Why Aftershave is Bad for You (+ A Natural Alternative)

Why Aftershave is Bad for You (+ A Natural Alternative)



Oh, aftershave. That heavily-cologned solution that packs a powerful punch. (Just ask Kevin.) But all the stinging is worth it to ensure any abrasions caused from shaving are taken care of, right? Not exactly. A lot of aftershaves are loaded with questionable ingredients and can lead to other skin issues. Here's what you need to know about why aftershave is bad for you. Also, learn more about a natural alternative that'll actually benefit your shaving routine.

The Purpose of Aftershave

Aftershave is a popular method of preventing bacteria or environmental factors from causing infection or irritation post-shave. Many contain antiseptic properties due to their ingredients. While it serves a legitimate purpose, a good portion of aftershaves contain harsh ingredients that might be doing more harm than good.

What Makes Some Aftershaves Bad

To get those antiseptic properties, a lot of companies use an alcohol base. Alcohol is incredibly drying to the skin, leading to irritation. Dehydrated skin can become flaky, red, and blemish-prone. In addition, your skin barrier could be affected, leaving you vulnerable to the elements.

Another ingredient to look out for is heavy fragrance. You're better off using a cologne than relying on the scent of aftershave, as it can lead to sensitivity and other reactions.

A Natural Alternative

There are alcohol-free aftershaves out there, but they still might contain other chemicals. Instead, opt for Beauty by Earth's Facial Toner. Our toner contains witch hazel and aloe, which are great antiseptics. Other ingredients like rose water or cucumber extract soothe and hydrate the skin. Meaning, it's also the perfect treatment for other shaving issues like razor burn.

Don't just take our word for it, though. Evernote CEO Chris O'Neill likes to use BBE's toner after shaving.

Clean skincare is better skincare. This includes grooming practices like shaving! Side-note: Taking care of your skin isn't only for the ladies. Everyone deserves a routine that leaves them feeling refreshed and balanced.

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