Why Cruelty Free Skincare is the Best Skincare

Why Cruelty Free Skincare is the Best Skincare


Big news! Beauty by Earth has just been Leaping Bunny certified as a provider of cruelty free skincare. What does that mean? Well, besides being able to put a cute little bunny logo on our products, it means that we’ve met the very high standards set by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) for cruelty free skincare. Now you’ll know for sure that no bunnies, puppies, mice, hamsters, or any other cuddly friend has been harmed in the making of our products. That’s the kind of stuff we can get behind.

What is Leaping Bunny and Cruelty Free Skincare?

It’s no secret that big cosmetics companies have tested their products on animals for decades. These tests have poisoned, blinded, and killed hundreds of thousands of animals. It didn’t take long for conscientious shoppers to demand cruelty-free alternatives, but finding responsible skincare choices wasn’t always easy. That’s where CCIC comes in. In the mid-nineties, eight national animal protection groups came together to create and promote a single comprehensive standard for animal-friendly products. When you see the Leaping Bunny logo, you know that no animals were tested upon over the entire course of that product’s development. One of the reasons we love CCIC’s standards is that they hold manufactures accountable for all stages of their product. You might see products out there that say “cruelty-free,” but that may just be referring to the finished product. Animals may still have been harmed by testing individual ingredients, or the company may contract out to other companies to do their testing. When you see the Leaping Bunny logo, you can be sure none of that is happening.

Cruelty Free Skincare Myths

There are some myths floating around about animal testing – let’s bust a few of them:
  • There are no alternatives to animal testing: False! Any skincare manufacturer has choices. They can choose from the thousands of ingredients that have already been tested and proven safe, instead of running needless new tests. Or they can use new technologies that test ingredients quickly, effectively, and without having to involve animals at all. If a company tests on animals, it’s because they choose to do so.
  • Animal testing is the law: False! There are no laws that require products to be tested on animals. In fact, in the EU there are laws in place preventing animal testing. Let’s hope they make it over to the US soon!
  • It’s safe to use a product that claims to be cruelty free: That depends. Some companies are truly cruelty-free but haven’t joined the Leaping Bunny program. However, many claim to be cruelty free while continuing to test on animals in other ways. The only way to know for sure is to look for the Leaping Bunny logo.

Why Should I Choose Cruelty Free Skincare?

Aren’t happy bunnies enough? I mean, think about it: happy, frolicking bunnies free to live a life without having toxic chemicals smeared all over them. Who needs more than that? Well, there’s a large cross-over between Leaping Bunny brands and natural brands, so if you choose cruelty-free products you’re likely avoiding tons of toxic ingredients. Your skin will be happier and healthier and you’ll be supporting companies that ethically source and produce their products. Win-win.

The Pro-Bunny Revolution

We’re psyched to join the hundreds of other brands who have agreed to CCIC’s standards and vowed never to test on animals. Check out the full list of brands on the Leaping Bunny website. Thanks for joining us as we continue to find new ways to bring you high quality, cruelty free skincare options.

Do you look for cruelty free skincare products when you shop? Why is it important to you? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

Love, Danielle [ssba]

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