Valentine's Day Round Up 2024: Gift Guide, Videos, DIYs, and the best Vday Funny Memes & Tweets


Ah, Valentine's Day... probably the most hated and beloved holiday of the year. It's the first US holiday after New Years, and wow does it now how to lay on the pressure. We're talking roses, chocolates, jewelry, special dinner plans, the works. That kind of pressure is intense, even if you are head over heels in love. But don't worry. We've rounded up the best, unique, and budget friendly Valentine's day gift ideas with a sprinkle of humor to make your romancing a breeze.

The Best Funny Memes & Tweets (X Posts) For Valentine's Day - 2024



Can't find the name list for my kid's class, so just going to address these valentines to different variations of Jackson and hope for the best
My son Charles just said "mommy I might need $20" I'm like okay what do you need it for? He goes "for a Valentine's Day gift!" I'm like okay what are you going to buy? He says "I'm not buying anything I'm giving 4 girls $5" LMFA000000000 boy get out my face seriously.


Me: What are we doing for Valentine's Day? My Husband: Raising three kids


I look forward to taking my wife to the dining room with my wife tonight for valentines day


We hope you found our roundup useful and fun--big win if we got a little laughter in the mix too! How are you planning on spending Vday this year? Let us know in the comments below. 

Happy Vday!


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