Travel Essentials for Women: 2022 Edition

Travel Essentials for Women: 2022 Edition


Are you ready for a little adventure in 2022? More specifically, are you feeling like you need to make up for lost time in the last few years and get to traveling? Well babe, we feel that. And when it comes to packing like a pro, we’ve got a few tips we swear by. From the beauty products that will never explode in your suitcase to the gadgets that will ensure you’re never stuck in a bad situation (hello, navigation apps unfortunately do not work when your phone is dead) – we’ve compiled a list of must-haves that will make your next trip that much smoother. Pack your bags, sis. Here is our 2022 Edition of Travel Essentials for Women!

Better for the environment and oh-so-easy to pack: Reusable makeup remover pads.

Whether you’re traveling or not, these babies should be in your bathroom vanity at all times. Forget spending money on traditional cotton pads that are terrible for the environment and not half as soft as these reusable microfiber makeup removing pads from BBE.

These guys are perfect for helping you gently remove makeup, oils, sweat, and dirt from all of that travel. Plus, the microfiber rounds stay strong for wash after wash. And if you’re traveling away from a washer and dryer, you can totally clean these yourselves in any sink with the help of some gentle soap and the drawstring laundry bag they come with! 

The makeup that won’t explode in your bag: Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Sticks.

Products that perform more than one purpose are a *major* key to packing like a pro, babe. And when it comes to skincare and beauty products, we know how easy it can be to end up with a bag full of heavy and liquid-based items.

Instead of packing multiple moisturizers and foundations, opt for BBE’s tinted mineral sunscreen sticks on your next voyage. They are a breeze to apply and feel amazing on the skin. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about applying SPF and makeup when you’re running out the door to your next excursion.

And if you want to skip the tint, pack BBE’s Mineral Sunscreen Stick!

If all you want is some good old SPF that won’t clog your pores or put you over the TSA limit for liquids, BBE’s mineral sunscreen sticks are for you.

This bad boy is a serious beach bag essential and is super compact for travel. For real, you can literally stuff this guy in your back pocket and reach for it any time you need to reapply. What’s more, it never feels greasy and has a delicious scent of coconut. Let’s just say, when it comes to keeping your SPF game strong – this product is a total travel must-have.

Keep your glow going no matter where you’re traveling to with a nourishing self tanner.

Babe, if you’ve been riding with us for a while, you know we keep our glow game strong no matter where we are. And traveling, whether it be near or far, is no exception. When it comes to packing a self tanner for your next trip, we suggest going with a lotion formula that can also double as your body moisturizer.

BBE’s Self Tanner lotion will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and won’t stain your hotel sheets. Plus, it’s loaded with hydrating coconut oil and shea butter that will keep those gams looking and feeling fresh. No need to moisturize before bed if you’re lathering on this gem. You’ll wake up with hydrated and naturally tan looking skin – we promise!

The product you’ll be reaching a-l-l the time: A hydrating lip balm.

It is no secret that travel can cause our skin (and lips!) to experience dryness. From the air in planes to changes in climate that you’re not used to, so many factors can influence how hydrated or dehydrated your pout feels when traveling.

This is why having a nourishing lip balm on hand that will protect your lips from the elements and keep them smooth is *way* essential. BBE’s lip balms are packed with everything from organic shea butter to beeswax that will work wonders for your lips no matter where you are. Yes, even on that way too hot beach or way too cold mountain you decided to climb, you adventurous queen, you.

The essential you’ll definitely regret not packing: A portable phone charger.

Babe, there is nothing more frightening than seeing that red battery sign pop up on your phone – we know! And leaving home without a portable charger? Well, that’s even worse. Especially when you’re in a foreign place and need all the help you can get getting around. Siri, what’s Spanish for “I’m utterly and completely lost?”… You get the picture.

Invest in a compact and convenient portable phone charger before your next trip. These are excellent for hotel rooms where outlets are sparse or for long trecks where you know you won’t have access to a wall plug-in phone charger. Plus, the good news is that these guys are relatively inexpensive for the security and peace of mind they bring. Check out Amazon or your local electronics store to find one before your next trip!

