The Top Fall Movies of All Time

The Top Fall Movies of All Time


… According to us, of course! There is no better season than fall to cozy up on the couch, light a few candles, brew a PSL, and curl up to a good movie. Add a few fuzzy blankets to the mix and you’ve basically created some kind of heaven on earth, right in your own living room. As soon as October hits, what we just described quickly becomes our nightly wind-down routine. And while we won’t get into our favorite scented candles of the season in this one (hello, spiced cinnamon apple for the win), we do want to share our top fall movies of all time with you. Grab a warm drink and settle in, babe – you’re going to love these flicks!

Hocus Pocus

C’mon gorgeous, you know we had to start this list of top fall movies off with the classics. Hocus Pocus is synonymous with fall, Halloween, and all things magical about this season. Not to mention, the opportunity to watch Sarah Jessica Parker play someone totally different than Carrie in Sex & The City! This is one fall essential we will never stop re-watching!

The Nightmare Before Christmas

I mean, they just don’t make masterpieces like Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” anymore. From the cinematography to the songs you can sing along to every year, this fall classic is nostalgic in all the best ways. Trust us babe, no one gets sick of watching Jack fall for Sally – we promise!


Watching Wynona Ryder befriend two ghosts might not sound like something you’d typically want to watch. But in reality, it’s a story that actually never gets old – especially when spooky season comes around. C’mon babe, say it three times with us: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Basically all of the Halloween’s

If you want to have the perfect Halloween night in, well, you need to watch Michael Myers get a little cray. Are these slasher flicks cheesy? Yes. Are they a total staple for your fall season viewing pleasures? Also yes.


This kid’s classic might not be your typical horror flick. However, the setting of this movie brings some cute fall scenes to the table. Plus, what could possibly make you feel warmer and fuzzier inside than watching Matilda get adopted by Miss Honey? Nothing, we know.

Sweet Home Alabama

This romantic comedy brings scenes on scenes of fall beauty. Not to mention, a story that is just what you need for a casual fall movie in your slippers. Watching Reese Witherspoon beg for Jake to sign divorce papers as a successful New York fashion designer is our idea of the perfect fall night in!

Edward Scissorhands

Another Tim Burton wonder, Edward Scissorhands brings all the fall vibes. Not to mention, that little bit of mystic wonder that is perfect for Halloween season. Often called “the story of an uncommonly gentle man”, this fantasy is sure to warm you heart on a cold, crisp fall night. And hey, a little bit of humanoids mixed in with a love story? Yeah, we’re into it.

The Witches of Eastwick

Pass up the chance to see Cher in a dark fantasy comedy? I don’t think so, sis. This story is about three friends who have no idea just how powerful their words are while dreaming up the perfect man. Unfortunately, “be careful what you wish for” quickly becomes the motto of this 80’s movie that is sure to become one of your go-to fall flicks.  

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Another Halloween night essential, the fall season cannot be complete without a viewing of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. I mean, let’s be real – Freddy Krueger is the scary monster we all feared under our bed. But as adults, we can all appreciate how out there this old movie is and enjoy the eery ambiance it creates!


If you’ve never met Marnie Piper, you’re missing out girlfriend! This fall oldie embodies everything that is Halloween magic and is one you can look forward to rewatching every year. In our books, learning that you are a in fact a witch on your 13th birthday is as good as it gets… #amirite?

Practical Magic

Sally and Gillian Owens are quite the power duo in Practical Magic. Not only do they lose their parents to a curse, but they themselves descend from a long line of witches and must protect themselves from an evil spirit. Set in a small Massachusetts town, this one gives you all the fall vibes and a bit of Halloween whimsicalness.

With so many fall faves, this list could go on forever…

But hey, we know you’re a busy babe – so we figured we’d stop there. Between the gorgeous color of tree leaves changing to the crispness of the air, fall really gives us all the feels. Not to mention, the perfect excuse to stay in on a cold night. What are some of your fall faves to curl up to once October hits? Let us know down below, babe!

BRB, adding more fall movies & pumpkin spice to my life.

Carey <3

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