We Just Launched 3 of the Best Skincare Tools for Your 2020 Routine

We Just Launched 3 of the Best Skincare Tools for Your 2020 Routine


Do you really need special tools or devices to achieve your skincare goals?

While your product regime will always rein supreme, skincare tools can take your complexion to that next level. They work in tandem with your line-up, allowing the products to penetrate deeper and deliver better results. On their own, skincare tools can boost circulation, calm irritation, combat aging, and much more. Beauty by Earth developed 3 new tools with this in mind—the Gua Sha, ice roller, and derma roller. Here's what makes them the best skincare tools for your 2020 routine.

Meet BBE's New Gua Sha, Ice Roller, And Derma Roller


Fancy, amiright? Don't be fooled by their appearance, these tools are affordable and super easy to use.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha (pronounced GWA-SHA) treatments involve gently scraping a flat jade stone over the skin. Hailing from ancient Chinese healing techniques, it’s been practiced all the way back since the Ming Dynasty (that’s the 1300s!). So, what makes it one of the best skincare tools for 2020? It's perfect for reducing wrinkles, contouring the face, and boosting circulation.

Multiple Beauty by Earth Jade gua sha's on a pink background


BBE's Gua Sha is made to last with 100% natural aventurine jade. Its avant-garde shape allows you to target different areas of your face.

Woman using a jade Gua Sha on her check

Ice Roller

The ice roller features a gel and water core that locks in cool temperatures. By using cold therapy, the ice roller constricts blood vessels, shrinking the appearance of pores and fine lines. Cool temperatures work to soothe the most irritated skin while rolling motions stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It's easy to understand why this bad boy takes its place in our best skincare tools of 2020.

Ice roller on a leaf background


Water and gel rolling core on a sturdy base. It has significant range, making it quick to use.

The benefits of using an ice roller

Derma Roller

Derma rolling painlessly stimulates your body’s natural healing responses for smoother, plumper, and younger-looking skin. Our derma roller uses .25mm (aka: very, very tiny) needles to painlessly create micro-channels in your skin. Your skin will react by boosting collagen production and cell turnover. This helps repair and restore your skin, reducing irregularities in your skin tone and texture, improving fine lines and wrinkles, and generally making your skin look brighter and more youthful.

Derma roller in a basket on top of a leaf


BBE green .25 millimeter titanium needles on a rolling head, secured on an easily held arm.

So, what are you waiting for? It's time to up your skincare game with some of the best skincare tools of 2020. Not only do these tools help out the quality of your skin, they also provide an opportunity for self care and relaxation. In a year marked by uncertainty and stress, those moments can be hard to come by. Invest in some alone time where you can.

Constantly ice rolling,


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