copied, open up Instagram again. You'll see your story now has a little banner showing the sticker you copied from giphy! Touch the banner and your sticker is on your Story! Batta Bing Batta BOOM!



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