The Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers

The Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers


There is no better feeling than a smooth, healthy, and hydrated-looking face. However, have you ever wondered if you could be doing more in the plump skin department? Or do you ever question your routine and the products you use to try to achieve those glowing complexion goals? With all of the hydrating products out there, it’s easy to get lost trying to pick one that works best for you.

So like the arrows on an IKEA showroom floor, BBE is here to guide you and make sure you make it to the exit sign without picking up every useless item you didn’t need on your way out. We’ve got the lowdown on everything you ever wondered about hydrating your face in this Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers.

The Lotion

The word “lotion” is often used as though it is interchangeable with “moisturizer”. The truth is though, that lotions pack a lighter consistency than moisturizers, and their potency is different.

Here’s the thing. Both of these gems will certainly hydrate your face, but a lotion will always have higher water content. The upside of this is that your skin will never feel greasy after applying, and the product sinks quickly into your skin. Think of your favorite body lotion you lather up with after your shower. It’s designed to penetrate your skin quickly so that you can get dressed, and move on with your life.

Lotion for the face has the same principles. We especially love a lightweight lotion when it comes to SPF. Typically, sunscreens can feel greasy and thick making them not so desirable to use. But your precious face so needs SPF, each and every single day girlfriend. Rain, or shine!

Leverage the use of an easy to apply lotion during the daytime. At night though, we recommend stepping up your game to this next known favorite on our Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers.

Ultimate guide to facial moisturizers - use a mineral zinc-based sunscreen

The Moisturizer

Having the right facial moisturizer in your beauty cabinet at all times is a major key to glowing skin. On top of that, it is *super* essential to having a wrinkle-free complexion for years to come.

While thicker than our beloved lotion option above, this hydrating product should still never leave you feeling too oily or sticky. Finding the right moisturizer for your skin doesn’t need to be complicated and above all, we want you to know that there are some pretty stellar natural options for you out there.

Still concerned about a moisturizer leaving your skin feeling oily? Don’t be. Instead, opt for a clean, oil controlling moisturizer that pairs beautifully under your foundation or on its own. With this hydrating product, you won’t only be giving your skin the nourishment it so deserves. You’ll also be sure that your pores aren’t feeling clogged, without having to skimp on superstar ingredients like coconut oil and cranberry extract.

Image of a happy woman using the oil control moisturizer from BBE.

And while we’re on the topic of moisturizers, we should also give a shout out to one little guy that often gets neglected: the eye cream. Let’s just say, this would be no Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers if we didn’t mention the importance of hydrating that beautiful eye area babe.

We recommend adding a natural yet effective moisturizing eye cream to brighten your under eyes and prevent fine lines. You only need a few drops of this magical potion to feel refreshed, and it just takes a few seconds to add to your beauty routine.

Pro tip: Using eye cream before you apply your concealer and/or setting powder will totally reduce your chances of having creased under eye makeup. Therefore, be sure to add this step in before getting your glam on.

The Cream

Ah, the facial cream. The crème de la crème if you will of hydrating products. If you haven’t yet noticed, we’re kind of going in order of lighter to thicker consistencies in this Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers. Therefore, cream is next up on our list.

What differentiates a moisturizer from a cream, is that the cream product will always boast a higher oil content. This means it may not sink in as quickly as a moisturizer would into your pores. However, cream is a heavy-duty moisture barrier protector. And trust us, it will work overtime to help your skin retain and maintain all of its amazing natural oils.

The ultimate guide to moisturizers - Beauty by Earth anti-aging face hydration cream

Now don’t jump to conclusions and go thinking that cream has to be a dense and sticky product. It really doesn’t! And while we’ll admit that some creams certainly do feel that way, there are better natural creamy alternatives out there gorgeous. We know, amazing – that’s why you’ve got us.

If your skin tends to feel dry or uncomfortable, consider using a cream-based hydrating product nightly to replenish your face. And if you’re not particularly dry? Well, BBE created a creamy wonder that everyone can benefit from.

Image of a BBE customer laughing and using the Anti-Aging Face Cream.

Our best-selling anti-aging face cream is safe for all skin types, and is packed with all of the good stuff. In fact, it can even help oily girls balance out their skin with its remarkable nourishing ingredients. Cucumber extract, aloe vera, jojoba seed oil – and the list goes on! This baby is loaded with everything your pretty little face could ever ask for. Use this bad boy on clean skin twice a day, or just once nightly if you feel like your skin doesn’t need the extra moisturizing help.

