The Danger of Aerosol in Skincare and Beauty Products

The Danger of Aerosol in Skincare and Beauty Products


When it comes to bad guys in your skincare routine, we love being the first to call them out. You know, kind of how your bestie always called out your ex (it kind of sucked in the moment but aren’t you so glad she did now?). What’s more, we *live* to brush you up on all of the crucial info you need when it comes to making informed beauty choices. This time, we’re diving into the negative effects of aerosol. A sneaky ingredient you might usually associate with stiff, crunchy hair. But babe, this culprit goes way beyond the hair salon. Sit tight and keep reading to learn all about the danger of aerosol in skincare and beauty products.

What is aerosol?

Before we give you the lowdown on the danger of aerosol in skincare and beauty products, we need to clear a few things up. Because while most babes associate this ingredient name with hairspray, the definition of aerosol is actually a lot broader than that.  

Aerosol includes any tiny solid or liquid particle suspended in a gas. This means, some aerosol can happen naturally and some… not so naturally. Think of when a forest fire turns branches and leaves to soot. Naturally, there will be particles in the air that are technically considered aerosol. Alternatively, think of a can of spray paint and this also counts as a type of man-made aerosol, too.

However, for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to stick to the aerosol that is found in (you guessed it) skincare and beauty products. You know, because we aren’t exactly experts in natural disasters or graffiti. Aerosol has been used for years in the beauty industry. From purse spray to tanning oil, this is one ingredient that has been capitalized on again and again. Today, we know more about the harmful effects aerosol can cause. So while we think you should appreciate the cute black and white adds below, we also know that it’s time to do better.

Why does aerosol have nasty side effects?

Oh babe, we’re so glad you asked. And if you thought aerosol cans of hairspray only did a great job of giving you a headache, we’re here to tell you they can cause even more annoyances than that.

Aerosol products are especially dangerous for your lungs and can cause dizziness, tiredness, nausea, scalp issues, and even hair loss. Babes who already suffer from pulmonary issues or asthma are especially prone to the nasty effects of aerosol, however everyone should avoid this ingredient whenever they can. I mean, do you really need another reason to develop a headache? That’s what your boss’s Monday 9 a.m. touchpoint meetings are for after all, right?

How aerosol compromises your health and the planet’s.

We would be remiss if we didn’t fill you in on the negative repercussions aerosol has on the environment, too.

Traditional aerosol cans are packed with volatile organic compounds (a.k.a. VOCs). These guys are the primary element in asthma-inducing smog and can affect the environment by forming ground-level ozone and radiation. Moreover, you can probably already deduct that metallic aerosol cans in themselves are just another form of hazardous waste for the planet. Not so decomposable and overall, not so cute for the planet (or you!).

Aerosol goes *way* beyond hairspray, babe.

If your mind automatically thinks of hairspray when aerosol is mentioned, you’re not alone, sis. This not so cute ingredient is widely known for its use in hair products. However, aerosol can also be found in some other beauty go-to’s such as your self tanner and even your SPF products. Essentially, if it comes in a spray form, be weary of whether that new product contains this toxic ingredient or not.

When it comes to spray-on sunscreen, the dangers of aerosol are widely apparent. Not only does this type of formulation make you risk inhaling the product, but it is also more hazardous (a.k.a. could explode) in hot conditions. And hey, we know your SPF lives in your beach bag – so you do the math. Moreover, the actual sunscreen in these aerosol-filled products is less effective. Meaning, they make you more susceptible to the harm those UV rays can cause.

Think of other aerosol-packed products similarly. As in, when you spray that self tanner on hoping for the perfect glow – keep in mind that you’re also running the risk of inhaling toxic fumes and ingredients that are detrimental to your health. The aerosol fun doesn’t stop there though, babe. Consider the risks of using aerosol in these personal care products as well:

  • Deodorant
  • Shaving cream
  • Perfume and cologne
  • Body lotion
  • Airbrush makeup

We know, that’s one long list. But this is just how the aerosol cookie crumbles, babe. Plus, we want you to know exactly where this culprit tends to hide. All and all though, there’s no reason to roll the dice on these negative side effects when there are aerosol-free skincare & beauty gems out there that will blow your mind. Trust us, we’ve done the legwork on them.

I’m obsessed with spray-on formulas, do I really have to ditch all of them?

Here’s the good news, sis. Not all spray-on wonders need to be associated with toxic inhalation or asthma-triggering effects. I mean, just because something sprays on doesn’t make it detrimental to your health. What you need to know is that products that contain toxic ingredients in the first place are the ones that are even worse for you when developed in aerosol form.

Spritz away to your heart’s content, sans nasty aerosol.

You didn’t really think we would leave you with only bad beauty news, did you? Below are the must-have products you can spray, spray, spray without ever compromising your health.

A self tanning water mist that will keep your glow game strong.

Want a natural looking tan while you’re running out the door? Spritz this moisturizing self tanner on and say buh-bye to those nasty ingredients other canned products use. BBE’s self tanning water bronzing face mist is as luscious as it sounds. Packed with nourishing aloe vera and hyaluronic acid, this baby will have your skin looking unreal, real quick.

A skin-perfecting toner that sprays on, no thanks to aerosol.

We know, we know. Everything is just a little more fun when you can spritz it on. Not to mention, spray formulas also make products feel more lightweight on the skin. BBE’s rose water toner is no exception to this beauty reality. Not only will it make your skincare routine refreshing AF. It will keep your pores in check thanks to the breakout warrior we like to call witch hazel. Go ahead, babe – spritz away!

And when it comes to SPF, ditch the sprays altogether.

Here’s the thing, babe. When it comes to protecting your precious skin from the sun’s harmful rays, we do not like to play. And the truth is, that the best SPF coverage comes from using a lotion that can really get into every nook and cranny of your skin. Therefore, taking a few extra seconds to rub on some glorious sunscreen is *totally* worth your time in our books. But if you think you need to use thick, sticky lotions to get that sun protection – think again, sis.

BBE has a line up of sunscreens that will quite literally change your life. Alright maybe not your whole life, but these guys will definitely revamp your skincare and beauty routine for the better. From SPF infused foundation to lightweight mineral lotions that sink effortlessly into the skin, we’ve got you covered when it comes to fighting off those dreaded effects of sun damage. Never sticky and never breakout-inducing, these babies will make applying that daily SPF a total breeze.

Aerosol, who? Yeah, we’re over this nasty ingredient, too.

By now babe, we hope you’ve taken the cautious decision to break up with aerosol in your skincare and beauty products. We know that breaking up can be hard to do. However, when there’s safer alternatives out there, we think it’s best to rip the beauty band-aid off, real quick.

So the next time you reach for that spray-on formula, consider checking the ingredient list for aerosol. Moreover, be skeptical when you do notice it pop up. Inhaling toxic chemicals is so not the move, and who has time for that kind of mess anyway? Not you, gorgeous. No chance.

Off to spritz some more BBE bronzing mist on this face,

Carey <3

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