The stereotypical travel accessory that is totally underrated: A comfy neck pillow.

Can we just say that these are *totally* underrated? We don’t know about you, babe. But we’ve certainly been in situations where pillows provided at an Airbnb or hotel weren’t the greatest – and we ended up using one of these guys instead!

Not only is a neck pillow comforting on your flight, but you can use it during your trip as well if needed. Trust us when we tell you, this stereotypical travel essential can come in handy when you least expect it!

It’s time, babe: Invest in a carry-on bag you can count on trip after trip.

You know, in case your luggage gets lost and you’re stuck in a hostel with only the bag you brought on board. Hey, it happens – and it sucks. However, if you’re a packing pro, you know how important it is to pack basic essentials in your carry-on in case of emergency. And, you likely know how crucial it is to have a carry-on bag that goes the distance, e-v-e-r-y trip.

When it comes to carry-on’s, storage space is the name of the game. Compartments, built-in phone chargers, and durability are at the top of our list when it comes to weeding out this travel essential. Whether you opt for a small suitcase that fits in the overhead cabin or a backpack, consider investing in a carry-on you know will allow you to fit the most items, the easiest. Below are a few finds we can’t wait to get our hands on:

The affordable but durable & sleek carry-on


The backpack splurge that is perfect for international travel

The NY Times pick that receives kudos year after year


The hype is real: Packing cubes will make traveling and getting ready that much easier.

If you haven’t heard about packing cubes, you’ve either been living under a rock or have simply not figured out the best way to get the most out of your suitcase yet, babe.

Packing cubes are a life-saving hack that will make finding what you brought and getting ready while traveling that much easier. Not only do these babies save space, but they also allow you to keep all of your things organized during your trip. You can choose to use a cube per outfit or pack all shirts together, socks together, pants together – you get the picture. These inexpensive little organizing cubes are a game-changer when it comes to travel essentials, you’ll see!

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more with this travel essential: A collapsible water bottle. 

Here’s the thing. Keeping hydrated on a regular day is highly important. But while traveling? Babe, it’s even more crucial. Not only does travel tire our bodies and make us feel parched, but change in climate can also play a role in making us need that much more h2o.

Having one of these bad boys on hand is a seriously underrated travel hack. Oh and, it will save you from spending 10$ on a water bottle at the airport. Seriously, think about it! Pack a reusable and collapsible water bottle on your next trip. Your wallet, body, and the environment will thank you.

Can’t find a sink on that excursion your bestie just had to take you on? Pack some of BBE’s hand sanitizer.

If there's one thing 2020 taught us, it's that we want to have this next item on deck at all times. Whether you can’t find a bathroom to wash your hands at or want some added germ fighting during travel, having a hand sanitizer on you during your next trip is *way* important.

This travel essential will make you feel at home anywhere: A comfy sweater.

Is it just us or are airports always freezing?! And often times, so are planes! It goes without saying that in our books, having a cozy sweater you love to live in is definitely a travel essential for us, babe. If you’re looking to add a cute one to your wardrobe, look no further than BBE’s merch before your next big trip!


The commonsensical hack you’ll wish you knew about sooner: Pack reusable bags to store your dirty clothes in.

Alright this next one, as simple as it may be, is a travel/packing hack we totally wish we would have thought about sooner. I mean, what is worse than mixing your clean clothes with your dirty ones while you’re stuck on a 10-day safari. Okay, okay – it doesn’t need to be a safari. It could be a weekend trip to the cottage! Either way, mixing garments is a no-no in our travel guides, girlfriend.

Bring a reusable bag to stuff already worn or dirty clothes into during your trip. This can be any bag you want, really. You know, like the BBE ones you got last Christmas.

Ready to travel like a pro on your next trip?

This list of travel essentials for women is a fabulous starting point to get you ready for your next trip, babe. What are some must-haves you never step on a plane without? We want to know all about them, below!

Always wanderlusting,

Carey <3

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