The Face Oil

We know we just mentioned that face cream is the “crème de la crème” of hydrating products. But ok, we’ll admit that it may have some competition with this next powerhouse on our Ultimate Guide to Facial Moisturizers.

If you’ve ever wondered what a facial oil can do for you, we’re about to break it down. First off, facial oils help strengthen the outer layer of your skin. They are often plant-based, but be sure you pick a natural one that will load your skin with nourishing and effective ingredients without irritating it. And if you’re sitting here wondering “what the heck is the difference between a regular moisturizer and a facial oil”, well you’re in luck. We broke down that exact question, right here.

What’s more, a good face oil will not only do a remarkable job of protecting your skin. It will also prevent fine lines, shrink your pores, and banish acne (impressive, right?). So if the thought of using an oil on your face sounds scary, don’t fret. This moisturizing superhero is actually safe for all skin types.

Face oils you need in your life, like right now.

BBE has create two beautiful, luxurious, and natural face oils. And girlfriend, you deserve to have at least one of them in your life!

The Balance & Restore Luxury Facial Oil is the cherry on top of any skincare routine. Use this antioxidant-packed face oil on top of your moisturizer to lock it all in, or simply on a clean face. We love this product for fighting acne and balancing oil levels in the skin, however, any babe can use this product for improved texture and a glowing complexion. This is a more dry oil with ingredients like Jojoba Seed and Rosehip that mimic our natural oils so it's the perfect addition to managing those excess oils and nourishing the skin back to life!

As for our Glowing & Radiant Luxury Facial Oil, well it leaves you glowing and radiant. Just kidding, you already knew that. This baby was created with wrinkle prevention in mind and will make your face look way healthier, quick. All you need is 3-4 drops of this liquid gold, and you’ll be well on your way to soft and youthful skin.

Balance + Restore Glow Oil

How much is too much?

We get that all of the info above may have you questioning just how much hydration your skin really needs. But we’re here for you, and we need to tell you that determining this is easy peasy.

And to make it extra simple, we’ve listed exactly which facial moisturizers you should consider based on your skin type.

Moisturizing routines for everyone:

Normal or combination skin: Reach for your SPF-packed lotion in the morning, and a cream or moisturizer at night. Apply your facial oil as your finishing touch morning and night. Or, only at night on days where you may be feeling a little *too* glowy.

Oily or acne-prone skin: You need SPF too babe. Apply that lotion every morning like your normal/combo skin friend above. However, don’t forego moisturizing again at night with an oil controlling moisturizer. As for those breakouts? Nix them quickly by letting some of that facial oil we mentioned above sink into your pores, nightly.

Dry skin: Apply SPF, every single morning (noticing a trend here?). Follow-up with a moisturizer, or cream and if you’re still feeling dry – add on that luxurious facial oil. Repeat the same routine at night minus the SPF lotion, and you’ll be parting with dry patches in no time.

Sensitive: If you’re a sensitive babe, we’ve got good news. Since all of BBE’s products are naturally safe for all skin types, you don’t need to stress about any of the gems we mentioned above. They won’t bum out your skin. What's more, you can pick and choose which of the routines above work best based on how dry or oily your skin typically feels.

Oh and for all of the skincare routines above, do not forget your eye cream day and night!

Ok but do I really need moisturizer if I’m oily or sensitive?

Last but not least, we need to mention this. Whether you are oily, dry, sensitive, acne-prone – you name it! Your skin NEEDS a facial moisturizer girlfriend! Seriously, no matter how oily you think your face may be, it needs regular hydration to get under control and feel healthy.

Don’t confuse oily skin with hydrated skin. What’s more, know that skin that is lacking in the hydration department will almost always overproduce sebum to make up for what it is missing. So even if you think applying a facial oil to your face sounds like a worse idea than leaving your boyfriend alone with your overprotective dad for the weekend, we swear it’s necessary!

Here’s the thing. Getting an amazing hydrating skincare routine on lock sooner than later in your life will have your skin thanking you for years to come. Think of it as part of #adulting, if you will. And if you’re making this change a little later in the game, that’s cool too. BBE’s got you!


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